IELTS Writing Samples Band 6.5

It is believed that private enterprises are superior to governments in the management of scientific investigations. From my point of view, this controversial idea may account for several disadvantages, however, I suppose its benefits will properly outweigh the drawbacks.
Triumphing the downsides regarding societies would be feasible just by investment in various sectors,while the majority of wealth is allocated to space investigations.In my opinion, while a massive of incomes are usurped by these researches, their positive footprints on the welfare of humans should not be ignored,which are considered as a bestow from prosperities in this realm that are uttered here.
It is certainly true that many developments have been made in the agricultural sector, yet every day many people around the globe continue to suffer from hunger. The aim of this essay is to examine possible reasons behind this issue and also suggest some ways to tackle the situation.
Some people are of the view that technological advancements have assisted in socializing them, whereas others think that it has created a gap in socializing masses. This essay will discuss both sides of the coin, before arriving at a logical conclusion.
There are several recommendations that doctors always advise their older patients to put into practice.Some recommend that those who are aged get involved in performing exercise but many do not take the hide to do enough practice.The main reason for this is a poor health conditions and lack of support from the family members.
Experts throughout both the developing and developed world have debated whether the advent of sophisticated modern automation such as mobile phones, laptops and iPad have helped to enhance and improve the crowd's social lives or whether the opposite has become the case.
Saving Environment is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.some are of the view that imposing taxes on the Industries, Companies and people responsible for the cause may help in safeguarding the Earth. In my opinion governments and ,world bodies should come out with some alternative solutions to deal with this problem.
There has been a popular trend among firms and companies to use an open office for working. It seems that  divided rooms per person are no longer common. this essay will examine the merits and demerits of this change.
Nowadays, after high ,school a lot of pupils want to apply to the academy for work. But there are both pros and cons to this. I will explain this in an essay.
Nowadays in this contemporary ,era mostly teenagers and also some kids used four-wheel or motorbikes for their daily commute. By this ,point some individuals say ,there should be an increment in the minimum legal age the driving car. I agree with this point to a large extent because it is very beneficial for the country as well as for them too. My points about that can be seen in further paragraphs.
Recycling is a much-discussed matter nowadays by its significant role in saving the planet. Some people surmise that introducing laws is the prime way to increase people's attitudes toward recycling. The idea seems logical to me based on some grounds which will be explained in this essay.
Learning is a life long and on going process in which everyone need a proper training and break from studies. In one way continuous learning is inevitable but another way it will destroy the student's ability to learn so taking year off from school is a controversial subject.In this is essay, I will explain the constructive and destructive aspects of the subject.
Some decades ago our parents bought bread and cakes at the bakery, vegetables and fruits in the market, salt and sugar in the grocery, etc. These days more and more small shops and markets are demolished and in their places new big shopping centres are built. Although this tendency has some negative sides, I believe that this is a positive trend.
There has been a popular trend among firms and companies to use an open office for working. It seems that  divided rooms per person are no longer common. this essay will examine the merits and demerits of this change.
It is said that people after getting out of prison return to their old habits and start to break the law again. There are many factors why these criminals make this kind of choice. I am strongly convinced that the government can establish new changing projects which will decrease the statistics.
It is irrefutable that nowadays, travelling becomes more and more popular among people. It is considered by many that travelling gives unforgettable memory, whereas others opine that this is completely waste of time as well as the waste of money. This essay will not only discuss both views but also my opinion will be highlighted while condoning this essay.
Every country faces global environmental problems and they are very concerned about how to decrease those problems. Although, it is sometimes thought the best way to solve is to increase the cost of fuel. In my opinion, I considered that environmental issues can be solved in different manners.
In general, living with family is a common thing, but nowadays in the modern world, many parents encourage their children to leave home when they become an adult. However, some parents disagree with this view. This essay will discuss both views and give a concluding idea.
The kind of growth and development observed in the discipline sector has seized the attention of certain individuals, and they believe that the government should allot more funds for education subjects over other subjects. Since scientific development is essential for a country, I can't entirely disagree with allotting significant funds for system subjects. In the following paragraphs, I shall explain why it is necessary to allocate more money for science subjects.
Throughout all centuries, fashion has been and will always be a burning topic. In modern society, fashion trends become a crucial factor due to the increasing amounts of model shows and clothing advertisements. More and more people are buying trendy clothes with the view to following fashion. As far as I am concerned, there are more things to consider than how to be fashionable, and it is unnecessary to catch up with clothing trends in their daily life.