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In today’s world, keeping a pet, or even quite a few ones in a house is a trend and the majority of people adore keeping a dog. However, these dogs are brought up in flats and apartments in highly urbanized areas which is not a favourable condition for the animals. I personally agree that having a dog in the inner cities is not the best place for them. The following essay will elaborate on my answer further with examples.
In the present age whether multiple-answer tests provide more benefits than open-answer questions has sparked much debate. Some people assert that answering questions in a form of an essay provides the examiner a better outlook on what the students have learned, whereas a vast majority of people believe it is more innovative to hand out a test with more questions. Personally, I am in favor of the first view.
In several countries, people prefer to eat more food from other regions rather than consuming local grown food. Doing so, local products are not exploited much and their economy tend to become poorer. In this situation, I believe the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
In the contemporary world, technology has played a very significant role in making people's lives easy and comfortable. With the advent of aeroplanes, people travel a thousand miles from different nations for tourism or business engagements. However, a few risks are still present which are unavoidable. The aim of this essay is to analyze both benefits and drawbacks of air travel till my conclusion is reached.
It is considered that the pupil indulges in jobs for a period of time between university. This essay would highlight the merit and demerit of those who partake in this.
There is people which belive that modern technology make people less sociable, but in the other hand a lots of people think that it is making consumers more sociable . In fact, according to my subjective opinion both statment is true.
Concentrating on some specific curriculum might be a better choice for students, but others insist they need to gain various kinds of knowledge. I prefer people who can obtain spacious courses when they are at school.
Adolescents are strongly influenced by famous people, they believe that these stars are the perfect example to follow to have success in life. I believe this thought can have a negative development on young souls, because many are not able to distinguish what it is right and what is wrong to emulate. By doing this they could end up in copying some bad actions done by their idol.
In this day and age, shortening working hours is a popular trend in many developed countries. Even still, some claimed that countries, where workers have to work for a longer time, can achieve greater economic success. I personally do not agree with this notion, although understand why working hours are positively linked to the national economy.
Nowadays, this was a great discussion about wether some people think the cheap air flight gives ordinary humans more freedom while, others argue the low price airplane should be banned because it destroy the air and brings many issues. Many people believe that there is nothing wrong with this action. In this essay I will discuss my opinion about agree with cheap flight provide normally of freedom in the following paragraph.
Some people think that is no means of protecting wild animals financially. Because human beings do not need them necessarily, I actually can not entirely agree with the point.
Traditional dress and costumes are considered to be an important link with the person's country.In this essay, I am going to discuss the influence traditional attire may have on us and also mention some of the other ways we feel connected to our country's heritage and culture.
A certain segment of the people believe that imposing speed limit is the best way to control road accidents, while the others of the view that there are other measures to curb the situation. This essay hopes to discuss both these view and arrive at a conclusion.
Technology has been one of the most controversial subject in modern society. There is a range of opinions in matter of the impact of technology in the working field, some people think that it has a good impact on the work place, while others believe that it's not helping. This essay will discuss both sides of the arguments in details and provide evidence as to why technology does in fact help workers in their profession.
A certain segment of the people believe that imposing speed limits is the best way to control road accidents, while the others of the view that there are other measures to curb the situation. This essay hopes to discuss both these views and arrive at a conclusion.
Parts of today’s society believe that giving permission to children to make their own choices on daily situations (food, clothes, entertainment, etc…) can easily lead to the formation of selfish individuals who only cares about themselves. However, others think that making decisions about circumstances on their own is essential. Personally, I strongly approve of the second idea.
I heard that you are going to choose your undergraduate program and you are willing to pick the same curriculum as me. Also, you want me to offer some suggestions about this course. I am writing this letter to tell you some details about it.
Some people consider that it is not essential to master the skill to write by hand in this era. I strongly disagree with this opinion. Although, a lot of electronic devices have replaced the need to write things by hand, at the time of a technological breakdown immediate solution is to take notes by hand. Furthermore, this skill is an essential growth factor for both child's brain and fingers.
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