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There is a belief that human traits are influenced by their genes and that nothing can be done to change a person's character. In my opinion, there is very little evidence that this is true and I disagree with the claim.
In several countries, some people will promote home ownership rather than renting it. This could mainly happen because of the existence of a cultural mindset that had stuck from centuries ago. However, it may lead to some negative aspects for those who don't have enough money to buy the house but still insists on owning it. In this essay, I will put out some reasons and dissent from the notion which further leads to a logical conclusion.
The chart illustrates people's behaviour in terms of consuming and purchasing coffee and tea for 4 weeks in five Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart).
The chart below shows the results of a survey about people's coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in five Australian cities. 

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Having a good body and soul has been everyone's dream. Moreover, when it comes to getting body goals for younger generations and reducing the risk of severe disease for older ones, maintaining a healthy diet is considered to be challenging for a number of people. In this essay, I am going to examine both the root causes and some effective methods to overcome this issue.
There have been heated debates over whether we should extend the urban area further into the countryside to provide more housing. Some people believe with limited spaces available, new construction in the city surroundings is necessary, while in my opinion, I stand with those who believe it is crucial to preserve the rural area for the following reasons.
The utilization of social media in our world has made communication around the globe easier and has taken place over physical communication. This influences the public positively and negatively.I agree that the merits of technological arts surpass the demerits
In the modern eras, technological advancement provides various means of communication to the public. However, many people discern that social networks can be formed through social media, while some individuals believe that face-to-face meetings create better interaction. In this essay I will discuss why it is more convenient to exchange information on social platforms, and why personal interaction is beneficial for building good rapport.
It is argued that working in an international organisation is one of the best ways of becoming aware of different cultures worldwide. I partially agree with this point of view.
The number of shopping malls is increasing as the population grows in the city. Some argue that shopping malls take retail boutiques’ customers and because of this, many small stores are forced to be closed. I believe that this has a negative impact on culture, traditions, and the local recession.
The need for charity organizations has been increasing during the pandemic. Some people argue that schools should add volunteer jobs to their graduation requirements. Doing so is beneficial for both students and the community. I completely agree with this statement.
In the current world, people like to go to zoos, especially children. Many people say that zoos are very cruel because animals live in a cage, whereas others are against it since numerous animal species protect from extinction. I agree that zoos can help save animals and should not be closed. This essay will discuss both perspectives and explain why I think like that.
The internet is part of the responsibility of changing people's lives in addition to the influence of globalisation. It is often argued these factors lead to having identical lifestyles and thoughts all around the world. In my opinion, i completely disagree with this point of view because even if the internet imposes individuals to conform to its own rules real life does not follow the same ones.
Many species are becoming extinct due to human activities on the mother earth and ecosystem.Animals which were large in numbers in the past are at the verge of elimination. In this essay I would like to describe the causes of this problem and it's solution.
Globalization is paving its way to our society which brings manifold benefits to us. As a result of which, global news has evolved as an essential subject for secondary schools. On one hand, there are individuals who agree with this, on the contrary, there are a second set of people who consider it a mere wastage of precious time for students. I am of the same mind as the former set of people and explicate some logical reasons to support my view.
It is commonly believed that the best solution to decrease the level of crime among younger people is related to the involvement of parents, in other words, they must be taught about parenting. In my opinion, parents should be educated on how to be good figures, but the school environment has a significant impact to combat the problem.
In the modern tech world, the majority of people will prefer digital payment methods rather than cash. Although cashless payment is more effective, a minority of people are still not ready to accept the changes. This essay intends to analyse both types of payments and I personally side with the former view.
The diagram illustrates the process of manufacturing olive oil, which consists of seven stages, and requires a manual workforce and special equipment.
The diagram below shows the production of olive oil. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming nutritious food is dwindling day by day. Therefore, some say that government should enforce rules to promote health and fitness but, others would opine that it is completely up to an individual to decide. I side with the latter view and will explain it further in the below paragraphs.
In the next few years, there are possibilities that there will be no driver in nearly all transportation such as cars, buses and trucks, hence there will be only passengers that present in the vehicles. This futuristic innovation could trigger several issues in the future, starting from the safety aspects until the decreased amount of drivers which then divaricate into some serious problems equally as poverty and even crime. In this essay, I shall draw upon more disadvantages of the driverless scheme that will eventually present in the future.
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