IELTS Writing Samples Band 7.5

It is true that the overall desire to visit places with severe conditions like abandoned deserts or earth poles has mounted. I reckon there are equal numbers of pros and cons.
Different people have different approaches to life. Many folks gain valuable lessons from the experience rather than theoretical classes in the school. Few people who drop out from an institute at an early age are triumphant in relation to the student who finishes their studies. In this essay, I will be discussing some of the factors and requirements to be victorious.
In the present day, the number of adults moving to other countries has been increasingly popular among individuals. This phenomenon is responsible for high rates of immigration. This essay will discuss why this episode happens and if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
A large number of people argue that higher education, which decides the future of a student, must be provided without any charges. I completely agree with this idea, as I believe that there is a huge population in most of the countries who discontinue their studies at elementary level due to financial crisis, and thereby nations losing real talents who could contribute to their development.
Online safety for children has become an area of contention for many people and organizations. The rapid development of technology is making unsupervised access to the internet accessible for the younger ones. This may lead to many negative consequences like identity and personal information theft, cyberbullying, watching inappropriate content and the like. The following paragraphs will explain how regulating children's online activity and encouraging them to go outdoors can ensure their online safety.
It has become increasingly common in recent years for individuals globally to dress in western-influenced clothing. In my opinion, this is a natural result of corporate and cultural globalization and is broadly negative.
There is an argument over the decade about should people exploited the various animals for food and research, either lets those animals stay hidden. The following paragraph will be discussed about both opinions. Therefore, the conclusion has been reached.
Music is a part of every culture. In the present era, many schools have started one class for music or other activities. Few educators think that all youngsters should know one musical instrument. I partially agree with the given notion. In this essay, I will argue, why only music is not important. There are other activities which can be learned by youths according to their interest such as, dance, singing, games.
Some people believe that the best ways to learn about other countries are different sources of information such as the internet or literature than attending these places yourself. This essay disagrees with this statement because books and pictures do not give you the same knowledge and feelings as travelling, and you cannot try foreign food.
Animals' existence plays a crucial role in human survival. Some individuals believe that animals should not be staying in zoos. While others think there are many advantages of keeping them in zoological gardens. In my upcoming body paragraph, I will give an explanation for each statement and will explain my opinion about this issue.
Nowadays, many believe that income is a prominent concern when selecting career prospects. Personally, I somewhat agree with the statement because by having good wages, people have the power to cover not only their basic necessities but also providing better security for retirement. Although this view may be reasonable, I am not completely in favour of the aforementioned opinion as I believe the psychological aspect of a human has to be taken as seriously.
It is an irrefutable fact, technology has become one of the key elements of our lives, especially the internet. There is an increasing trend of using the online resources in educational institutions and undoubtedly, it's very convenient for students in their studies and for their research work. While, it has some negative impacts and drawbacks in adopting for the educational purpose. Before coming to some conclusion this essay will discuss both the effects.
In today’s world, with the economic population improvement, the quantity of waste generated is also on the rise. However, there are some actions the government can take to support minimise this fact, such as education and fines application.
In numerous ,nations it has been observed that having a healthy life and practising physical exercises have dropped in recent times and people are getting more obese. There are some factors that lead to this trend and effective solutions should be mentioned soon to prevent this issue. Both the aspects would be discussed further.
With the advent of technology, some scientists are in the search of aliens on other planets and are in a thought of contacting them via sending messages. But other scientists are of the opinion of this being a bad idea and can be proven dreadful. this essay intends to talk about both of these sides.
In our contemporary society, many people are likely to play video games for entertainment. The increasing of the game industry combined with the creative gameplay may be the reason for that. Personally, I think that is positive, so let us consider some of the reasons in the following essay.
It is a known fact that kids that live in countries that are still developing have difficulties in accessing education. Part of our society believes that the situation would improve if the number of schools and teachers increased, whereas others think that the best option possible would be implementing better access to the internet and computers. In my opinion, the former idea is the most useful.
Recycling waste materials should help tackle the mountains of domestic rubbish produced each year and our depleting natural resources. However, recycling programmes need the full cooperation of residents if they are to be effective. The question here Is whether this can only be achieved by Imposing legal restrictions.
In recent years, medical research is vital to enhance human health and cure sicknesses. I totally believe that the government