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How to Write a Band 7+ Conclusion

June 17, 2019

Your IELTS conclusion is on a quest immediately you decide to go ahead with it. There are 3 basic goals on this quest.

  1. Express your opinion
  2. State the purpose of your point of view
  3. Add additional information

Let’s consider the purpose vividly below

1. Express your opinion

This is the primary goal of your conclusion. If you are going to achieve only one goal, this should be the one.

The band descriptors are the main reason behind this.


The most important thing here is ‘Presents a relevant position’. Your standing can also be regarded as your point of view.

It is impossible to get a band 6 or above if your point of view is not expressed which implies that the quest of your conclusion is not achieved.

Don’t be scared to add your conclusion and you can be sure of getting at least a 6. For instance, “In my opinion, smoking should be prohibited in an open place” or “I feel computer lessons should be taken by all children in schools.”

Below are a few vocabularies that can make your standing obvious.

I believe | I feel | I think | In my opinion | I am certain |

2. State the purpose of your opinion

This one is entirely straightforward. Simply state the reason for your point of view!

Utilize the one you have previously discussed in your writing. Don’t develop a new reason.

For instance, “In my opinion, smoking should be prohibited in an open place because of its resulting complications on people who don’t smoke” or “I believe that computer lessons should be compulsory for all children because it will positively affect their chance of getting a decent work later in life.

3. Additional information

This is quite controversial.

Ordinarily, everybody’s writing is marked in a similar way by the examiner.

It makes no difference if you’re in Ukraine, Italy, China or Canada, you get equal marks on the ground that the band descriptor is followed by every examiner like an impeccable target robot.

However, there are some negligible areas where examiner use their discretion when marking. This is caused mainly by the number of periods spent marking, ambiguous areas in the band descriptor, the training they received and simply human nature.

The safe choice should be opted for with the event of these discrepancies.

The safe choice here is to add additional details to complete off your writing because certain examiner might expect you to use this for Band 7+.

What is an additional detail?

It could be anything from an answer, support for your point view, or a prediction.

Below are instances of additional details.

Prediction: People are guaranteed to lead more productive extended lives and reduce healthcare expenses if smoking is prohibited.

Additional help: Any attempt to enhance people’s health such as prohibiting smoking is a positive move because health is more crucial than anything else.

Solution: The most ideal method to incorporate this prohibition in a country is to first increase the taxes which will cause a reduction in the number of smokers generally before entirely prohibiting smoking eventually in 20 years.

1 or 2 from 3 sentences with additional detail is sufficient to ensure you don’t get knocked down to Band 6 as a result of breaking down robot.

Complete Conclusion

In my opinion, smoking should be prohibited in an open place because of its resulting complications on people who don’t smoke. The wellbeing is far more crucial than anything else and any attempt to enhance people health such as prohibiting smoking is a positive move.

Point of view + Purpose + Additional information = Objective achieved!

Serhii Baraniuk

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