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Some kids get almost no cheering from their parents in respect to their academic achievement at school,while other youngsters get a lot of compulsion from their exuberant parents which can affect the child negatively. I believe parents force their children to achieve academic excellence because of high reputation of some parents in the society and some parents wanting their kids to be like them.I also suggest the duty of parents in their wards education are to offer support and to read together.I will elaborate more on this in my essay.
It is argued that national history plays a more vital role than other countries' history and therefore students should focus on their native history. As far as I am concerned, while local history lessons are crucial to children's development, world history could also benefit them a lot.
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It is often argued by some people that animal's experiment should not be done while in other’s perspective, it should be done. This essay will discuss both the issues and will try to give an excellent end.
Nowadays, a significant number of people are migrating to find a job in other nations and
In this contemporary era, people used to read newspapers and watch the news on television also some news channels provide pictures and video footage for their viewers ,Also this quality of photographs is more effective than written words. In this essay , I would explain my opinion regarding this statement .
Maintaining work schedules and health at the same time has become an essential part of our daily lives. However, some groups provide discounted memberships in fitness clubs and gyms thinking that it will make the crowd more health conscious and more productive at work. On the other ,hand few communities think this has no correlation between work and health care incentives.In the following , a topic I will consider both topics and give a conclusion.
Throughout human history, food has played a significant role. Although the farming industry has progressed markedly compared to the past centuries, the food shortage is still seen worldwide. This article discusses the probable causes and suggests ways of addressing them.
Museums are places where a nation’s history lives. People who visit any city want to testify about the history of a country and obtain information about it. Many museums charge for admission, while others are free. There are some advantages and disadvantages of this situation.
It is true that technology becomes one of the most essential things in our life right now. Every day we are using technology. Social media is one of them. Because the technology development is growing bigger, including social media, now we can communicate with our friends, family, or other people who are living far from us in other areas, cities, and even in other countries. Technology makes people who are far become closer. It is really a good thing.
Nowadays, an increasing number of people reckon that the budget of government should not spent on arts, as they can not help people improve their life immediately. From my perspective, i disagree this view.
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It has been universally acknowledged that the complication of cybercrime and identity theft is increasing rapidly at an alarming rate in the current scenario.This dispute has been of a depressing magnitude.Although a plethora of reasons is there yet some sensible are also available to curb this grave concern.
Pollution, climate change and ther environmental issues are growing rapidly all over the world. Although bureaucracy has taken some steps to solve it at a international level, they are getting some solution a in return. Because, the measures are completely negligible with its problems. It can be solved by increasing a awarness and also following strick regulations.
Eventhough many of culprits have been punished in a proper way,increasing number of crime rates prove that legal authorities have been missing something valuable at crime mitigation process.Some people hold the opinion that main social issues such ad poor educational background and poverty should be solved in order yo suppress all kinds of illegal activities. I agree that,if both the government and the society should come forward to support poor people.
Nowadays,many countries cost a large number of funds on art. While people have different views on whether should money be invested in art or medical and education service. In my opinion I think it’s necessary to invest money in arts.
Although technology provides numerous opportunities to humanity, there are a number of hazard caused by it. In fact, many humans apprehensive about protecting their personel knowlages like identity theft. There are two main factors lead to this trouble and also two main solution. In this essay will be disscussed possible problems and resolution advices.
We can see that nowadays, many big cities have to deal with the lack of housing for residents. In order to solve this problem, some local authorities suppose that the area of parks should be removed to make room for residential growth. I am totally not convinced with this opinion. This essay will point out the reason why I disagree with it.
Holidays play a vital role in everybody's life. Some public argues that working public should get holidays based on their proficiency while others feel that everyone should get standard holidays in any job role. In this essay, I shall discuss both scenarios and provide my opinion.
It has been a long time since we talked to each other! I hope you are having a fantastic time in Copenhagen. I am really sorry for not staying in touch, these past months have been hectic. Hopefully we will have time to catch up soon and have some beers.
Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from sickness and do not get the right treatment due to expensive treatment costs. Individuals should have access to proper medicines and it should not depend on their level of income. I strongly agree with this statement and I think that every person has the right to access proper treatment without any concern for their property. I will explain my reasons for it in the upcoming paragraphs.
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