IELTS Writing Samples Band 7

It has been a debatable issue for a long time that a break between school and university study is worth doing or not. Although gap year comes with a number of drawbacks, it is a net positive for young adults. This essay will discuss both sides of this concept, and support the latter view.
It is argued that financial stability is fundamental to be a happy person. The paragraphs below will discuss why money is not essential to live a prosperous life and why building bonds with people and pets can help in staying an enthusiastic person.
It is argued that financial stability is fundamental to be a happy person. The paragraphs below will discuss why money is not essential to live a prosperous life and why building bonds with people and pets can help in staying an enthusiastic person.
Nowadays, bicycles are gaining popularity again and most people have started using them around the cities. While some advocate that motorcars are the most comfortable and convenient way of transportation, and others think that cycling more suitable. In my opinion about this, both are good and it relies on the user's requirements and budget.
In this contemporary era, most people will travel to abroad in future instead of going on holiday in their own nation. This essay disagrees with the statement. People are aware about travelling and they want to explore other countries on their vacations. I will explain in the below paragraphs with examples.
As the years had passed by, the means of entertainment had continuously change, however music has persisted as one of the most popular. In addition, some argue that it has and should continue serving as a tool for communication between regions and cultures. I strongly believe, that even when not speaking the same language, people can connect through their music. This essay will look at why music has been a connector between nations and generations.
Art is a skill that applies to music, painting, poetry, dance and more, also, it is an essential segment of every society. I strongly concur, art and music still have a place in the contemporary world and whether children invest their valuable time learning these at school, discuss in the following paragraph with relevant examples.
It is predicted that printed newspapers and books will be supplanted by their online versions, which will be able to be accessed without paying. In my opinion, although I agree that printed newspapers and books will gradually disappear due to the convenience of modern technology, I believe that readers need to pay to read.
Some people argue that if individuals were allowed to do things freely, without being punished by authorities, society would fall apart. The paragraphs below will state a strong agreement about this trend, showing that it would heinous crimes and small ones would get a daily common attitude.
Undoubtedly, health is the main concern of everyone's life,therefore people look for various options to enhance health. Some people say that daily exercise is the best practice to develop health conditions. I would say it will hardly yield a desired outcome if someone does not concentrate on his food habits as well.
Undoubtedly, it has been proven scientifically that overconsumption of fast food is hazardous for people's well-being. The argument as to whether or not an edification system would work as a therapeutic remedy to halt this menace is transmuted into a moot point. I strongly accord that in spite of strong educational programmes, this hurdle will not be curtailed, completely. This disquisition delves into both standpoints in-depth with enough grounds.
It is an undeniable fact that many of our beings make various relationships based on our lifestyle. While a number of the relationships that we build ourselves, such as friendships and companions whereas, the relationship between origin and baby, are the most common ones gifted by God. In few nations, there is a massive disparity among parents and their infants nowadays, which is a practical matter of content, with numerous pros and cons associated from various perspectives. This article discusses both benefits and drawbacks; previously, I formulate my final verdict.
Food is an essential aspect of human life. Though, improvements are created in farming , however, a huge amount of people in the country are struggling in poverty. In this essay, I will scrutinize the reasons and solutions to resolve this issue.
There is no doubt that technology plays an increasingly important role in our daily life. Therefore a lot of scientists predict that we will have self-control vehicles in the near future and the cars are driven by humans will disappear. Such predictions became possible due to the scientific developments in the field of artificial intelligence, active safety car systems, the evolution of the Internet and universal availability for global positioning systems. I think it could have positive and negative consequences that I am going to discuss in the following paragraphs.
It is indeed that education has a predominant influence in society, especially on the young generation. Many high school graduates nowadays prefer to take a gap year before pursuing higher education. There are convincing arguments on the idea that it is a waste of valuable time, however, the benefits should also be put under equal consideration.
Homework is one of the orthodox methods that have been in use for ages to help students in the learning process. But is assigning homework to students really necessary? In this essay, we will discuss this issue and tries to get a logical conclusion at the end.
In this day and age, it is argued that instead of channeling a huge amount of money into protecting the environment, the healthcare sector should be invested more by national leaders, which ensures the health of people. However, in my opinion, both fields are of vital importance for national prosperity and should be spent equally because of some reasons below.
Apart from formal education, extra-curricular activities mould a complete individual. It is said that very few have inborn qualities in sports or music ,unlike others. Nevertheless, others opine that those aptitudes could be inoculated in children through proper training. Both these sides would be discussed in this essay and a wise opinion would be given in detail.
Nowadays, it is common to see how people are doing less and less exercise both working and in their free time. Along with this lack of activity, comes an unhealthy way of life that ends up with health issues. In this essay, it will be discussed the reason why people is becoming more sedentary and some possible solutions to this problem.
Hobbies use to be a vital part of every individual's life routine.Horse riding,swimming,painting,book reading and writing were very famous among children and adults as hobbies.But these activities have lost their importance with time which in turn affected people individually and socially.