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I am a local resident of Hyderabad, I always admire your news articles from your newspaper and always found them very effective and useful. I want to share the experience my family and I got on our last visit to one of the local restaurants which is quite impressive and delivers amazing food.
I am a resident in Randburg.I have always admired your news articles in your newspaper ,I find them very effective and useful.I want to share our experience we had at a local restaurant.The food was satisfying ad good and affordable .We tried all the food there,we ate their special recipe of chicken stew and rice, but I recommend seafood as the best.
I am Karthi and I was located on 8th street, Thudiyalur. I am writing this letter to let know that to share my experience with the restaurant which was recently started and is located in Brookes mall, Townhall.
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