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In the current world, usage of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides is having a negative impact on the human health. Not only for humans, but also for all creatures who consumes it are started facing dangers. It is clear that using chemicals have more disadvantages than advantages. The following essay state points to support the view.
Big companies have huge budgets for advertising and fostering which incline general public towards purchasing their merchandise. This essay will discuss the two main issues that result from this trend, including death of local businesses and expensive products. It will also suggest two solutions to this and how individuals can be encouraged to go for domestic goods including low rates and more incentives.
One of the most challenging aspects of the 21st century is the difficulty in keeping a balance between work and life. Most of the population is struggling to maintain a successful and comfortable environment in their workplace and at the same time spend quality time with the family. There several reasons which lead to this unbalanced life.
Number of Individuals are more content with living their whole life in the same area, whereas, others prefer to change their habitat over their lifetime. In my essay, I will share my views on both before I share my viewpoint.
Governments spend public funds to train people, so that they can excel at sporting events. There are a number of people with a view, that these funds should be used for things that will benefit the society as a whole. In my view, it is vital for the government to support this talent, however the primary role of the state towards the community.
Computers have now become an integral part of our lives, most of the world depends on computerised output. In recent years there has been a constant elevation in usage of computers and machines which has resulted in an increased usage and reliance among school going children. This essay will discuss about the major problems such as, diminishing memory powers and ocular problems; solutions like visiting a library, reading paper based books and decreasing the time in front of the screen will hugely be beneficial for students who rely more on computers.
In this modern era, environmental issue is becoming a hot topic to discuss among the world and in that, mainly global warming is getting higher priority. The following essay state the issues related to global warming and what are the precautions we can take to overcome it.
Nowadays, many people often face problematic situations in their life. Some masses think that it is good to sacrifice with their dreams by accepting awful things while others believe to try to overcome the problems and get the best result in the future. This essay will elucidate both the views so that a plausible conclusion can be formed. I personally agree with the second view.
These days people prefer to do shopping in large shopping malls or centres. Because of this, local shops are pushed to the extent of closing their business. Over time this growing trend among people will damage the society.
It is widely suggested that libraries for the public are no more essential in this present era, while other people do not support this view. Although people can now obtain a wide range of information from the internet, I believe that public libraries are still important because they are the only source of some information.
Even today, there are many people who insist that young people should follow their elders such as their parents and grandparents. However, there are others who feel that youngsters should make their own decisions instead of following others. In my view, youngsters have the right to make their own decisions, but they should be guided by their parents.
It is considered by some that the responsibility to reduce the packaging on products lies with supermarkets and manufacturers that sell them, while there are others that think that this responsibility lies with consumers. In my opinion, I believe that this is a shared responsibility, as everyone plays a role in maintaining a sustainable environment.
In order to be granted a job, it takes a great deal of effort. Many are convinced that relying on appearance that can impress the interviewer is the most important approach; however, although first impression may give an initial image about the employee’s behaviour, it cannot ensure them a job.
Usage of social media, mainly Facebook, Instagram have markedly changed which the boost of the internet. Although people believe that individual and society are positively impacted by these platforms to solve social and global issues. However, I completely disagree with this because its negative impact on adults and society cannot be ignored.
In some countries, there is a suggestion by the public to the government to spend more money on developing public services rather than investing money in arts like music and theatre. I am fully supporting this suggestion. The following essay narrates points to support my view.
Education qualifications plays a vital growth in the todays world.Underprivileged adolescents find it hard to get admission into colleges.However, I believe universities should support and make it more accessible to them to join.
Seedling trees are highly significant for the atmosphere. It is argued between two groups of people, whether the empty plots of city and towns should use to plant a forest or build residential settings. In my opinion, greenery is essential for our universe to combat climate changes and providing food.
Most teenagers socialize with each other through the unsupervised access they have to the internet which can have very bad consequences and be risky for children. This essay will discuss two main issues unattended availability has included child abuse and pornography. It will also suggest two solutions to these problems, including supervision and restriction to the number of websites they can open.
The rise in criminal activity has been bothering some nations. Some people argue that putting an increased number of law enforcement agencies on the roads is the most effective solution in reducing crime. In my opinion, I agree that cops are the key to control such exercises. However, closed-circuit television cameras are important too.
Physical exercise is the key to health. Some people argue that it is solely parent’s responsibility to make sure that their children get daily sporting activity and teaching institutes should not waste their important time on it. In my opinion, although mother and father are responsible for it. However, the school has an obligation to students’ health too.
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