50 Latest cyclist IELTS Topics

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Some experts say for road safety cyclists should pass a test before being allowed on public roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Car drivers and cyclists share the same roads, and this can cause problems for both of them. Why is this the case? What measures can be taken to solve these problems?
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In the interest of road safety, cyclists should be required to pass a test before they are allowed on public roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Recently we are facing increasing number of cars, which poses great threat to the pedestrians and cyclists. What's more, a lot of parks need to be sacrificed as a result of the construction of railways and superhighways. Do you agree or disagree? What do you think is the best solution to satisfy residents to their heart's content?
It may be a problem for car drivers and cyclists to share the same road. What are the problems and how to improve the situation?
Car drivers and cyclists share the same road, and this causes problems for both of them. Why is this case? What are the measures to solve these problems?
when cars and cyclists use the same roads, there are often problems. why is this the case? what are the solutions?
Some experts suggested that cyclists should have to pass a exam before riding on cycle for road safety. To what extended do you agree or disagree?
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