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Nowadays many cities and towns around the world become more populated which produces problems, one of which is a high volume of traffic. There are several ways to solve this obstacle, but it can not be solved instantly, they need a huge amount of front expenditure cost, also involvement and understanding from every layer of society to make it sustainable.
Nowadays, fathers play a vital role in the upbringing of their children. Whether mothers should be responsible for taking care of their children or they should go to work, many are of the belief that children raised by their mothers are a negative development. I will explain why it is crucial for a mother should take care of her child.
In the current life, it has become a habit for most people to do shopping online, compared to go supermarkets or shopping malls less than in the past, thanks to technological advancements. Although there are a few benefits such as many choices that this trend offers, I am of the view that they are negligible compared to the drawbacks that unreliable and dangerous sites can cause.
Today most of the roads are filled with burning fossil fuels transportation and many nations are convinced that they ought to be replaced with modern electric cars. I strongly agree with this assertion , because standard cars cause a huge negative effect on the environment due to one's fossil fuel reserves being depleted.
The chart illustrates the amount of manufacturing paper, wood pulp and sawn- wood in the UK for 20 years.
The line graph below shows the production of paper, wood pulp and sawn-wood in the UK from 1980 to 2000.
The importance of History as an educational lesson compared to science and technology is a controversial topic. Some people that have a futuristic approach argue that history has become outdated. Conversely, others believe that we still need to learn from the past to make a better world. I completely agree with the latter for reasons that I am going to clarify in upcoming paragraphs.
A significant amount of global attention has been drawn to the issue of people's using computers on daily basis. Because of the existence of arguments in support of as well as against the acceptance of utilizing these electronic machines, the topic of health has been a matter of critical concern. Consequently, this essay is going to be on the effect of this development on people's lives in the contemporary world, and I will invoke the merits and demerits of using computers in a daily routine for people with the help of probable causes, effects and solutions in order to reach a conclusion on these innovations with the help of reasons and examples.
It is sometimes thought that movies and computer games containing violence ought to be banned as they are harmful to society, but other people suggest that the negative effect is neglectable. In my opinion, I agree that entertainment with violent content is acceptable and should be retained despite the drawbacks it may bring to society.
Most people have their computers, laptops, and telephones used for many different purposes, such as study, work, and entertainment. Especially after the covid 19 pandemic, the importance of these devices is heightened because they have become essential tools to support remote working or working from home. Working from home has gradually become more popular, and I think working from home has advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, I will discuss both sides.
It is argued that people will not purchase paper versions of books or newspapers in the future because of the spreading of free and online versions of them. I personally agree with this viewpoint.
In today’s world, autonomous vehicles are a debatable trend subject for the whole automobile industry. Some brands are having paramount attention to developing their opportunities because they have huge market rates. Therefore research promotes self-driving cars for the near future and car companies try to prepare their consumers if any demands begin to come through. I strongly believe that self-driving cars are going to change our daily in deeply because they just started with Tesla and they will currently affect transportation and personal drivers.
Taking risks has proven to be a crucial aspect of life as it can affect people's lives, both professionally and personally. In my opinion, I think that taking risks can cause problems compared to any advantages it might bring.
Education is the key to a successful life as known by many and people have different views regarding the way of acquiring knowledge.Although some individuals think learning in a foreign country gives the best opportunity others favour local education as ideal.Both opinions have strong reasons to support their theories but I believe education in a developed country provides more opportunities than the local setup.
It has been said that the minimum legal age for driving and riding should be increased so as to improve road safety. Personally, I firmly disagree with this idea for two main reasons.
There is an argument that the number of obese children has increased in some European countries during the last decade.It stems from a variety of reasons.This process influences teenagers negatively in terms of not only physical but also mental conditions.
It is true that bullying in schools is becoming more severe and happening more frequently. While this is a serious problem, it can be solved by alleviating students’ stress to get high academic achievement in school.
Generation by generation is convicted that life only exists on the earth. However, due to rapid improvement in outer space technologies, people start to question the existence of aliens in the universe outside the globe. Thus, I believe that it is possible there will be life exists on other planets and here I will elaborate on some relevant reasons for that.
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