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In recent times, a lot of debate is going on regarding the role of television in increasing crime rate. Some argue that this is due to the increase in the amount in violence shown on television and I completely agree on this.
Old cities lack modern amenities. They can no longer accommodate the needs of the modern society. Because of this reason, they are being rebuilt. In my opinion, there are several benefits to rebuilding old cities.
The number of public libraries is decreasing nowadays. The government states that a huge amount of money is required to maintain public libraries and their facilities while there are only a few people who take advantage of these facilities. City dwellers also think that the existence of those libraries is no longer necessary. In this essay, I shall give two point of views regarding the importance of public libraries and my personal opinion about it.
A recent study shows that it is important for us to have at least one hobby to refresh our mind. We can choose a hobby that suits us, either playing games or doing sports. Some people believe that an enjoyable hobby should be challenging. In this essay, I shall give some facts and opinions to support this statement.
Some people believe that multinational companies should provide financial assistance to underdeveloped nations to help them thrive, other people argue that consultation would be more beneficial to those countries. Personally, I strongly agree that assistance in the form of advice would outperform the monetary aid.
While some people are more driven and persistent as students or workers, others seem to be relaxed and satisfied with what they are having. Personally, I believe that there are various reasons leading to the hard work ethic; while it is desirable up to a point, too much work will exert detrimental effects on the overall health.
The rising profit due to the usage of advertisements in many successful enterprises is being increasingly witnessed these days. In this essay, I shall discuss the main causes why this development has occurred and explain why the positive aspects are superior once the government give proper guidance.
The practice that lawbreakers should be condemned to jail is of fundamental necessity to cope with them has been garnering much social endorsements in today’s world. Others claim that education and training are at the core of the solution. While both sides have proved their great significance, I would contend that the way offenders should be dealt with depends crucially on their age and the degree of activities leading to criminality.
These days, there is an increase in international job opportunities. It is argued by some people that professionals from undeveloped countries should be permited to work in wealthy countries. I disagree with this notion because it would lead to wastage of funds poor countries used to train these professionals and it would worsen development challenges in some parts of the world.
These days, people have taken keen interest in what area authorities channel huge funds to. Although certain individuals opine that it should be used to construct new railway transport system for trains, which moves with great speed in between cities, others belong to the school of thought that it ought to be expended on overhauling existing public means of transportation. This essay will discuss both viewpoints in order to arrive at a conclusion.
Taking a break from the tedious work schedule is imperative for every one of us. There are a group of people who think activities like reading and solving puzzles increase the brain activeness; whereas others opine that recharging the brain by taking a rest is a better option. I would agree with the previous statement, although both these viewpoints shall be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.
Traffic congestion has become a global problem that jeopardizes human activities and affects the environment adversely. Some people argue that the best way to solve this issue is to provide free public transport. I believe that such a move will address the problem to a certain extent; however, it will not resolve it completely. In my opinion, a better solution is to build better and wider roads.
The trend of watching movies when people are free, is currently increasing these days. This essay will discuss why this change has occurred and whether is a positive or negative development.
Renting things is becoming very common practice these days. In some countries, most people only prefer to rent their homes instead of buying them. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.
Sleeping is necessary for proper functioning of human body. In average 7 to 8 hours of rest is required but nowadays people sleep less than the average number of hours in many countries. This essay will discuss about the reason and effect of this on an individual.
The world is evoluting and there is an increase  in the purchase of items online. It has been said by some that the growth of buying things from the internet will lead to the closure of all shops in towns, however, I entirely disagree with this statement as I believe that physical stores will never be fazed out.
Having a healthy lifestyle is trending nowadays. So many influencers show their daily exercise and a good diet to encourage people to start having a healthy lifestyle. However, some people believe that it is just a trend, then we can still be healthy and have a long life without doing exercise of having a proper diet. This thought might be due to the condition of older generations who can have a long life without giving any effort and attention regarding healthy lifestyles. In this essay, I...
Some people consider that species extinction of plants and animals is the core environmental problem nowadays. While individual species conservation is crucial, I do agree with those who believe that other environmental issues are more important.
During the past few years, with the ever-increasing number of tourists, the responsibility of visitors have become more controversial. While some people believe that tourists should be responsible for social and environmental issues, others think that they do not need to do that. In my opinion, I strongly agree with the former idea that travellers should be in charge of these problems.
A problem of modern societies is the declining level of health in the general population with conflicting views on how to tackle this worrying trend. One possible solution is to provide more sports facilities to encourage a more active lifestyle.
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