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There are a large number of people who are concerned about the huge amount of rubbish made by usual families. This results in several issues that need to be solved by proper actions which will be discussed in this essay.
Children's upbringing always remains a challenge in society. It is essential for children to differentiate between right and wrong from their childhood. Although oftentimes punishments are considered as a remedy, I moderately disagree with the notion. This essay will argue that by following alternative ways, guardians can bring up their children with proper awareness.
Over the last two hundred years, some argue that there have been many changes to society in nearly all aspects of people’s lives. I also consider that these significant changes can be observed in medical science in terms of discoveries of vaccines and antibiotics and achievements in the development of complex devices related to medical science.
Lack of housing is one of the biggest concerns in today's world, affecting millions of people all across the world. Therefore, some individuals contend with the notion that the government bears the primary responsibility for furnishing its citizens with accommodation. It is my contention that although the government holds the accountability to provide housing, its ability to make it free is limited in financial resources.
There are too many people who argue that graduating from high university has more advantages than life experience and individual abilities in order to seek a new occupation. I partially agree with this statement and I believe that it might be true in specific situations.
Lately, a plethora of topics are being seriously talked about among various individuals and groups, and one prominent topic is holidays. There are even people who prefer to have an unusual holiday by going to rural areas, while others tend to stay at home to do things they have no time to try normally. If physical and psychological are to be considered, I strongly agree that people should have a remarkable trip even though others think that the time on vacations should be spent on meaningful things.
Some argue that it is not necessary to save animals from extinction because they will die eventually. This essay completely disagrees with this statement because they play a significant role in biodiversity and help fight climate change, thus people should keep their existence.
Temporary jobs are preferable to some people as they prefer to work for a few months in a year and do what they want for the rest of the time. Considering a stable life, this kind of working style implies risks in life to me except the temporary jobs can provide sufficient salaries which I cannot only afford my daily costs but also have some savings.
In contemporary times, numerous individuals reside in towns and cities constructed many years ago, which may no longer adequately meet the needs of modern inhabitants. This essay aims to analyze the challenges posed by ageing buildings and outdated urban layouts and suggest potential solutions to address these issues effectively.
Some argue that higher members of the company should receive the same income as normal employees. This essay completely disagrees with this statement because the responsibilities of chief executive officers and managers are bigger and it can reduce their motivation.
The pace of technological development has infiltrated almost every aspect of children, profoundly altering the way they evaluate their leisure time. It is my contention that this propensity of change is akin to a double-edged sword by ensuring both merits and demerits concurrently.
Whilst many people consider that paying attention to the main subjects in terms of money and time is more necessary rather than engaging in sports activities in schools, others and I believe that it affects positively children’s physical health and education.
Some sectors of society believe that the most efficient way to enhance driving safety is to get a driving license with more age than is permitted in the present. This essay disagrees with that statement because a huge number of car accidents have been caused by older people and young people might have a better understanding of road rules.
in recent days, it has been widely argued that the optimal method to assist the growing nations is to provide them with monetary support. from my perspective, I strongly opposed this viewpoint. in the following paragraphs, I will discuss the main reasons behind my opinion and recommend some other effective ways in order to help the subject countries.
In recent times, immigration has rapidly increased across the globe. While there are a multitude of reasons for this, in the following essay I will discuss the pros and cons of migration for both, the individuals and society at large.
In the modern era, an enormous amount of shops have filed bankruptcy as departmental stores are increasingly popular among humans. In my perspective, supermarkets are much more convenient than traditional shops.
There has been contention over whether the objective of science should be to enhance individuals’ lives. I entirely agree with this view, as science has immensely contributed to the medical field as well as benefited the way that people communicate.
This question of whether colleges should put unrelated courses in pupils' schedules or not is a contentious one. Although there would be precious courses among those subjects, I believe it has its own drawbacks, either.
More and more people are currently exploiting non-traditional methods to treat their health-related illnesses despite access to more professional medical services. The following essay will discuss the detrimental effects this trend may impose on public health and provide examples of healer’s practices and the placebo effect of supplements.
College and educational institution is a higher education certain people choose to continue, but at the same time, not everybody has thought the same. In my opinion, choosing to be a student in a higher institution and getting a career right away are two different matters, this is a matter of either new lessons to dive deep into or excelling with the experience you get.
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