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Punishing youngsters is fast becoming the order of the day. Hence, the belief by some people that, for children to be able to differentiate between good and bad, punishment is necessary. In my opinion, I completely agree with this idea. This essay will discuss the types of punishment to employ.
This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of three different media, namely books, radio and television. I will argue that television is the most powerful of these three media, in terms of its ability to communicate information.
These days issues regarding health are very common, owing to the unhealthy routing in daily life. This essay will discuss certain causes and possible measures of this negative development.
In the modern society, it is usual to see both the parents in a family working. While for some people, it is a requisition for economic survival, for others, it is a matter of choice to pursue a career. This situation may have wide-ranging repercussions in the family life, which are discussed in the following paragraphs.
Overpopulation posts numerous threats to the society, in which aging is a controversial one. Nevertheless, in many regions, an increase in the number of senior citizens in the following years is forecast, drawing argument about its benefits to the community. In this essay, I will demonstrate why I strongly hold the pros of this rise certainly outweigh its cons.
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of individuals travelling to tourist destinations with abominable natural conditions. In this essay, both merits and drawbacks will be addressed in detail.
Recently in certain parts of the US, adolescents have been strictly forbidden from going outside without the supervision of at least one of their parents or any other legal guardian. This kind of restriction is gaining support in some quarters. From my perspective, this practice is reasonable, and there are several compelling reasons why the youth must be accompanied by an adult when they go outdoors late at night.
The environment on mother earth has been declined due to the radical growth of industries and infrastructure in developing countries, which result in an extreme level of air and water pollution. All of these issues can be resolved by taking corrective actions such as appropriate management of industrial waste, separate dump yards in order to dispose an industrial leftover etc. The air pollution can be tackled with implementing laws introduced by the government authorities to minimize air pollution.
Tourism plays a vital role in most of the country’s economy due to this reason many developing countries are focusing on their tourist business. The financial aspects really matter when the business such as tourism contributing a huge part towards the national economy. In my opinion, the tourism business is a beneficial share for any country.
In recent years, thanks to the continual development of online based technology, humans can use more convenient and useful services for shopping and working as well as communication, instead of direct contact with others. This improvement can bring not only positive impacts but also negative effects on the human’s life.
It is often a debated topic that the government should spend revenue on constructing new structures such as museums or town forums rather than restoring the existing monuments. Although I agree that it is essential to protect constructions from the past, I also do not think spending on public buildings is a waste of money.
Studying abroad has now become one of the most popular culture in some countries. Pupil these days prefer to migrate in colleges located in other countries for their studies, may be because of the advancement of the content used for teaching in order to learn enhanced courses available there and it also results in their bright future.
Man and his environment are an entity, not one can do without the other. The topic of whether the government and big companies or individuals could make an impact in caring for the environment remains a very controversial issue. In my opinion, i stronlgy disagree with the notion that individuals cannot do anything to improve the environment, because the bulk of the work rests on the people, as they have the greatest ability to make a difference and enforce the rule of law.
School is a place where children can develop their mental abilities and can learn different languages because of their higher learning skills in growing age. Moreover, in a school schedule there should be a particular lecture for alternative language. I agree and elucidate with this opinion in the following paragraph.
In many parts of the world, talent competitions on TV have massively grown in popularity as we see the rapidly rising number of audience of such programs. While some critics might regard them as solely entertaining, I believe that these shows are an effective means of seeking for new talented artists.
Playing sports in teams is considered by many to be an efficient way of getting children ready for the corporate world, while others believe individual sports are better. Although individual disciplines develop important personal qualities in young people, in my opinion, team games refine their social skills which are more crucial for industry.
There are some people who believe that the amount of time children spend in front of their TV and computer should be limited by their parents. They also think that it is better for youngsters to read books instead. I completely agree with this opinion since there are lots of benefits of reading books while watching TV and playing computer games are not good for children in any way.
It is certainly true that today traffic in cities throughout the world has become a major problem. This is obvious from the number of vehicles on our roads and the amount of pollution they cause. Probably the traffic problem is due to individuals travelling for work, study or shopping purposes and this is evident in the rush hours we experience every morning and evening.
Nowadays, commercial tourism is developing over countries. It becomes the key economy in some areas, with huge profit, but less investment than the others. By contrast, many argue that there would be some drawbacks from this business. It seems to me that tourism may cause bad effects on at many beautiful sights and their environment. In order to solve this issue, local leaders and citizen+S should have a brief plan for long term development, and invest more on in environmental preservation.
Nowadays, bicycles market trends as increased in terms of cost and usage. Some sections of people feel that the bicycle has more advantages and on the other hand, some think it has more disadvantages. This essay will discuss why bicycle has drawbacks and provide my opinion that cycle benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
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