IELTS Writing Samples Band 7

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While the government in a number of cities decide to construct high-rise buildings to provide housing for their citizens, that in other cities expand their housing areas horizontally. In my opinion, building a vertical city is a better option because it makes better use of land, a limited resource on the planet, and it is also more eco-friendly than a horizontal one.
Health is an essential necessity for any person, so the government in other countries will have many budgets for healthy which proportion is ranked in the top five of the total budgets in each country. Some people agree with the opinion that why the official use money for prevention more than treatment, however, some populations do not understand how different between treatment and health education which is too unlike such as budget. In the following paragraph, the reason to support my opinion will be discussed.
In the present era, hidden cameras are acting as a 'third eye'. most of the time people at work are regularly monitored without their knowledge. This concept has a plethora of benefits and a few drawbacks too. This essay will elaborate on the same in the upcoming paragraphs.
Nowadays buying and selling things from the internet has become a trend that everyone uses. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to this. In this essay I will discuss positive and negative aspects of buying and selling.
Travelling to work is one of the hectic problems faced by the folks in the city. To overcome this some pupils suggest demolishing gardens and public parks and creat accommodation facilities for the people so that the time is managed well. In the further ,essay I will discuss both views and will give my own opinion at the end.
In the concurrent world, lots of teenagers go to the universities. Some of their parents think that they should merely focus on their studies, and they should not attend any other activity. While others claim that they should join some events to cultivate some other abilities. To me, I consider that the latter one is better than the former one. this essay is going to discuss why it is and my own reasons.
There are mixed views as to the government's grant. Some people believe the government has to aid unemployed people. While I can understand the view, I think the government does not need to invest in the people.
It is true that many criminals tend to commit crimes again after being free from prison. This trend is caused by some reasonable factors and some serious social issues will arise from this.
Currently some businesses are giving advertisements in such ways that their particular products are in the new style in some ways. This essay will discuss its main purpose of this and their advantages and disadvantages of this style of advertisement.
Economical flight trips are important modalities in saving time, money and energy as compared to other means of transportation. People opine that these facilities should be reduced as they pollute the surroundings. I completely disagree with this statement . In the subsequent paragraphs, I will elucidate on both perspectives and illustrate why cheap flights are important to us.
With the heavy influence of globalization, parents have more options for choosing a school for their child. The popularity of sending children into boarding schools has been getting more attention in recent decades. Although living apart from the family will improve necessary skills for children in social life, this aspect may lead to negative outcomes.
In the last few centuries, English has risen to become the most spoken language on the planet. There are some concerns that in the future we will have a unique language. This essay will explore the advantages and disadvantages of having a single world language.
In this day and age, many people are of the opinion that freedom of speech is absolutely essential for the public who are living in a free world. In my view, the freedom to speak in public will mean that they are able to stand up for their rights and this is why it is a necessity in modern life. In the following essay, I will provide my reason to agree with the viewpoint and support it with examples.
Over the last century, telecommunications and travelling through the sky have revolutionized the way we make connections around the globe. Yet, there are some disagreements about whether the overall effect of these technologies has been positive or negative. I personally believe that the benefits of those two exceeded way far compere to their drawbacks and relevant reasons will be provided too.
It is considered by some people that entertainment such as music may attract society with a variety of cultures and ages to blend, despite their differences. I personally agree with the statement. However, music is not the only factor that may attract people. There are other factors that are able to blend them such as foods, similar hobbies and/or certain activities.
There are mixed views as to the women's maternity leaves. Some people believe women's leave can cause some serious problems in their companies. While I can understand this view, I argue people have to focus more on the positive side of their relaxation.
The advancement of technology especially the internet connection and gadgets such as mobile phones and computers have made the communication process easier. Therefore, many jobs are supporting the work from home scheme, as it is also required due to the pandemic situation. I personally agree that employees should be encouraged to do their work from home when the job enables them to do so.
It is true that people these days tend to eat more outside than at home. Some people believe people might get some disadvantages when they eat outside a lot. While I can understand this view, I believe this trend is acceptable for people.
There are mixed views as to showing criminal trials to the crowd. Some people believe showing criminal trials can exert negative influences on the community. While I can understand this view, I argue we have to focus more on the positive side of the showing trials.
In this modern era, everybody wants to become their own boss and work according to their own timetable. Because of the changes in their lifestyle, they become more independent rather than depending on the hiring companies. So, in this essay, I will discuss the reasons why most people like to do jobs as self-employed instead of working in any organization and also highlight the demerits of this trend.
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