IELTS Writing Samples Band 6.5

Nowadays, the advancements in technologies lead to the fact that people are exposed to them more. Even children have access to computers and the Internet on a daily basis. In this essay, I will explain why I think this is a negative tendency, which might result in many aspects of children’s lives.
Many are of the belief that when a specific product is compatible with other kinds of similar products in terms of quality so advertising seems to be redundant. Although this opinion makes sense, the power of advertisement should not be underestimated since there are many peripheral issues which are not possible to be taken into consideration but by helping advertisements.
Nowadays, many parents buy several toys for their children. The advantages for these are, it enhances creativity and imagination and promotes problem-solving skills. However, the disadvantages are including, behaviour change and addiction to games. This essay will highlight both pros and cons in depth.
Aeroplane companies provide seats at varying prices. Some people prefer to buy expensive flight tickets for high-quality trips, while some purchase cheap flight tickets to save up money. But recently, some people suggested that cheap air flight should be banned because it causes air pollution and other health hazards. In my perspective, cheap air flight should not be banned as it provides opportunities for low-income people to take flight.
The new technologies have had an influence on communication between society. Technology has affected relationships in various ways, and in my ,opinion there are many positive and negative impacts on society.
In the world ,the rate of single women is  increasing and it more and more get independent more than in the  past and plenty people suppose that having a financial authority for female no longer need to get married, this essay would be presented agree and disagree.
With exceptional technological advancement in the agriculture sector, humans now can produce various types of agricultural products quickly and efficiently. However, the lack of foodstuff is still omnipresent and it is still considered one of the greatest challenges of many local authorities. There are various reasons that may be responsible for this problem and I shall put forth some ideas to exemplify some rationales and propose some possible solutions to tackle this issue.
It is undeniable that the best way of the solution in terms of the traffic congestion issues which is growing at the present time and pollution issues is an increase of the price of petrol. From my point of view, I disagree with this idea for many reasons, and I think that other measures should be taken to society rather than this idea. In the following paragraph, the reasons to support my opinion will be outlined in the detail.
In some cities, the additional housing is expanded by constructing the high-rise buildings; however, others are built by enlarging a wider territory. In this essay, the skyscraper construction as condominiums is the effective solutions to address with this housing issue because some town has limited spaces and areas, which cannot enable to upscaling the land easily. Accordingly, extensive information will be outlined in detail before the conclusion is reached.
At present, most of the areas in the world are facing insufficient spaces to provide accommodation for citizens. As a result, some started planning of using the countryside to provide houses which become so controversial due to the reason of the more importance should be given in protecting the countryside than providing the residence options. However, I believe we can use the countryside to facilitate the homes but it should be under regulations.
Nowadays,because of fast-moving life as well as tight work schedules people are hardly getting time for relaxation. However, some people use those days very effectively by planning their activities but at the same time, few others wasting the holidays without prior charting. Moreover, this topic is still a debatable one. However, I stand with the former one. This essay will examine the topic in detail with relevant examples in the following paragraphs.
The salon exhibition content is not attractive, lacks differentiation, boring content, it is the gallery of and behind the overall advancement level and the national literacy and social enhancement level is closely linked, many institutions in exhibition design, operations and activities on lack of necessary ability, it is hard to avoid problems in the progress, after all, in some developing countries. The rapid construction and great expansion of the hall were only a decade ago. The problem of advancement must be solved by renovation in the end, and the upgrade of the overall level of the public and the revision of the salon is bound to complement each other.
Nowadays, government investment plays an important role in the development of a particular field. Some arguments show that it is more essential to spend more money on public services rather than art. This essay aims to disagree with the above notice and give some evidence to prove that none of them is more important than others.
Nowadays, government investment plays an important role in the development of a particular field. Some arguments show that it is more essential to spend more money on public services rather than art. This essay aims to disagree with the above notice and give some evidence to prove that none of them is more important than others.
Three exist contrasting views regarding getting old. While some people believe old age is too vulnerable these days, others feel it is just the opposite. It is difficult to reach a rational conclusion without discussing both sides of the argument in detail.
In the era that modern technology has become more reliable, its impact is surely unarguable. However, it can now do the activities of humanity, which means that it has the ability to replace the people. For me, it can bring both advantages and disadvantages to society.
A year before starting a university can change the entire life of students, which some teenagers prefer to break studying for a year to gain invaluable experiences to work or travel during the interval, whereas others agrue that it wastes money and time for studying. In this essay, I will provide the benefits and the drawbacks of the statement, and present my perspective toward this.
The field of education has been one of the most frequently discussed topics since ancient times. It is often argued that the main goal of an educational program is to be handy in modern society and show yourself from a beneficial side, while others claim that primarily they are based on the formation of a personality. This essay will briefly discuss both views and give my personal opinion.
In recent days online shopping has been tremendously increasing.Therefore,some people tend to believe that increased use of online sites for purchasing leads to the shut down of many companies.I partially agree with this statement the reasons I will mention in the forthcoming paragraphs.