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The world is evoluting and there is an increase  in the purchase of items online. It has been said by some that the growth of buying things from the internet will lead to the closure of all shops in towns, however, I entirely disagree with this statement as I believe that physical stores will never be fazed out.
Having a healthy lifestyle is trending nowadays. So many influencers show their daily exercise and a good diet to encourage people to start having a healthy lifestyle. However, some people believe that it is just a trend, then we can still be healthy and have a long life without doing exercise of having a proper diet. This thought might be due to the condition of older generations who can have a long life without giving any effort and attention regarding healthy lifestyles. In this essay, I...
Some people consider that species extinction of plants and animals is the core environmental problem nowadays. While individual species conservation is crucial, I do agree with those who believe that other environmental issues are more important.
During the past few years, with the ever-increasing number of tourists, the responsibility of visitors have become more controversial. While some people believe that tourists should be responsible for social and environmental issues, others think that they do not need to do that. In my opinion, I strongly agree with the former idea that travellers should be in charge of these problems.
A problem of modern societies is the declining level of health in the general population with conflicting views on how to tackle this worrying trend. One possible solution is to provide more sports facilities to encourage a more active lifestyle.
Nowadays, education has become an egalitarian environment, in which everyone has the same rights and the same opportunities. Some argue that it should be maintained the equal of the genders in each lecture of universities. Personally, I totally disagree with this statement.
Nowadays, so many adolescents feel that the financial support from their parents is never enough no matter how much money they get. This phenomenon is also happening to workers who always complain that their salary is not enough to pay the bills. Hence, some people believe that money management should be included in the school subject from the early age. In this essay, I shall give my opinion to support this statement.
The young generation tend to be less aware of their traditions and culture compared to the older generation these days. This essay will discuss the reasons why this change has occurred, including contemporary culture is more attractive and lack of relevant programs from the government. This essay will also explain why this tendency has negative impacts on our society.
It is argued by some that a good way of connecting individuals from different backgrounds and ages is through this Art. This essay will agree that Music is a channel through which different ways of lives can be learnt and also connections between the young and old can be developed.
Technological advancement in the last two decades has made it possible for people to form and maintain long-distance relationships. However, this trend has negatively impacted the way people interact with others in their immediate environment.
Many people believe that wealth cannot buy them happiness. This essay will explain why the definition of happiness is not easy, and it will define how humans can reach a happy life.
In recent times, a lot of debate is going on regarding children's education. While some argue that teaching at home is the best for their development, other think that it is essential to go to school. Although both sides has its owns advantages, I am on the latter side of the argument.
The frequent use of fuel in automobiles, factories and aircrafts have caused so much damage in our environment today. It is a debated issue whether the increase in the price of petrol and diesel will curb this environmental pollution we are faced with. This may help to some extent but I disagree that increasing fuel price is not the best option to reduce environmental pollution.
With a growing number of toys, games and events for children to engage in, there are two schools of thought on what is the best combination of activities to opt for. Some people are of the view that guardians should advise their wards to partake in structured team events in their spare time, whereas others believe that children should learn to engage themselves. While I have outlined both views ahead, personally, I am in favour of the first school of thought.
There is a growing consensus among many people that individual photographers should not follow famous personalities and interfere in their personal life by capturing their private photographs. Whereas, others opine that this is the price to pay for being famous.
In recent times, children and adults in some countries spend a great amount of time indoors rather than participating in activities outside their homes. The increase in the use of the social and mass media are the significant factors to this warning trend.
Science and technology has become the core strength of a nation for many years. However, the number of college students who continue learning such subjects as microbiology, advanced mathematics, and chemistry is decreasing. There are many factors triggering that downward trend and several adverse impacts on society.
Nowadays, people have started to believe that one should accustom according to the environment in order to indulge themselves completely in the new country. I strongly believe that people should try to adapt the new culture of the country they are visiting to get the actual flavour of the place they are in. In fact, this is fairly possible without the need of learning a different language.
Nowadays, a lot of money is being spent on buildings around the world. Some say that design can have a positive impact on our lives and I agree with this. It can create a positive environment that will in turn help people to be happy and content.
Whilst some people are diligent and industrious in study and work, others seem to be relaxed and satisfied with what they are having. Personally, I believe that there are various reasons leading to hard work ethic, and it is desirable up to a point, but too much work exerts detrimental effects on health.
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