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Certain people argue that in contemporary times is challenging for society lead a healthy lifestyle. Although, others believe that it is simpler today than centuries ago being an active person. In this essay, I will explore both sides of the argument and explain my support for the latter view.
Congestion is one of the main causes of environmental problems. It is said that cycling plays an important role in reducing air pollution. This essay will give explanations on its unpopularity and provide some solutions to encourage people to cycle in most areas.
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While some believe that zoos must be prohibited for treating animals insensitively, however, others favour to retain them for wild life conservation .I personally believe that rare animals can only be saved from extinction when kept in zoos away from effects of unfavourable conditions.
It is often thought that people work primarily to earn income. This essay disagrees with this view. This essay shall explain the fact that people also work in order to be respected and also to render service to humanity.
Deforestation is a serious issue that may lead to the destruction of both, animal and human lives. I partly agree with this statement, as I believe there are some advantages of logging trees as well.
It is argued that there is no need to attend cinemas at the present time because everyone could watch films on their gadgets. At the same time other people say that only cinema could give complete satisfaction of watching films. This essay agrees with the first statement in case of using not only mobile devices for watching a content but also a TV.
It is true that some people believe that cross-national cooperation is the only measure that can be tackled the majority of the emergent issues. While I accept that this may suit many people, I believe that not all acute problems can be coped with international organizations.
One of issues about which parents and teachers are currently concerned is that youngster at the school should not be allowed to watch television. The suggestion, nonetheless, does lead to not only benefits but also problems.
One of the most pressing environmental issues which is posing a serious threat to the world is global warming. This essay will look at some primary causes of this and suggest several possible solutions to this problem.
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During my entire travel back home, I was not able to stop thinking how much fun this whole week was. This is probably the best holiday break I have ever had. Thank you so much for making this trip very enjoyable. we indeed did make a lot of memories.
Public transports such as trains, buses and trams are travel alternatives for those who are going to their workplace, studying at schools or looking to go for a vacation. Many consider that building intercity railways for rapid trains are rather essential though it involves a massive fund to do so; while others regard that improvising the present public transport is more worthwhile. I am more inclined to support the latter as making new railways will be less costly and time consuming for those who need to travel between cities.
It is true that a growing number of people are using the Internet in order to find out the latest news. While newspapers are still popular, I strongly disagree that most people will continue to rely on them as a source of news.
I am writing this letter to express my concerns about some issues that I have been facing in office that are affecting me. As you are aware due to department restructuring some of my team members were let go from the services of the company. Some of my team members are holding me responsible for this and are being non-cooperative in day to day work.This is severely impacting the departments as well as my performance.
Despite prison sentences is the popular method in most nations to combat the criminal issues, a considerable number of people think that the improvement on education is more effectively to solve this problem. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this view, because I believe that both ways have their own characteristic benefits and should play a vital role in reducing crime.
It is true that environmental pollution is a major topic of concern. Although I accept that limit long-distant flights could help this situation, I do not agree that it is the only measure that the government should take.
It is true that some job seekers select their career based on salary level. While I accept that this may suit many people, I believe that others base their job choice on more important considerations rather than salary alone.
Some people believe that giving much stricter sentences on traffic offences is the only way to improve road safety. In my opinion, I disagree with this statement as I think there are other effective measures that can also tackle this problem.
People around the world are currently getting more obese, and they also have to face with increasing health problems. There are some factors leading to this, and effective solutions should be produced soon to prevent this issue.
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It is often argued that raising the minimum age at which people can drive cars or ride motorbikes will improve road safety. While I agree that this will somewhat solve the problem, more efforts should be put into nurturing people’s awareness of traffic problems and the feasible consequences thereof.
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