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It is often argued by some people that animal experiments should not be done while from others' perspectives, they should be done. This essay will discuss both issues and will try to give an excellent end.
Nowadays, it is argued that incidents of murders by means of guns have become highly common due to the people in possession of weapons at home. I second this argument completely and in the following paragraphs reasons for my belief would be discussed.
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There has been a phenomenon that an increasing number of people do not know their neighbours. I think there are some reasons and methods that can solve it.
Some people believe that the role of universities is to encourage youngsters to develop their skills which can assist them to achieve a great job and a high income. In my opinion, I strongly agree that people who have higher education tend to achieve more income and great occupation since they are required in job-seeker and have more academic knowledge.
Nowadays, the young commit serious crimes as adults. In the following, some people think that the court should apply the same verdict as mature people to young people. I disagree with this opinion and I believe the youth need to be treated differently.
Nowadays the number of rural-to-urban migrations seems to culminate considerably to attain a distinguished occupation as well as improve their activity qualification. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss several organisations' drawbacks and depict some effective strategies which can be adopted by politicians to advance metropolis facilities.
It is often argued that universities should provide places for people with high marks, whilst others disagree with the statement and say that all universities must accept all ages student whether they do not do well at school. This essay agrees with the second statement and this essay will discuss both points of view based on my personal opinions that can be given below.
At some point in their lives, all people face the challenge of how to enter the labour market. They need to decide whether to study at a university or to gain hands-on experience. In my opinion, the decision genuinely depends on the type of job one desires.
With technology more and more involved in daily life, humanoid AI is widely used in housework and at workplaces. There is some certainty as to the merits and demerits of the tendency. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and why I believe that the implications have both advantages and disadvantages, while the drawbacks of having robots manage tasks influence more.
For the time being, due to leaps and bounds in the technological field, written conversations can proceed in many ways, which makes them more and more popular. Hence, the idea of whether interacting by speaking is better than writing has become a controversial topic. I partly agree that spoken communication is better than written one for two main reasons.
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In this contemporary epoch, whilst proponents hold a view of women should participate in the army , opponents hold a diverse view.I am a staunch believer that women should not be allowed to join the country's army .In this essay, my point of view will be illustrated.
The past years have seen a dramatic development in technology. Many inventions were invented to improve the quality of life such as the rice cooker, television and the washing machine. Due to its convention, a large number of people decided to have some goods in their houses. A lot of people think that having a lot of modern household goods have some bad effects on people. Personally, I strongly disagree with this statement. This essay will present the reasons why I disagree with this viewpoint.
Citizens have their own duty to pay tax on their salary which is a legal right and act under the law. It is often argued that some individuals commence that people should not pay taxes and keep all money which they income from their passion. I strongly disagree with this statement and think that it will create a difficult situation for the authority to maintain citizens and corruption along with black money will rise and for that reason, the economy will be down dramatically. I will explain my reasons for it in the upcoming paragraphs.
What should be done to deal with traffic jams is often a topic of debate. Some individuals think that the authority ought to invest in the construction of trains and subway lines, while others argue roads should be built more and widened. This essay will discuss both views and express my approval of the former idea.
There is a view among some individuals that professionals should work in the country in which they are trained. However, opponents of this idea are convinced that professional workers should have the possibility to choose their work freely in spite of the borders. While I understand some concerns regarding some categories of workers, I support the second point of view for a couple of reasons.
Some argue that making some risky moves, both in terms of one’s private life and working career, are all opportune. As great, otherwise unforeseen opportunities often stem from risk-taking and opportunity-seeking moves, I think the benefits are far more than the turmoil that might be created.
Nowadays, having ready-to-eat or frozen foods as the main meals has become widely witnessed in most countries all over the world. However, this tendency would not be beneficial for health and this habit should be controlled by all members of families thus, I would argue if we continue eating unhealthily same as the present, we will face fully serious health issues in approaching future.
Many species are on the verge of extinction. While some people think that humans should only protect animals which are useful to us, I completely disagree with this statement and I believe that we should try to protect all kinds, even which are not currently useful. This essay will present arguments to support my opinion.
Teenagers are known as troublemakers in society. Like many teenagers, I also have experienced rapid physical and emotional developments due to hormonal changes. These hormones make teens feel invincible and cause them to take higher risks and danger. Government regulations such as curfew are used during a time of war or in more recent times to control a pandemic. In my opinion, imposing a curfew to control teenagers is demeaning and counterproductive to the growth of the future generation.
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After the industrial revolution, an increasing number of people choose to work harder than ever before no matter at school or in working areas. I tend to think that there are two main reasons: wishing to have better material and spiritual enjoyment. However, maintaining such a lifestyle in a long term would have negative effects on individuals, families and our society.
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