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In this contemporary era, most schools prefer advanced electronic devices to study which are easily accessible to all grades of kids. The usage of paper materials likely books is declining day by day which has an abysmal impact on children.This essay will highlight both merits and demerits of new learning methods.
the opening statement explains, some people consider that research in the home with help of technology to be more effective for those who are eager to learn, the others think being together with other students and support of authorities who have more experience is much better. Both views have benefits but in school and with the teacher is more important.
It is true that these days experience is the priority to get a well-paid job position, but at the same time, we can not underestimate the importance of awareness.
It's believed by environment protectors that pollution causes overwhelming increasing damage to streams, lakes and oceans. I see that it's undoubtedly true that the developed civilization of the human being has played a role to damage the environmental ecosystem as a result of contamination.
Plastic is a non-degradable material. Nowadays, the usage of plastic items is increased drastically more than in the past. Plastic bags, bottles and packages are having adverse effects on nature. Dumping plastics in water bodies can affect aquatic animals and burning can makes high air pollution which badly affects the environment. Certain measures from the government authority and individuals can resolve this problem to a great extent.
Nowadays people are getting intrigued by discovering the history of the structure they live in. They are more interested in the uniqueness of the design of the building or the house they live in. The below essay summarizes some of the reasons for this curiosity.
Unquestionably, every coin has two sides and so is society. Society's folk are divided into two groups therefore while applying for jobs whether the candidate has to provide personal information to the organization or not has become a topic of debate among the crowd. This essay will compare and contrast both of the opinions along with my opinion which is in favour of the former view will be discussed in a sensible conclusion.
Nowadays, it's considerable argued that save the environment is the responsibility of authorities. While, the other side individuals think that every person is handle responsibilities for it. I will discuss both views and give my own perspective in the upcoming fourth paragraphs.
It is true that music has played a pivotal role in human life for a very long time. From my perspective, the distinctive nature of music leads it to become an indispensable part of our lives, and I also opine that traditional music should be attached more importance in comparison with international ones.
Nowadays, Many developed nations searching for fuel resources because fossil fuel is finished all around the world by human beings created problems. While, There are various advantages and disadvantages as well I will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs.
Nowadays children are using the Internet without any supervision at an early age. This can a lot of times heirs to face problems. How are guardians facing issues dealing with their kids using the Internet. I will discuss the effects and solutions in the upcoming paragraphs.
Nowadays, some individuals tend to have their own house compared to renting a home and it is regarded as the main task. This essay discusses the reasons for this and why I believe it brings merits.
Nowadays, people are learning different languages based on their needs, as well as their tendency. There are some groups saying that travelling to other countries and working there are the main reasons for learning a new language. Whereas others believe that there are several reasons behind that why we need to know a language different to our mother tongue. In this essay, both sides of the view will be discussed, and I will make my comment in the last paragraph.
Internet absolutely has changed the method of getting information, it made it faster and easier. However, in spite of these advantages, it created plenty of issues, that humankind has to face. Firstly, this essay will discuss major concerns of the internet, and, secondly their solutions will be discussed.
It is true that although the young generation has better living standards, the feeling of unhappiness still occurs to many of them in some countries. This essay will discuss the main reason behind this phenomenon and then offer a feasible solution to it.
Traditionally, people used to go to school and university to complete their studies, in order to be able to find a job in future. Nowadays, they are tending to seek other opportunities, which is true, resulting in more money than the regular 9 to 5 careers. Some believe that leaving school at an early age makes you more successful in life. Furthermore, by giving real-life examples, we are going to support this point of view in the below passage.
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