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Entertainment can come in various forms such as books, movies, and TV series. Many book lovers tend to think that reading actively engages the mind, while arguing that watching television in the long run kills imagination. I partially agree with this point of view.
As the importance of higher education has been emphasised since the start of the new century, the number of university students has also increased. While many people believe that this is a positive outcome, others argue that this may endanger the quality of education. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the increased number of university students.
Career progression has always been a difficult choice to make for any individual. Most students have to face all important question of What after school? While it is sometimes thought that students should work right after their schooling, others believe that students should continue to focus on university education. In my opinion, jobs after schooling will help the students will help to gain practical knowledge.
While an increasing number of people believe that students should work directly after school instead of pursuing higher education, others consider that students need to attend university. As per my viewpoint, I think that students ought to engage in higher university education as it aids them in finding better employment opportunities and raise their knowledge.
The urban planning replaces shops, schools, offices, and homes into specific areas. I am the opinion of the disadvantages are eclipsed by the advantages.
Environmental issues are now too huge a problem for individuals and nations to tackle on their own. It has been suggested that international cooperation remains the only route to fight these problems. In as much as I agree that nations need to come together to put an end to these issues, I do not think that it is the only means to solving the problems.
In recent times, advertising of goods and services is becoming increasingly popular. Both individuals and organisations explore this method to get their products known and to increase sales. However, some think that it should be prohibited because some adverts displayed are irrelevant to them. Also, some contain erotic scenes which could have negative effect on children. I completely disagree with this view because they can be censored, and they are used for sponsorship.
Educators often decide whether or not to give homework to their students. In recent years, people believe that homework should not be given whilst others argue that it has a major role in their future education. Both views will be discussed before an opinion is reached.
It is often considered that dieting can help a person in living a healthy life as it is an age old method of reducing weight. Although, refraining from eating might also lead to starvation thus creating health issues. I am of the opinion that dieting would help a person live a fit life as it can speed up metabolism thus doing wonders for the body.
The table presents data about how many visitors Ashdown Museum had, one year before and one year after it was modernized, while the pie chars illustrate the survey reports of how pleased were the visitors, during their visit, in the same timeframe.
Physical exercise is a very important method of improving one’s health. However, medical practitioners in many countries are of the view that adequate exercise is not done by people; a trend which can be attributed to poor work life balance, and the reluctance on the part of individuals to do enough exercise. These causes of this problem, as well as its possible solution will be discussed in this essay.
The issues of who should keep the surrounding clean had been highly debated. While some people hold the view that it is the responsibility of those who live there, others believe that keeping the environment neat is the duty of the government. This essay will discuss individual tax payment as a reason why it should be the government but why it should be the responsibility of the resident on the ground of health.
It is well known that in some countries, people with special needs such as those who are retired, without a job, or mentally and physically disabled are receiving financial assistance from their government. However, in some other countries, this group of people are living without any subsidy and are forced to rely on their families. This essay will discuss both these political systems and provide reasons for why the system that provides financial assistance is better for the individuals as well as the society.
As world has become a global village, English is the second most popular language spoken all around the world. A large number of people move each year to some English speaking country to study at schools or for tertiary education. The reasons for such migrations and the rising popularity of English as a language are discussed in forthcoming paragraphs.
The graph shows the dynamics of enquiries by the Tourist Information office between January and June 2011.
The graph shows the dynamics of enquiries by the Tourist Information office between January and June 2011.
In a world that is far more globalized than ever before, people are now living with the identical trend regardless of different geographies. The question of whether this trend is beneficial or detrimental continues to be a source of controversy. From my perspective, the effects on both-sides can be seen in various aspects of life.
As everything in life is like a coin that has two different sides, people must weigh the pros and cons before jumping to conclusions. After all, every question or topic requires careful deliberation in that there are always multiple variables to a truth. Even though some adamantly believe that it is essential to save land for species that are about to extinct, others think it is more vital to benefit from the ground in favor of individual requirements. I believe that each inch of our earth should be exploited for human activities.
Rich countries have helped poorer countries financially for decades now. It’s time for a change! Other ways of aid should be given. This essay will argue whether developed countries should give other types of support to developing countries or not. I think it is completely necessary to give support in other ways other than money.
I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction during the journey with your Airlines. I boarded your flight number B12W from Mumbai to Delhi on 5th of this month. During the transit i have faced an issue with one of your employee at luggage drop in point, the incharge employee is Sam pictures is having employee identification number H1126.
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