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In this contemporary era, the ultimate solution to environmental issues has been widely discussed.While proponents hold the view that raising the fuel cost can tackle pollution problems, opponents have a diverse perspective. I am of the belief that raising individuals' awareness and implanting reasonable sources will be effective in addressing this dilemma. In the following paragraph, my point of view will be further discussed.
Some people argue that they should be entitled to retain all the money they earn without paying taxes to the state. However, I totally disagree with this view.
In contemporary society, the question of what constitutes a great leader has sparked a degree of controversy among people. Although there are individuals who have the inborn ability to be leaders, I would argue that leadership is something we need to learn.
In contemporary society, whether luck is the most crucial element contributing to a person's success or not has sparked a degree of controversy among scholars and individuals. Although I accept that fortune does have an important role in helping people reach their objectives, I would argue that hard work and determination are much more critical factors leading to the achievement of an individual.
It is commonly believed by many that the level of personal income is the most essential factor among those leading mortals to keep working. The writer, however, remains unconvinced by this school of thought since job satisfaction and a sense of appreciation are far more imperative components.
The migration of skilled professionals from poorer nations has been exacerbated. Nevertheless, this issue could be addressed by providing better educational programs and improved welfare.
It is commonly believed by many that the level of personal income is the most essential factor among those leading individuals to keep working. The writer, however, remains unconvinced by this school of thought since job satisfaction and a sense of appreciation are far more imperative components.
Many nations strive to enhance their citizens' quality of life by pursuing economic growth, though this often leads to the erosion of cherished social values. Despite these losses, the benefits of economic development significantly surpass the drawbacks.
It has been universally accepted that the problem of environmental degradation is escalating at an alarming rate. The problem is bringing a state of depression among the masses and impacting the economy as well. There are a plethora of reasons for the same and its possible solutions can be suggested too which are discussed as follows.
It is argued that more funds should be allocated to roads and motorways rather than to public shipping systems. I am in complete disagreement with this opinion.
In contemporary society, an increasing number of individuals having children later in life has sparked a degree of controversy among the public. This essay aims to examine several factors contributing to this trend and evaluate its benefits and drawbacks.
For many people, success is traditionally gaining a university degree and having a professional career. For instance, our parents and grandparents viewed education and qualifications as highly valuable and respectful and they mostly passed on this belief to their children to carry forward. This is understandable as having a degree and a career ensured job security and allowed us to have a comfortable lifestyle. On the other hand, in the modern world, some youngsters have re-defined what success is. It is now more personal. It can be specific to the individual based on their interests and lifestyle. Some might feel completely satisfied with their life only if they travel the world, for them a successful achievement is travelling to as many countries as possible during their lifetime. Additionally, many people now dedicate their lives to bringing up children, for them achievement is providing a good foundation for their children.
It has been pointed out that working in a large corporation is much better than having a job in a small firm. Personally, I thoroughly agree with this idea as joining a huge organization brings out significant benefits to workers in terms of achieving financial freedom and cultivating creative thinking styles.
Although many advise the public to embrace their hardships such as an unsuitable job or a financial crisis, I disagree with this statement and believe that humans should work more industriously to transform these circumstances in order to seek potential opportunities as well as to improve themselves.
Some children are advised to devote themselves as much as possible so that they can attain their goals. This essay will suggest that a growth mindset and increased motivation are the biggest advantages of this, but disillusionment with truth and disregard for external factors are the primary disadvantages.
All over the world, big cities are having a problem with accommodation for their residents.This essay will first discuss its etiologies mainly the migration from rural areas and overpopulation and it will also give some viable solutions to this dilemma which include developing rural sites and adopting population control measures.
While many claim that giving minors the freedom of thought on all matters makes it possible for them to become highly egocentric, I believe that this is not the case since a child’s decision is often based on various components to form who they are, and it is crucial that all children gain permission to be present in every choice they make so that they can improve their cognitive skills.
the 21st century, technological development in computer systems is ever-increasing. Many sectors such as communication, medicine and transportation highly depend on this technology. Some believe that dependence on such computer technology has led to dangerous situations. I agree with this statement and facts related to my view will be discussed.
In the pursuit of preventing disease and illness, many have the opinion that the focus of governments should be invested in housing complications and environmental deterioration. This writer sees the benefit of improved living conditions and better strength resistance.
In the contemporary world, environmental pollution and housing issues have contributed to the deterioration of public energy and some people believe that governments should develop initiatives to address these challenges. While I agree with this sentiment to a large extent, I am inclined that compelling outcomes will not be readily evident by simply concentrating on solving environmental contamination and housing challenges.
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