Some people think that visiting museums is the best way for children to learn history, while many others think there are several better ways. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, it is often believed by a bunch of critics,
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that roaming
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into museums can be fruitful for adolescents to study the past
, legions opposing the thought, think there are a plethora of good ways. I will be outlining both views before putting my pen down and thinking. History can be
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by going to exhibitions where things are collected and preserved.
, ancient collections can provide a great knowledge of the culture, myths etc of a civilization.
For example
, a recent survey conducted on school goings attending museums
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to know more about the past than the folks not going.
, it can help them to enrich their knowledge about a leader or war weapons as underneath everything displayed from the days before having a description.
On the contrary
, there are legions of medians that can be helpful to enlighten the study of history.
To begin
with, the internet and books can be very crucial and easy ways to broaden the idea of societies from the centuries before.
For instance
, people who are not too outgoing can
be benefited
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from these as they can perform research by sitting at or going to a library.
, youngsters can visit different historical places and meet with people of that particular region, resulting in gaining an adequate idea of their culture and the famousness of the place.
To conclude
, it is vital to show them a range of paths when it comes to gathering knowledge.
, I believe in my humble opinion, they need to be encountered with various methods of learning rather than confining them to one.
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