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In some parts of the world, whether elderly population or young people are more important is still an argumentative topic. From this writer's point of view, old age is valued and should be taken seriously.
It's quite common that poor people are moving to urban areas in many nations around the world, so the population in the countryside is diminishing. This essay thinks this situation is a positive development for the countries. Because this phenomenon is going to not just facilitate economic growth, but also boost the city's development in many aspects.
It is true that a high percentage of companies tend to have advertisements in sports venues or events, while this phenomenon could bring both positive and negative impacts on the importance of sports; however, I believe that the benefits of this act outweigh the drawbacks.
Nowadays, the average age of citizens is a matter of debate. In this regard, the scientific inquiry illustrates that this number has become lower in some countries which means, the number of young people has experienced a sharp growth compared with the number of olds. The advantages and disadvantages of this situation will be discussed in this essay alongside my own stance.
old age is considered value in some places, while others believe that youth is more essential. This writer content that old people are experienced and wise so they can operate the society and the young are ambitious to develop the culture, because of that, the young could continue the role of the old and maintain the community.
In this era, parents consume most of their time on their professionals and it is readily apparent that they are not able to have a balance in their spheres of life and career. This essay will express the factors of this phenomenon and some practical solutions.
people should eat regularly to be fit and healthy. There is a continuous debate between members who eat nonvegetarian and vegetarians. Few crowds choose to eat plant-based meals rather than animal-based ones. It is often believed by a few that vegetarian foods are better for them and society as a whole. In my opinion, Communities should include nonvegetarians in their diet, as it is rich in proteins and a lot of several factors.
In some parts of the world, in the last decade private teaching for workouts is a job who has developed a lot. People use them daily. In this essay, I will demonstrate the positive and the negative of this phenomenon.
Some individuals state that one's health condition is their own responsibility, therefore, one should take measures to prevent illness and improve it. Whereas, some people argue that the government plays a major role and they should take action in a way that the society is generally healthy.
An enormous amount of people have been challenging their health by avoiding exercise on a daily basis. This essay will discuss the main causes why people do not regularly exercise including the long working hours and commuting. This essay will also suggest solutions including maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a work-life balance.
Nowadays, people have different views about the perspective of homework. One school of thought believe that homework should not be involved in the teaching process while some people argue that homework has its due relevance. As far as I am concerned, I believe that homework should be a part of learning.
It is widely recognized that the phenomenon of online teaching is ubiquitous due to the fact that it has a number of merits. Some people argue its demerits first. However, in my further paragraph, both advantages and disadvantages of it will be discussed accordingly and I believe personally the amenities can overweight its difficulties.
Nowadays, it has become a trend for youngsters to work or apply for colleges and universities in cities outside of rural places where their homes are .As a result, this has become a controversial subject on whether the advantages are worth its downsides.This essay believes that the advantages make the drawbacks look unimportant because of the job opportunities and the quality of studying in cities.
People have differing views with regard to the question of how to make transportation safer. In my view, both punishments and a wide range of other measures can be used in phalanx to promote better driving habits.
Nowadays many world wide organizations are providing financial assistance to developing countries. However, a group of people advocate that financial support is required but some technical help would be more useful. This essay will discuss both the view points before arriving at a conclusion.
In the contemporary world, juvenile crime plays such a crucial part in our lives. It is asserted that if people who are in their teenage years are guilty of the breach, their parents will also have to be given a penalty. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, and I will explain why in this essay.
In the modern world, there are many species of animal and the zoo is the place for protecting them from threats. However, some arguments suggest that zoos are drawbacks for the creatures. In my opinion, I personally agree with the first idea. This essay will explain both arguments and provide my ideas.
The diagram demonstrates the process of making cherry jam. Overall, here are nine stages in the process of making jam from cherry, beginning with collecting the cherry from the farm and ending with sticking labels on the jars.
It is true that in the contemporary , people who are scientists and tourists can travel and explore natural environments, like the South Pole. Although this has several disadvantages, the benefits may be far more significant.
The question of whether young people who commit serious crimes should be punished in the same way as adults is a complex and divisive issue. While some people believe that young offenders should be held to the same standards of accountability and punishment as adults, others argue that young people are not fully developed emotionally, intellectually, and morally, and therefore should be treated differently.
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