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"Health is wealth", as the common saying goes. Health practitioners are of the opinion that walking is a good practice which subsequently, helps to keep one healthy and fit. However, for several reasons, people are strolling less, these days. In my essay, I shall explain the reasons for walking less arising from the availability of better transport alternatives, time constraints and automation of work with suitable examples and find solutions to these issues.
Overpackaging has become a major concern for the environment as it creates excessive plastic waste. Some individuals think that manufacturers and supermarkets should be responsible for reducing the amount of packaging of products, while others believed that customers should avoid buying overpackaged goods. In this essay, I will discuss both perspectives and why I think that customers should not buy overpackaged items.
In this neoteric era, as the significance of education is dramatically increasing, an opinion emerges that automation and science subjects are more crucial than learning about the ancient epochs. This essay will provide an overview of both points of view such as studying the machinery can develop technology literacy, and reading about past times might give a chance to analyse past problems.
The information presented in the bar graphs pertains to students in the United Kingdom who completed their graduate and postgraduate degrees in 2008 but did not immediately begin working full-time jobs.
The charts below show ưhat UK graduate and postgraduate students who did not go into full-time work did after leaving college in 2008
The phenomenon of negative affect on children from watching television has aroused wide concern among various circles. Divergent as people's views on this issue in question may be, in my opinion, I believe that the technology of TV and some intention of TV programs are not good. So, I totally that it is harmful to children.
Aside from the workload in an assignment, each student has a special personality, let alone when it comes to those who have mental health problems, such as ADHD and Bipolar disorder. Therefore a few people have their own preference to work as a team on a school project and the other students prefer to work alone. From my point of view, both options have drawbacks and conditions. In this essay, I will examine what kind of projects will be best suited as teamwork or individual .
The pie chart illustrates the amount of money spent on several categories during two years (2010,2015)by a local government.
The charts below show local government expenditure in 2000 and 2010. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
There is a belief,that exploring the past is unnecessary, whereas other people state ,that fundamental knowledge in history creates a better viewpoint of the present. Personally, I support the second statement, as not knowing the past one cannot fully comprehend the political situation now and consciously participate in elections.
The majority of social concerns are about the effectiveness of recycling that is made by homes and they cite that an obligation is needed to motivate people for recycling. It appears to me that laws inevitably motivate people to recycle their rubbish.
Stress is the main problem in today's work organization. While some part of stress is common in the workplace but the excessive burden can affect the mental and physical health of workers. There are plenty of reasons for this work-related stress, but the problem can be mitigated if employers take proper steps.
The first bar chart shows which countries have won the most medals in the winter Olympics. It also states how many gold, silver and bronze medals each country has achieved. In contrast, the second graph shows which nations have won the most medals in the summer Olympics.
The graphs below show the number of medals won by the top five countries in the summer and winter Olympics.
Over the years, there have been a plethora of ways to read the news and some are more dominant than others. Specifically, media and newspapers have always been known as the main sources of new data for the public. However, many still argue about which of them is the more reliable. In this essay, I am going to analyze both of these points of view, additionally, I am going to give my own opinion as well.
Nowadays there is a tendency to choose alternative methods of treatment instead of scientifically proven medicine. Such a trend can be a real threat for people who decide to use it. I completely agree with the statement.
Some societies are witnessing the arrival of a growing number of people during recent decades that are eager about exploring the historical background of their accommodations. Why is it a case, and how it could be done? This is a controversial topic, that is needed to argue.
To ,visit some institutions should pay money whereas some others are free. It is believed a number of advantages when admission to a library are free than disadvantages but this essay will discuss positive and negative points.
Every country around the world gives importance for maintain and renovate their historical and old building.It is very important to keep and preserve such constructions for the younger generation.The history of a nation plays an important role in the formation of patriotism among young adults. It gives the young generation an insight into the struggle and hard work of their forefathers.Some people really think that spending more money on such buildings is unnecessary rather they suggest spending the money on infrastructure development.I strongly disagree with this statement and I believe that old buildings and construction should be preserved.
It is a common thought that ads are used to lead people to buy what we don’t really need. In this essay, I will express my idea about it showing that the level of my agreement with this statement is under 50%.
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