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The Internet gives us instant access to a mine of information on almost any subject. It is considered by some individuals that museums and art galleries are not needed anymore, as everything is available online. I strongly disagree with this view and the reasons for the same are discussed in the following paragraphs.
These days, kids are under a lot of pressure from all sides. Their parents are also putting a lot of stress on them. While some people might say it's because of social comparison and cultural expectations, and it might even have some positive effects on kids, I see it as a negative trend.
In today’s globalised world, it is notable that many parents from all over the world demand their offspring to pay more attention to their educations. Their children bury their books intensively every day, which leads to a lack of time for other activities. However, what are the reasons for such expectations from their children and what are the positive and negative effects on society? In this essay, I will provide some insights and shed light on this position.
Today, zoos play an important role in wildlife conservation. Many humans believe that zoos are brutal. But others consider zoos to be useful in keeping endangered and unique species. We will consider both sides of the discussion in this essay and give a concluding view.
Due to increasing animal testing, many wildlife crusaders pose an objection, demanding laws against it. While another school of thought points out, that it is crucial to not rule out its role in game-changing scientific advancements. With regard to this, for a long time these tests have proven to be most reliable, and decrease margins of errors. Currently, due to the unavailability and poor results of alternate methods, tests on other species have become a necessary evil.
In society, there are people who prefer to live in a house rather than in an apartment. There are some advantages to living in a house such as having privacy and personal spaces. However, the drawbacks of living in a house such as high maintenance are a topic to be considered. Therefore, I believe that the benefits of living in a house outweigh the disadvantages.
These days, technology is evolving really fast, and provides a situation in which we can study lessons, work, buy things, and relate with other people from other countries. For study people have different ideas some people who prefer to study in a college or university believe this way has more advantages instead of distance- learning. However, I agree with this opinion up to the point because two ways of learning are needed today firstly, is good in a strategy position secondly, have more benefits.
In this modern era, congestion has become something that can no longer be avoided. It happened at least two times a day, especially heavier around the business district. Congestion itself causes many bad impacts from wasting time, money and energy. With that note, this essay will discuss what are the reasons for congestion and what can be done to solve this issue.
Technology and automation are playing a crucial role in the activity of community and in relation to it, the role of manpower has decreased. In my point of view, the time span population spend on work should be substantially diminished considering the positive impact of automation and automation.
In the modern era, there has been a long-standing debate about whether a handful of the public assumes that celebrities should be role models for young multitude while others believe that parents and teachers should be role models for youngsters. In my perspective, parents and teachers should be role models for kids because moppet first follow them thus it is a good argument and both sides have a good advantage hence I will discuss both side's advantages
Nowadays,places like the Sahara and Antarctica have gained a lot of popularity among tourists over the past few years. People these days prefer an adventurous trip rather than a relaxed one, these however come with some disadvantages and consequences.
Many people believe that parents play an important role in the growth of their children, while others argue that Television and their peers play a vital role in the growth of teenagers’ development. This topic will discuss both views and provide my opinion at the end of the passage.
International aid, which is assumed as an indispensable part of the government’s assistance, is said to not be allocated to foreign countries because of the existence of many idles and useless communities. In this essay why I totally agree with the very perspective will be addressed.
A substantial number of individuals presume that the superior way to develop society is the sharing of information freely between sciences and business communities But some argue that information sharing should be I must be under control. However, recent research has shown new technologies have been created when people receive the information they need, and the extensive use of sharing any information without any level of consequence has led to significant damage to the safety of communities. I strongly advocate this approach, and its benefits will be covered in this essay.
It has been an attractive topic that which kind of education our schools should offer: general education or core curriculum? This question has arisen with the increasing complexity of contemporary knowledge structure, whose colossal size forces us to choose between teaching students some particularly general knowledge and helping them obtain some specific skills with the cost of learning fewer about the world. To better understand the issue, this essay will first discuss the merits of general education and thence that of the core curriculum. After that, I will present my own perspective about which is more desirable.
The pursuit of academic excellence is a deeply entrenched value in many cultures, often leading parents to impose rigorous academic expectations on their offspring, leaving little room for leisure activities. While such an approach can yield significant benefits, it also carries inherent drawbacks for both the children and the society they are a part of.
Many university students aspire to learn about diverse subjects alongside their primary fields of study, while others argue that dedicating all their time and focus to their major is paramount. This essay will discuss both perspectives and present my own view on the matter.
As International media companies expand across the world, the growing popularity and uniformity of some media programs (such as TV shows, movies, and fashion shows) is causing worldwide concern. Many people have strong views toward this trend. In my opinion, international media is closely linked to cultural globalization and cultural homogeneity.
Nowadays, a large number of people have been out of their countries to be far from friends and families thinking that is a good way to entry into a job market. There are some advantages and disadvantages to do that, but in my opinion, developing how to be independent is more important than some disadvantages.
In contemporary society, it is common for fathers to become the main nurturers while mothers earn income. This trend originates from a shift in perception of women's roles, moving away from traditional gender roles toward recognizing women's rights to continue working and engaging in social activities despite childbirth. These changes allow women to demonstrate their capabilities and contribute significantly to society.
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