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While some people argue that we should emphasize the importance of competition when teaching children, others take the view that focusing on cooperation is more important. In my opinion, it is better for children to be taught to cooperate.
Many people think that increasing the number of sports facilities is the best way to improve public health, whereas some people opine this method is not effective and should use other ways. In my opinion, the society which has enough sports facilities is positive for public health, but increasing healthy behaviours of people are more important.
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Artwork represents an amazing display of the artist’s thinking. There are a few museums and art exhibitions which charge payment to enter, whereas, others have no ticket for entrance. Whether admission should be charged or not, advantages and disadvantages can be identified. This essay will discuss these items in an effort to prove one group better than the other.
It is true that in several countries, there are certain people who earn very high salaries. Some people believe that it is a positive thing for the country while others beg to differ. In my opinion, I feel that even though there are benefits, it poses a more negative impact in the country.
The government and citizens of countries sometimes have contrasting views about whether people should spend more time in the office or they should pay more time for leisure and physical activities. In this essay, an attempt will be made to explain the causes of hectic life as well as to solve these issues.
Today, many youngsters are becoming drug addicted and indulging in illegal acts. Easy accessibility to alcohol and drugs and lenient behaviour of parents are the major reasons of this problem. Applying strict the rules on sale of alcoholic drinks, and putting a ban on drug sale in addition to supervision by parents on their children can solve this issue to some extent.
Many countries in the world are facing not only an environmental issue, but also facing the population issue which in result will arise educational problems. It will become difficult to survive in a crowded world in coming years. Though, the government is taking measures for environmental problems, but others challenges cannot be ignored.
There is no doubt that the majority of the people spend a huge part of their adult life working, and that work contentment is an important component of happiness. This essay will discuss firstly, some factors that influence career fulfilment and secondly, analyse the expectation of satisfaction for all employees.
Some people argue to spend fundings to make swift railways to link the cities, while others, are in favour of improving current public commuter services. In my opinion, other transportation mediums facilitate majorities of the population in any country as compared to trains so should be preferred to support financially.
The awareness on recycling is increasing in many countries around the world. Whilst some are of the view that households are not doing enough to recycle their waste and that government legislation would be the best option. In my opinion, I believe that such laws are needed l, but exploring other means to ensure compliance should be looked into.
The surge of sugar consumption is becoming prevalent everywhere. Some argue that the government should control the increase of sugary product consumptions. In my opinion, I believe it is an individual's power to limit their sugar intake by alternate healthy methods.
Television is an effective way to teach children. It is argued by some people that the young ones should be promoted to watch TV both at home and school. In my opinion, to some extent, I agree with this statement that it is a good source of knowledge. However, it should only be allowed to watch for a limited time and under supervision.
Advertising plays a vital role in influencing individuals. Effective advertising leads to building an image which can be related to a number of individuals. Some people are in agreement that the adverse effects of advertising could lead to losing the individuality of people. In my view, I agree that advertising effects can have detrimental effects on a person's individuality, however there are also some positive aspects.
In the current world, usage of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides is having a negative impact on the human health. Not only for humans, but also for all creatures who consumes it are started facing dangers. It is clear that using chemicals have more disadvantages than advantages. The following essay state points to support the view.
Big companies have huge budgets for advertising and fostering which incline general public towards purchasing their merchandise. This essay will discuss the two main issues that result from this trend, including death of local businesses and expensive products. It will also suggest two solutions to this and how individuals can be encouraged to go for domestic goods including low rates and more incentives.
One of the most challenging aspects of the 21st century is the difficulty in keeping a balance between work and life. Most of the population is struggling to maintain a successful and comfortable environment in their workplace and at the same time spend quality time with the family. There several reasons which lead to this unbalanced life.
Number of Individuals are more content with living their whole life in the same area, whereas, others prefer to change their habitat over their lifetime. In my essay, I will share my views on both before I share my viewpoint.
Governments spend public funds to train people, so that they can excel at sporting events. There are a number of people with a view, that these funds should be used for things that will benefit the society as a whole. In my view, it is vital for the government to support this talent, however the primary role of the state towards the community.
Computers have now become an integral part of our lives, most of the world depends on computerised output. In recent years there has been a constant elevation in usage of computers and machines which has resulted in an increased usage and reliance among school going children. This essay will discuss about the major problems such as, diminishing memory powers and ocular problems; solutions like visiting a library, reading paper based books and decreasing the time in front of the screen will ...
In this modern era, environmental issue is becoming a hot topic to discuss among the world and in that, mainly global warming is getting higher priority. The following essay state the issues related to global warming and what are the precautions we can take to overcome it.
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