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Many individuals are of the view, that the foreign tourists should adopt the local cultures and etiquette, while others believe that they should be allowed to practise their own traditions and customs. In my opinion, the tourists should follow the local values and norms because it would add a new experience in their visit and bring them closer to the local population.
There is no doubt that Earth`s climate is changing dramatically due to global warming, which has become the main challenge in our society. This essay will explore a number of factors behind this issue and suggest some actions to be taken in addressing this global concern.
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It is argued by some people that both skilled and unskilled workers should be paid the same wages regardless of their level of education. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this notion with a number of reasons.
Robots are likely to become as ubiquitous as the smartphone computers we all carry in our future society. While some people argue that robots might have negative impacts on the future community, I believe that the benefits of the robot are likely to outweigh the negative aspects of it.
Road safety has become a measure concern these days. Whether rigorous penalties would be the most effective way to deter driving offences, is a very controversial issue. Although, I second that the implementation of harsher punishments could be the best solution for hindering the road accident, there are other methods which should be applied by the government for making people conscious about road safety.
Affiliation is considered a significant key to determine a company's success. Therefore, some people claim the high and low hierarchical levels are encouraged to communicate more. Additionally, there are other factors which influence the growth of an enterprise that people should take into consideration.
It is often thought that teachers have more impact on a child's academic and cognitive development skills than parents. I agree that the mentor's role is vital in improving child's academic and social skills to a large extent. At the same time, the role of parents cannot be ignored either.
Whether or not government, should spend more expenditure on railways appears to be a moot point. In my view, investing public funds in this transportation system is of high value.
It is often argued that if we have a variety of choices, life will perhaps become harder. In my opinion, I agree that having to decide from different options leads to emotional and social problems.
Over the past few years, a majority of nations have imposed a ban on smoking in shared spaces such as parks, restaurants, and movie theatres and have instead created designated zones for it.While many smokers have not considered this as just, I believe it is absolutely correct and is need of the hour.
The society of today has developed some beliefs that a child is better off learning from the comfort of his home rather than go to school. In my opinion, sending the child to school during his early years is very important as that will help mould his character and personality as well.
Whether scientific research investigates through governments or private institutions are a controversial issue. Personally, I, completely, agree that both authorities of governments and private companies should propel the research of science.
Nowadays, the number of people who become overweight has experienced an increase and their health condition and fitness level are declining. This essay will discuss some of the reasons why these problems have arisen and some of the steps that can be taken to address them.
Recent medical studies reveal that over the last 10 years, the number of children suffering from obesity has surged by 20% approximately. The primary reasons for this increase are the excessive use of multimedia and consumption of junk food. As a result, the health of children is deteriorating leading to various health issues and also, lack of self confidence is being observed in overweight children.
Many believe that in the future, the average quality of people's health is projected to go downhill. In my opinion, I disagree that the standard health of the humans will be lower, but instead will go higher, because of the effects of the technological advances to the individuals.
Nowadays, to assess learning success, many consider that paper-based examinations are not highly suitable for it. In my view, I agree that exams through "pen and paper" are not the best strategy to check individual educational achievement as there are other types of tests that can be used for this matter, depending on a person's pursuit.
Nowadays, there are many types of sports for people to play. Eventually, some people prefer to take part in individual sports such as table tennis or running, but some people only want to participate in the team sports. In this essay, I will discuss both views and give my opinions about these ideas.
Few people are insecure irrespective of the fact that they are at home or out in the public places. This essay will firstly discuss the possible reason to the negative thoughts, and later will discuss the viable solutions to address the matter.
It is often argued that in order to excel at a sport, one needs to be talented in such activity as opposed to rigorous training and dedication. In my opinion, I disagree with this view as I consider that talent is not the only factor to excel in athletics.
In the contemporary world, along with the development of technology and society, advertising sector has become an essential part of people's lives. Due to the dominant of advertisement in daily life, some people believe that this phenomenon has exerted a negative impact on what people think. From my point of view, I totally disagree with this statement.
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