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I am writing to address a concerning issue regarding a recent order I placed on your online platform. Firstly, I acquired a beautiful dinner set from Maya Home Decor as a birthday gift for my sister, a transaction made with excitement and anticipation.
Some say that earning important quantities of cash as well as having fewer intervals of leisure is better than having less money with more free time. This essay will suggest that owning loads of it is necessary in order to have quality relaxation periods and having more spare time allows you to feel, overall, more relaxed.
In today's modern world, many countries incur a huge amount of expenses to maintain their libraries. Whilst certain individuals claim that splurging money on libraries is a waste of resources, others contend the notion that new emerging technologies are capable of being a plausible substitute for libraries. It is my notion that although advancements in technology can furnish readers with the digitalized version of books, it is the environment and preservation of certain ancient books that cannot be replicated by technology.
Regarding the growth in technology, the number of kids who have access to these technological sources is increasing rapidly, as a great number of them tend to spend most of their daily time on their virtual lives. From my perspective, this statement is the result of upgraded technological devices that the companies are providing for individuals. Although I find this statement to be an extremely negative development for various reasons.
The majority of university students opt for learning various fields as well as their major while others believe paying attention solely to their qualification is more crucial. This essay will discuss both views and suggest my opinion in favour of the latter.
To begin, most people think that the loss of specific species of plants and animals is a main environmental problem. On the other hand, others believe that there are several more important problems. It has some bullet points which I will discuss in the forthcoming paragraph.
Academic studies have become a gateway to skills and prospective jobs. Yet, there remains some disagreement as to whether concentrating on qualifying in merely main subjects or pursuing some other related knowledge. While there are certainly valid arguments to the contrary, in this essay I would contend that gaining as much information as possible related to the main subjects is more advisable. Two primary reasons for this are as follows.
The trend of full-time labour among women has created a balance of chores and responsibilities with their spouses. Personally, I am completely in the same boat with this notion. This phenomenon can lessen the degree of patriarchalism and reduce the fatherless issue in a family. I will try to explain both benefits based on the condition of my country, Indonesia.
The debate surrounding an ageing population has garnered considerable attention globally, with opinions sharply divided. On one hand, an ageing demographic is perceived as a challenge for governments; on the other, it is seen as a societal asset. This essay posits that the benefits brought by an elderly populace significantly outweigh the drawbacks, given their wealth of experience and continued economic contributions.
Owing to the rapid growth of research and innovation in science, it is believed that the aim of science is to ameliorate living standards in society. I completely agree that scientific discoveries and technological inventions should be solutions for any problems human beings may be or are currently facing in order to have a much better life.
It is true that pollution is alarmingly becoming more serious due to the industries. While many people think that air and water pollution can be alleviated if the government expands the charges on numerous industrial areas, I agree with those who argue that other superior methods could be adopted to solve this problem.
In the current era, some individuals firmly believe that high school students must participate in voluntary community service. I totally agree with this opinion. It seems that this kind of voluntary job exerts a positive effect on teenager’s character. In addition, they can earn work experience through this involvement.
Taxation is a key ingredient in the social relationship between inhabitants and the economy. Moreover, it assists in improving every aspect of the country’s quality of life. For instance, healthcare, education and public goods and services. Some say taxation is a big enough contribution to a nation, meanwhile, others think that human beings do have more duties as a part of association rather than only paying tariffs. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall explain my point of view.
With the advancement of urban developments, a growing rate of young adults from suburbs move to cities, seeking better employment. This leads to an imbalanced population between rural and urban areas. Some argue that this brings a positive impact on the country as a whole, while I believe that there are substantial negative consequences.
Nowadays, some kids can mindlessly scroll through their smartphones for hours on a daily basis. This phenomenon is happening due to the lack of care from families. Overall, I firmly disagree with this contemporary habit as it has a degrading impact on children's ability to focus and social skills.
it is known that our lives have changed with modern life. Even though innovation makes our lives easier, it has brought some issues because every good thing has a bad side. If we compare its bad and good sides of course it has a lot of benefits. İ do not believe it affects us in a bad way. This essay will try to explain why people think it brings more problems.
All foundation school subjects should be focused on by the youths while believe students should concentrate on the topic they are specialised in and attracted to. Consequently, these issues have been argued extensively. In this, essay I will argue whether I believe which has the most potential for the youth.
People have always been concerned with their future. Some society members are of the opinion that we should not worry about the future but live in the present and take joy in life instead.I Partially agree with this opinion due to the reasons which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
Education empowers knowledge, In today's circumstances, some people believe that it is essential for an educational student to have an intense ideation on their curriculum subject rather than knowing about its application in the real world. I strongly disagree with this perspective, as it is predominant for an individual to be aware of the facts behind every concept. This essay elaborates on the reason in the following paragraphs with relevant examples.
Taking a gap year off between finishing school and starting university has gained popularity in recent years. Moreover, the trend comes with several pros and cons worth considering. In my opinion, I believe that the benefit for students is to grow their personal development and career exploration, however, there are some detriments due to this delay that may impact study habits and affect long-term career goals.
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