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It's been a long time since we met last time before I left India 3 years ago. I still remember those days of our college life when we spent the best days of our life.
In the modern world, a large number of new generation people from countryside areas have more and more immigrated to the urban area to search for better opportunities in occupation and education. In this essay, the cause of immigration will be presented, and the negative implications of the situation is reached.
In the current era, many advertisements are dedicated to the young audience. While some people think that these commercials should be banned for having a negative impact on children, others don't share the same opinion. This essay will discuss in the following paragraphs the arguments on why I definitely agree with the fact that these advertisements cause harm to the youth and should be restricted.
In the status quo, the rates of extraordinary crimes have increased annually. Not a few criminologists argue that capital punishment is more significant to reduce the number of serious crimes, however, numerous experts also opine that there should be other effective alternatives to resolve the issue. This essay will elucidate both perspectives.
I am writing this letter for showing my dissatisfaction with the changing room in the sports centre. I am going to make some suggestions so you can take initiative to solve the problem.
Nowadays, the pressing need to provide shelter for the community is a mainstream issue being addressed by the government. However, the capital invested into construction renovation is huge compared with the cost of original housing development. I couldn’t have agreed more that this amount should rather be used for modern expansion alongside transportation routes. Analyzing the need for urbanization and the effect of construction retrofitting will justify it.
Whilst some individuals are of the belief that the contemporary epoch has become the greatest and most remarkable period to reside in, other opponents have a diverse view due to current circumstances among populations such as political instabilities. I am convinced that living in the 1970s was the most significant era in history to live in. Thus, my contention will be demonstrated.
In the contemporary epoch, whilst most individuals reckon that they should reside most of their time in their parent's homes, others have a diverse view of moving their home locations beside the workplace due to several facts. I am convinced that residing in the family’s apartment has provided some sort of stability. Thus, the reasons behind the aforementioned statement, along with merits and demerits, will be further explained.
Some people argue that as the population on the Earth is increasing, we need to explore new oil and gas resources due to losing current sources of natural energy. In my opinion, the disadvantages of this assertion outweigh the advantages.
Some people believe females do not desire to get married because they can remain financially secure without the help of a partner. I agree that many people can live independently on their salary however, marriage brings much more to a person’s growth than just money. Hence, there are also many other reasons to consider why girls are no longer eager to wed.
In the contemporary era, there is a trend rising among the young generation to use mobile phones for excessive amounts of time regularly. It is evident in the recent reports that this position is becoming worse day by day which is an alarming sign for society. Although I believe that there are several opportunities for distance learning through technology, this situation should be considered negative progress because of its many unhealthy sides.
It is becoming more usual for companies to communicate online rather than in traditional ways. While I accept that there may be some negative consequences, I believe that the benefits of this trend outweigh the drawbacks.
In today's contemporary world, many automobile brands are producing smart cars that are controlled by artificial intelligence. While there are some detrimental outcomes related to this type of driving, I think oto-pilot vehicles provide numerous advantages. In this essay, I will discuss both opinions and explain my view.
Intorduction: Most of the public feel that it is crucial to preserve life of creatures living in the wild whereas others are of the opinion that its necessary to protect only few of them. Both views are discussed below before stating my conclusion.
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