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With the increasing number of private institutions, it becomes pertinent to determine whether government ought to extend finances to privately owned educational institutions. I am of the opinion that public funds should not be made available to private institutions, but rather, be best put to use in developing other sectors of the country.
There is a growing debate on who should be responsible for making the environment better. It is believed by some that individuals have no role to play as big organizations and government ought to be solely saddled with the responsibility. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this as I believe that achieving a serene and developed environment is a collective responsibility of both governing agencies, companies and the entire populace.
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People in many different countries are living a thrown away culture, where a particular product is used for a short period and then it is discarded. There are several reasons for this trend, and it has different consequences.
Nowadays, many individuals are of the view that we have a lot choices. I completely agree with them because we now live in an era where technology has provided us with many alternatives, and also because we have the ability to do so freely.
This essay is about the job satisfaction, todays in our society. Its main purpose is to elaborate the reason behind the unsatisfactory job in our lives. In which we will discuss on different parameters relevant to job satisfaction.
In this day and age, the significance of aesthetic values has been indifferent because of the era of computer and Information Technology, especially Artificial Intelligence is a phenomenon of the 21st modern age. Although some people believe that with the help of computer, public museums and art galleries would be no longer needed, personally, I disagree with the given notion and believe that online information can never replace the needs of having these existing exhibitions.
In contemporary society, the dress code at work is not significant since it does not directly influence work productivity. Some argue that uniform is not less important for employees because of the quality of their work is the main matters. To a certain extent, I agree with this opinion, however, I also think that base on the work’s properties, the staff should choose an outfit suitable for this job.
It is believed by most people that paid employment among children is fast becoming popular. While some individuals completely disagree with this practice, others believe it is a platform for youngsters to acquire the necessary job experience which will help to enhance their ability to make right decisions. In my opinion, even though it might seem inappropriate to expose them to working at such age, I agree that it will help adolescents understand the principles of time and money management.
It is true that an increasing number of modern tourists have a tendency to spend their entire holiday in a small resort, without exploring the rich cultural heritage of the local area where they travel to. The causes of this appear to be focused on two areas and such present tourist patterns are quite different compared to the past.
Obesity is one of the major concerns we face today. Some individuals believe that the government is responsible for the increased incidents of obesity among children. Whilst, others argue that parents are accountable. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and provide my opinion.
As more of us are becoming aware of environmental issues, it is often said that the loss of biodiversity is the main concern to humanity. While the extinction of some species is no doubt alarming, I believe that other equally important problems should also not be overlooked.
Films are generally considered to be art. While it is believed by some that, it is unnecessary to go to the theatre as movies can be viewed on phones and tablets, others argue that in order to enjoy movies one needs to visit the movie theatre. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and explain my support for the latter view
Nowadays, genetically similar animals to humans are broadly utilized in the laboratories to examine new medicines and products. Even though this practice is deemed beneficial for the human race, it is ethically wrong methodology and should be forbidden, in that all living creatures have similar right to live in the natural cycle.
There has been a growing trend for people to make themselves look younger despite their age. Many reasons underlie this practice, the most prominence of which being to heighten one’s confidence. While it is superficially beneficial, there is a myriad of drawbacks, some can be fatal at times, that should not be overlooked.
Some people considered that the utilization of money on the arts is not beneficial and it is better to direct money to some other fields. In my opinion, while the arts should be funded, as it is crucial in terms of a nation’s culture and economy, public services is also vital for a country’s development and environment.
In recent times, plastic bags used for shopping have been a major cause of pollution on the earth. Although, some people believe that these items should be proscribed in order to reduce pollution, I disagree with this view.
Although, some people believe that children's choices are beneficial on their daily routine, while others believe that only an important things should be addressed by them which actually affects them in genuine. In my opinion, make your own decisions only matters whether it is related on menial level or for imperative work which directly impact them.
Many people claim that music plays an essential role of uniting people regardless of their differences in terms of cultures and ages. Personally, I completely agree with this view.
Learning is like a journey that one travels from a particular point to reach some destination. One can learn from a variety of sources which include books, magazines, newspapers, experiments, people, own reflection, etc. In my opinion, learning is deep if learner learns by experimenting however, few people believes that books are better source of knowledge.
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