IELTS Writing Samples Band 7.5

In these times, the increasing amount of zealotry shown regularly in films has remained a cause of concern. Moreover, most people think that serious social issues come from films that involve violent scenes. Although crucial problems have arisen as a result of this, there are solutions.
There is a fact that despite several warnings from medical practitioners about the negative effects of fast food on people's health even though, more and more people are consumed. This essay discusses the reason and how to tackle this problem for the following reasons.
It is certainly true that the use of different types of species in human life is reduced in recent years. As long as people are adopting alternatives as compared to depend on animals. I strongly agree with this statement as well as all reasonable points will be elaborated on in the upcoming paragraphs along with my opinion.
The authorities are required to impose rules and regulations on public smoking in public places since smoking is injurious to health and does not limit the privilege of other people. I completely agree with the above notion and the following paragraph will substantiate my perspective.
It is true that social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter, has a huge influence on both individuals and society in various ways, and in my opinion, there are both positive and negative effects.
In today's society, the styles of mutual interaction have formed two conspicuous behavioural patterns, which some people consider the dependent life is suitable for them, while others believe independence is rather feasible. But, as far as I am concern, the dependence outweighs the independence.
With the fast pacing world, people are getting attracted to convenient food and ready-made meals. This is failing to pass adequate culinary skills to the next generation. I strongly agree with this point and we should learn adequate cooking skills from our older generations.
In the education environment, exist different points of view about topics and curriculums developed in educational institutes. Society believes that memory knowledge is most important than practical competencies and this is the reason sometimes education is spending more time teaching facts to their pupils. Am completely agree with the idea that schools are given less importance to developed practical abilities and in this essay, I will support my opinion with examples.
These days, people’s preferences of working change irrefutably in our society. The number of people that tend to be self-employed becomes higher than that working for the corporation. It is believed that the internet plays a significant role in these phenomena. While tremendous opportunities could exist for the future, but there could be some drawbacks to be considered.
Striving for a healthy lifestyle has become popular as people want to enhance their quality of life. For some a vegetarian diet is a healthy diet. I disagree with this sentiment because maintaining a balanced diet is advantageous for an individual’s health and appearance.
Although the Internet has become the ubiquitous source of information, the reliability of this data has, for some, become debatable. I disagree with this sentiment since there are many trustworthy resources on the Internet, and they have a significant role to play in education.
Developing the urban designs of cities is a key factor in promoting its residences’ quality of life. Open areas of these cities have become a controversial topic. While some people argue that these spaces should be occupied as housings, others, and I support the idea of utilizing them in planting trees as this definitely participates in solving some environmental issues and benefits the city’s residences.
Some people tell children that if they are persistent, they can get whatever they want. This essay will expose some benefits and drawbacks when this advice is giving to young people.
For some people, the culture of the individuals has been influenced by the country where they lived, but others claim that this influence is much short. The culture of the population can be defined through the types of food, clothes, level of education and sometimes the country can not only maximize but also minimize the importance of these items. This essay will discuss how a country can determine the culture of someone.
The way we work has changed over the past decades. In comparison to the past, nowadays most people, due to the prominence of electronic devices and the Internet, prefer working from home instead of making a journey to their workplace each day. This essay will discuss both the pros and cons of this statement.
It is true that these days the family structure has considerably shifted, and the changing roles of men and women in the family have become increasingly similar. There are several new forms of family composition, and in my opinion, these developments are not always desirable.
For quite a long time, high rise buildings have had been an integral part of any city. People have different opinions over the feasibility of the design. Usually, the most important question is what the exact purpose of the building is? But in some ,cases the overall look of the building also matters. This essay will explain the reason why in my opinion, it is vital to see the intention for the structure is being made instead of making it more attractive.
There has been a rise in the demand for the development of new homes these days. Some people think that these should not be built in the countryside so that this area could be protected. However, I am of the view that these constructions are required in such areas to meet the demand of the increased population. This essay shall discuss how these developments can benefit both by providing homes to overpopulation and for the advancement of these areas.
It is irrefutable that global tourism has gained increasing popularity in the recent years which can be mainly attributed to the curious nature of the human being. It is believed by some that this is beneficial, while others tend to disagree. In my opinion, the positives of the tourism industry far outweigh the negatives.
It is irrefutable that global tourism has gained increasing popularity in the recent years which can be mainly attributed to the curious nature of the human being. It is believed by some that this is beneficial, while others tend to disagree. In my opinion, the positives of the tourism industry far outweigh the negatives.