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Employees require continuous encouragement to foster a productive environment. It is argued that a great remuneration is the right method to keep them motivated, however, I believe hefty paychecks alone are insufficient, and additional measures are necessary to sustain a healthy work culture and maintain momentum.
Many people believe that they can judge human culture and character based on their dress. I entirely disagree, it is impossible to assess humans according to their clothes.
The question of whether elderly individuals ought to be taken care of by the authorities has prompted a substantial debate. While many champion this, which I completely support, because the constitution mandates it, and they pay taxes during their labor days. Others contend against this idea. Analyzing this factuality will give a comprehensive understanding of this subject matter.
In the realm of career choices, individuals often face the dilemma of whether to remain loyal to a single firm throughout their professional life or to explore different opportunities by switching between firms. Both perspectives have their own merits and drawbacks, which warrant careful consideration before making a decision.
Many individuals currently believe that keeping law offenders captived is not the most efficient way to cope with them but in lieu of that, the utilization of education and occupation training are the preferred solutions. The writer of this essay argues that it is reasonable and must be done because jail is not going to provide them with the necessary conditions to rethink their sins and upon being released they will not have the required qualifications to adapt.
It is widely believed that imprisoning gangland is not the most optimal solution in order to treat them, teaching and vocational training are more effective ways. I agree that it would be better to provide them with extra schooling and career training as it will help them gain basic skills while being punished and delinquent will be given chances to start a new life.
In the modern world, technological advancements have given rise to various online platforms that enable people to work, shop, and communicate without the need for face-to-face interactions. In my opinion, this phenomenon has both positive and negative aspects.
In contemporary society, youngsters are increasingly immersed in the realms of TV and fixture often spending significant portions of their time engaged in these digital mediums. The question of whether such activities contribute positively to their cognitive competence is a matter of considerable debate. While some argue that these pastimes offer little in terms of mental development, others contend that when used judiciously, they can indeed enhance certain cognitive capacities. This essay will explore both perspectives before presenting a reasoned conclusion.
In contemporary society, there is a prevailing notion that scientists and technology experts hold more value than musicians and artists. While it is true that the contributions of scientists and technologists are highly esteemed in today's world, the significance of musicians and artists should not be underestimated. This essay will explore the reasons behind the perceived hierarchy of value and argue that both groups play crucial roles in enriching human experience and advancing society.
Some argue that companies that are not using renewable energy should pay more taxes than their counterpart. This essay completely agrees with this statement because this can encourage them to transition into using alternative energy and the revenue from these taxes can be used in dealing with issues in the environment.
In the modern era nowadays, we can see that more and more buildings such as offices and schools use open-space design layouts rather than conventional layouts. This phenomenon is generally influenced by new working and learning styles which are creative working and learning environments. I personally believe that this is a positive phenomenon to have more and more open-space designs because of two main factors below.
Crime has become one of the most important issues in the community nowadays. while some people think that the best way to solve this problem is to put criminals in jail, others believe that providing education and job training programs for them is more effective. in my opinion, I completely agree with this view.
Escaping from the school is a concerning issue in several regions for both families and instructors. It has some reasons and leads to numerous impacts a few of which will be discussed in this essay.
Food is the most vital entity in every human being's life. Farmers' products reach to to final customers to be consumed after a very long journey. There are some groups who think that whoever consumes food should directly refer to onsite in order to prevent from destruction of living places and in the meantime reinforce farmers' businesses. In this essay, I will discuss why purchasing food from farmers has benefits while its drawbacks outdo it.
It is argued that working alone is better than working in groups because people spend a significant amount of time talking. From my perspective, I contend that working in groups is more preferred due to the rise in productivity and the improvement of communication skills.
Over the last few decades, the world has seen tremendous urbanisation to support its rising population. However, this growth has been tainted by a gradual reduction in quality of life due to significant pollution and overcrowding. In this essay, I will highlight the reasons for the uncontrolled expansion of cities and some viable solutions to this predicament
Some argue that residing in urban areas has greater advantages than rural areas. This essay completely disagrees with this statement because living in urban areas has more disadvantages, such as extreme pollution and excessive traffic compared to rural areas.
As the human rights issue has arisen in the last century, people are arguing about the freedom to choose their way of life. This includes the amount of noise they sound. Some people say this should be controlled, while others argue this. For some reason, I stand with the idea of giving some limitations to performing a loud noise.
In order to save time on transport to work, some people harbour a belief that parks and gardens that are close to the city centres should be replaced by apartment buildings whilst others hold the reverse viewpoint. From my perspective, I am inclined to stand neutrally with both opinions as it is a good way to reduce time on travelling to work but the importance of parks and gardens also cannot be ignored.
It is true that famous people can arouse the public attention easily. When it comes to international aid organizations, some people harbour a belief that the power of celebrities is beneficial, whilst others hold the reverse viewpoint as the problems can become less important when the public focuses too much on famous people. From my perspective, I am inclined to stand with the proponents since it is important to evoke communal awareness before starting international aid.
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