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Marriage is a significant and predominant part of humankind. Some believers opinion that marriage should be done at counted age while opponents think there is no age to get a spouse for life.Here, I will articulate both views in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Nowadays, more and more people choose to live in the city. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city.
In today's education world,History course is always in debate.Some individuals opine that History should be the main subject in the school,on the other hand, others believe that in this ,modern era,other courses like the Science and technology are more crucial subjects. The following paragraphs will discuss both views and give my opinion.
A small number of the public utilise online websites such as Facebook to have conversations with friends and some others use the Internet to know more about current announcements. This essay is going to explain how technology benefits us by providing breaking news around the world in seconds at any location, and also how social media fills the gap in long-distance relatives.
In these recent times, technology has been evolving significantly. One of the notable breakthrough discoveries is self-driving cars, where they will be driverless and only passengers inside. I personally think that the benefits outweigh the drawback and some considerations regarding my attitude will be elaborated in this essay.
Over the last few decades, advancements in technology had a great impact on the agriculture sector. Regardless of innovation, many poor citizens continue to suffer from hunger due to an increase in prices and quality of food products. Therefore, collaborative efforts from the government and people are required to deal with this problem.
Immigration plays a vital role in society in developed countries as well as in underprivileged countries. people can immigrate for work, education,safety, cultural issues in the country of origin or the recipient country,wars and conflict between the communities. It can lead to unemployment, overcrowding, inflation and socio-economic issues in the recipient country and brain drain, poverty, social imbalance and negative demography in the country from where people move out.
In modern society, parents are allowing their children to use tablets and smartphones to improve their academic skills since these gadgets are handy. It is clear that this development is beneficial for the young if they use it in an adequate manner.
Creativity comes with all new ideas and thoughts which can be generated independently and without any obligation to anyone and just by giving rise to the development process ,laking any kind of restrictions on how and in which way it should be put out . Such a way will allow the fullest creativity of the artists and the developers with the full-blown growth of the arts and others skills.I partially agree with the above-mentioned idea as in the civilised society, we should respect everyone's feelings and we can not ignore other peoples likes and dislikes of the particular way of expressing arts and creativity.
In the modern era, there I no doubt that dialogue has developed on an unprecedented scale. Moreover, more and more individuals are attracted by the idea of giving presentations or speeches. In this essay, I will discuss Mertis and give some positive progress.
In this era of technology, various innovations have been introduced in every sphere of life. The same goes for the modes of streaming services that have been evolved magnificently. In the past few years, the use of on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have been increased. The users of such services are increasing exponentially with every passing year. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of using on-demand services that I’ll discuss in this essay.
In the recent century, most of the parents go to work together in many countries. Due to this fact, they can not take care of their children during the day completely. Moreover, children can stay in schools till late. Thus, schools can take care of them until their parents come home. This matter, has its own pros and cons.
It is undeniable that electronic devices such as smartphones have become essential in today’s society. At present, most people all around the world are depending on technology in almost all of their daily lives’ tasks including checking the news. As a result, it is believed that newspapers might not be able to be sold to the public in the future as people can go online and access everything they want without making a payment. In my opinion, I am totally agreed with this idea. The reasons for my agreement will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs.
To decrease the delinquency rate,some have mentioned eradicating the contributing factors as a remedial idea,despite the opponents that have been persisting stricter penalization as a prohibiting lever.Although,to me preventing is more logical,which save the opportunities and also the resources of the societies.
Nowadays, society have a misconception about learning new languages. Some public argue that the particular reason to learn new languages is for only travel and work in an overseas country. On the flip side of the coin, some crowd think it is not only about the take a voyage and doing the labour but also for our cognitive well being. In this essay I will demonstrate both views, besides ,that I will give my personal statement on learning new languages is not about only for the tour.
sleep is essential for the body, and mind to function properly. In recent times,people experience more difficulty in sleeping than they use to in the past decades. There are many factors responsible for this issue including an increase in competition, Also, inadequate sleep has a negative impact both on the affected individuals and society around them.
To go to with modern civilization, lots of school are making new roles and it causing few serious problems, some people believe that, teachers are the main person who can make better roles. However, others think that the main role of discipline in on patients hard. In my perception they both have vital Role but Patients have to more active. I will elaborate both view with relevant examples.
Art is one of the parts which generate a culture all around the world, but nowadays most people are interested in subjects like technology, science and business rather than art. In my opinion, especially opportunities of the technological era provide more income to people, while people interested in art eke out a living. If authorities support impressive campaigns, organizations and courses, and allocate a fund for this staff, folk may take courage for art.
A few individuals in our society hold the notion that the death sentence should be removed from the list of legal actions against criminals, whereas others counter-argue by stating that it should be allowed for the most hideous felonies. In this essay, I am going to explore both views and state my opinion in the end.
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