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It is often thought that we are whatever our parents have in their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and characteristics cannot be changed afterwards. I fully disaccord with the notion, as only looks may be the same, but to build up a good personality of younger ones the local inhabitants and the education are key factors.
It is argued that manufacturers and supermarkets are accountable for less usage of the amount of packaging. Some consider that customers should avoid buying goods with a lot of packaging. This essay will discuss both viewpoints.
Some people think that accepting the worse situations like money shortage and imbalanced job is good. However, many other people believe that it is better to use those bad situations as your opportunity and encouragement to move further in life. Although, ups and downs are part of our life and it is good to accept the failure, I strongly believe that one should not stop moving further and take this failure as an opportunity to improve yourself.
In the modern world, latest technology devices such as smart phones are an unavoidable thing especially for youngsters. These are very much helpful for the older generation to minimize laziness and to communicate with others. Here I am explaining how it helps them to expose new technology.
The population of a country has an immense impact on the overall progress of a nation, and that is why many countries adopt strict birth control measures. I disagree with the suggestion that a government should be allowed to control the number of children through taxes.
It is argued by some that the introduction of new laws is the only way to get home waste recycled properly. However, I believe that apart from laws, education should also be highlighted in terms of address the issue. Therefore, I cannot completely agree with this opinion.
Uniform is a symbol of professionalism. There are few companies who believe that their employees must wear uniforms while they are on duty. Wearing uniforms has benefits as well are drawbacks. This essay will cover the pros and cons of wearing uniforms for employees at work place.
It is believed by few that an individual’s culture and character can be deduced by the way he or she dresses. Although, traditional wear of certain regions does provide you with an idea of how their society was, but in an era of globalization, it has become very difficult to decode one’s beliefs by their clothes. Therefore, I disagree that nowadays you can look at a person and be able to predict his beliefs accurately, however, certain traditional outfits may be able to give you such hints,...
Education acts as a mediator between the students and the society, through which they are taught with many general things apart from arts, science or technology. So let us discuss if it is mandatory to include the lessons for the children in their school syllabus regarding the qualities to be a better parent in the future and conclude with my personal opinion.
People believe's that, we need to select the friends based on the same thinking as we do. Others believe that it should be quite opposite. Well, I completely disagree with the aforementioned statement. This essay will discuss both types of public opinions irrespective of their nature of thinking capabilities.
The present working environment has incessantly witnessed a radical change. People tend to switch their job frequently rather than rely on one job. Globalization is the primary causes for these changes and the plausible recommendations to overcome this phenomenon will also be provided.
It is believed by some populace that having friends who share the same thought as you is more important than a friend who has a differing opinion. In my opinion, I believe that having companions with an opposing viewpoint is better.
Teaching mathematics as a compulsory subject in schools has become a controversial topic. Some parents think that mathematics does not play any vital role in our real lives. Hence it should not be part of an educational curriculum any longer while others disagree with them and are of the opinion that it should remain as one of the basic subjects. This essay will discuss both sides in depth.
It is believed by some that having friends who share the same thought as you is more important than a friend who has a differing opinion. In my opinion, I believe that having companions with an opposing view is better.
More and more of us go to tourist hot spots when there is a national holiday. This essay will suggest that the biggest problem this causes is litter and submit providing extra bins as the best solution, followed by a reasoned conclusion.
Nowadays, designing suitable and appropriate school curricula has got immense priority, as the future of youngsters largely depends on this system. While some countries have adopted a comprehensive syllabus for their learners, others have focused on fewer subjects related to specific professions. Nevertheless, it appears to me that the former way of education is relatively more appropriate as they not only provide information about a wide range of issues but also contribute to their profess...
Some parents advise their offsprings to do a part-time work in their off school periods. There are many goods as well as drawbacks regarding this decision. The essay below will shine more light on it.
I am writing to let you know that I am unhappy with my current living conditions. While the accommodation itself is fine, my housemate has become intolerable making it almost impossible for me to work. I hope you will consider my situation favourably.
A part of the world is suffering from many difficulties regarding small children. Some people consider, the excessive engagement of parents, as the major cause behind such difficulties. However, I partially agree with this statement. According to me, there are other factors such as the effect of technology, which are equally responsible for the said problem.
Inventors are considered to be not much crucial than doctors. Each profession, whether it is in services related to medical, engineering, technology, art and craft are all crucial for the existence of this universe. We all are dependent on each other in one or the other way. I believe that being a doctor is as important as being an inventor and hence, firstly this essay will prove the importance of inventors and then the importance of doctors.
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