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Climate change is one of the largest challenges that people face in this century. However, this is a controversial topic due to the varying opinions of differing groups. One mode of thought, which prevails in the popular mood, is for the onset of renewables on an industrial scale. Contrastingly, others believe fossil fuels are necessary to maintain the current economic system. In my opinion, the use of sustainable sources should be given priority.
It is becoming universal for residents to acquire the stories behind their constructions since the residences can often be dated back to historical ages. The reasons and potential methods to achieve the data collection will be mentioned below.
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In life education and sports play an important role. However, some parents argue that parents should urge their children to engage in more physical activity rather than studying academic subjects. I completely agree with this notion and the reasons for my opinion will be illustrated in the forthcoming paragraph with relevant illustrations.
It is sometimes argued that parents should convince their kids to take the time to do physical activities rather than study. Personally, I completely agree with the statement for several reasons which will be given out in this essay.
In the future, all vehicles will be driverless, with only passengers inside. I firmly believe that the advantages of this scheme outweigh the disadvantages.
Most people in the world have a dream to live in an ideal society and lead a happy meaningful life. However, they do not have the same idea about what a perfect civilization would look like. I personally think that there are two indicators that can measure the perfection of a society in the modern world: proper infrastructure and employment opportunity. This essay discusses these factors and the ways to achieve that ideal association followed by examples.
In our increasingly globalized world, many individuals choose to live in countries other than those in which they were born and raised. While they remain foreigners on the consanguinity level, I firmly agree with the notion that if people settle down abroad, it is necessary for them to follow local customs and traditions, and I do believe that the benefits of doing so far outweigh the benefits of acting contrarily.
Numerous experts assert that, in recent times, it is possible to assess the conduct of a child at the age of three to understand whether or not they will become criminals in their adulthood. In my opinion, while some personal characteristics can cause people to commit a crime, education and parental upbringing play a role in preventing children from criminal activities.
In today's world, technology has an influence on people's lives. They are purchasing online, working as well as accommodating without any contact with each other. In my opinion, I firmly believe that it has a positive development, while there are a number of arguments.
In recent times, the number of people who tend to run their own businesses has increased significantly. This is owing to the fact that job independence brings great benefits to the owner in terms of economic aspects and having a flexible timetable. I would argue that this trend has its own disadvantages which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
Some people believe that youngsters should be punished while others think the offspring's guardians should be sentenced. I believe, nevertheless, parents as well as children are equally responsible for this situation due to possible reasons and the following paragraphs will expatiate both stances with lucid examples.
It is argued that in our era, the time of capitalism and modernism, our planet has been destroyed by the effects of the Industrial Revolution and its outcomes. Furthermore, we know that climate change and boiling oceans are real dangers for all species on the earth. Additionally, a lot of articles and books have been published that tell us the only way is to control the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.
It is true that some traditional beliefs upheld by older generations are no longer pertinent for the younger generation's preparation for contemporary life. While I agree that certain conventional ideas have become obsolete, I believe that many traditional values continue to hold significance and should be respected in the present day.
It is true that pollution is alarmingly becoming more serious due to the industries. While many people think that air and water pollution can be alleviated if the government expands the charges on numerous industrial areas, I agree with those who argue that other superior methods could be adopted to solve this problem.
Home is often considered a warm harbour where our bodies and minds find respite. The question of whether the authority should provide free or affordable housing to urban residents has sparked a contentious debate. Both sides of this argument have valid points, In my view, the government and residents should share a certain level of responsibility in housing issues.
As the world integrated, many people willing to learn a second language which is mostly includes English, Spanish and Mandarin. However, this situation contributes disappearance of non-popular languages. Therefore, some communities aim to take effective actions by preserving theirs. In my side of view, these protections are necessary and most value them. In this essay, I will outline my vision in this case and present some reasons.
Crimes are increasing day by day. Most of the crimes have been done by teenagers because of the lack of social and emotional guidance from their guardians and teachers. I endorse the statement to a large extent . I have some solid grounds to defend my opinion which I would like to explicate at length in the paragraphs to come.
There are various severe environmental issues that require to be tackled properly. While some believe that the primary environmental problem at this time is the extinction of certain types of species, others argue that there are more imperative problems other than that, and I agree with the latter point.
In recent times, we can find that many global firms are growing more rapidly than before. Some people suggest that this phenomenon is bad progress while I personally believe that the progress of international corporations should not be deemed as a negative fact.
Currently, shopping on the web is gradually surpassing the traditional way of shopping. I personally support the tendency because online shopping mostly has benefits. In this essay, I’m going to explicitly highlight the main points why I consider online shopping positive.
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