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The vanishing of traditional and cultural customs is a salient issue in modern world society. In this essay, I will discuss these matters and suggest ways in which families and educational systems can mitigate these changes to preserve culture.
The map depicts the changes in the rural area of Ryemouth from 1995 until now. In brief, the development on the west side of the village focuses on the food building and residential area, whereas on the east ,side the focus is on hobbies and sports places.
The map below shows the development of the village of Ryemouth between 1995 and present.

The map below shows the development of the village of Ryemouth between 1995 and present.



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The provided diagram illustrates the proportion of foods consumed by the Chinese population over 25-year periods.
The given line graph compares the amount of food eaten by Chinese consumers from 1985 to 2010.
In this developing world, a proportion of people struggle to maintain their occupations and personal lives simultaneously. Some of them are unable to take care of these circumstances, because of a few major reasons that are task pressure and family commitments. This essay is going to explain why it happens and what are the solutions to solve these issues.
The diagram below illustrates the percentage of those students who apply to Manchester University over 80-year periods.
The table below gives information about student enrolments at Manchester University in 1937, 1967 and 2017.
There is a general belief among the crowd that more journal channels should focus more on describing events in an objective way. However, I firmly believe that almost all newspapers have presented distorted details in almost all stories in public newspapers. This phenomenon has led to the failure of functions in comparison with the original features, which require journalists to reflect these events in an objective way.
We live in an age when many of us stick to our daily routines and avoid change. Even so, some people believe that it’s always better to develop our lives. This essay will discuss both views and give my own opinion.
With the advancement of technology, young adults nowadays have easy access to digital devices such as smartphones, which they often end up using excessively every day. In my view, I believe that this growing issue can have negative impacts on children, and it may have resulted from several possible reasons which I'll address in the following essay.
The provided diagram illustrates the proportion of tourists from different continents along the lines of Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Middle East over 25-year periods.
The table describes the changes of people who went for international travel in 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005. (million).
I am writing to give honest feedback for your cafe 'Warner's Place'. You and your staff are so good that I couldn't resist myself from writing this.
At present, the trend of learning different languages is having a huge influence on individuals. They are using translation applications, which are helpful on various occasions. I think this brings a plethora of benefits with limited drawbacks.
The old method to teach humans about right and wrong was reward and punishment. The system is followed from the Stone Age to culminate and foster ethics. However, time has changed drastically in the near past and psychologists are finding new ways as a replacement. In my opinion, punishing children no longer furnishes the purpose and juveniles, nowadays, have a better understanding of circumstances.
The provided diagram below illustrates the fraction across four different places along the lines of the cinema, the troupe, the library and the zoo where various citizens spent time in Canada.
The chart below shows the places visited by different people living in Canada.
The provided diagram depicts the percentages of citizens of various generations going to the theatre once a month or more over 11-year periods in Europe.
The line graph illustrates the proportion of inhabitants of different generations going to the cinema once a month or more in a citizen of Europe between 2000 and 2011.
It is a fact that the current way of life is different from the past due to the rise of many technological inventions, yet there are a lot of people who may argue otherwise. This essay will outline the reasons why I completely agree with the notion that such innovations still fail to make the public emotionally satisfied.
The provided diagram below illustrates the proportions of four different sources to access the news over 30-year periods.
The line graph shows the percentage of people accessing news from 4 sources from 1995 to 2025
The diagram below illustrates the fraction of waste types in households which will be recycled in one nation over ten-year periods.
The chart below shows the percentages of different types of household waste that were recycled in one city between 1992 and 2002.
Taking a gap year after completing high school to work and travel has become a popular trend among young people. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, both sides will be explored, followed by my opinion.
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