IELTS Writing Samples Band 6

Some people think governments should construct more railways than roads even if it costs more than building new highway roads. Although the railway has some advantages, I would disagree with this statement.
The government in some nations give permission to women, who have just given birth to their infants, to be absent from work during the first month after bearing. From my perspective, the advantageous impacts absolutely overshadow the detrimental influences.
With the upliftment of industrial science, habitats of flora and fauna are being jeopardised. In this essay, both reasons for the decrease in biodiversity and solutions would be illustrated.
Some people would rather live in a house than live in an apartment, as they believe that living in a house will provide more benefits to them. From my perspective, I think that there are more advantages than disadvantages to living in a house. In the following paragraphs, I will give my reasons to support my opinions.
As the twenty-first century unfolds, the use of the term globalization has become increasingly prevalent. Technology, transportation, and communications advancements have resulted in a global economy, social, political, and cultural interconnection. There is no doubt that globalization has had both beneficial and detrimental effects which must be addressed.
All humans have one or another skills. Although some people will be good in studies but, at the same time other few will be having skills like singing, dancing or painting and all. However, without understanding this, still people do debate on this topic. In my viewpoint, the schools should admit all kind of students without seeing their academic abilities alone. This essay will examine the topic in detail with relevant examples in the following paragraphs.
Some commentators argue that the main form of conveying knowledge throughout primary schools to college is theoretical and the amount of practical learning is inadequate. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement and various reasons could be attributed to support my perspective.
It is undeniable that human being has to work throughout their life span to spend life style in a better and comfortable way. One can believe high remuneration from a job is paramount than fulfilling one. In my point of view job gratification will cater to demand of high productivity at work and as well as their personal life.
In the stressful and competitive globalization, the majority of families think it essential for both mom and father to go out to work. While a few people argue that the children in these households benefit from extra earnings, others believe that their parent’s absence makes them have a shortage of support. This essay will analyze both points of views.
Nowadays, many people buy clothes and make hairdos according to the latest fashion and it's obvious that this is an increasing tendency. More and more people become fashion addicted and try to follow the latest trends. Why is it happening? Well, I have tree main points.
It is hard to deny that we are living in a society with an increasing competition, which imposes exceeding pressure on citizens even in their early stages of life. Such a phenomenon leads to an assumption of parents that their offspring should spend a long time in study. However, as for as the definition of happiness, societal well-being, and efficiency are concerned, I firmly believe it is negative to both children and our society.
There are many factors to indicate why gender discrimination in the workplace still remains one of the most serious problems nowadays, despite the positive shift of social prejudice against women. Involving in maternity leave payment, many people believe that small businesses should not hire single female employees in order to entirely remove this future expense. This essay will provide reasons to refute the aforementioned statement.
It is undeniable to state that our lives, for now, are not related to modern technology. Technology has changed lots of living patterns including working. The modern affects both advantages and drawbacks. Even though communities would like to see only benefits, disadvantages affect the society as well as the advantages they get.
from the ,beginning human civilization has faced many challenges such as lawlessness which remain a headache for rulers and now for governments of the world. offender posed a serious threat to our society despite existing punishments like life imprisonment or execution by hanging . lawlessness rate is increased there are no signs of reduction. i completely disagree that a death penalty is an appropriate form of punishment that seems to work to control crime.
It's popularly believed that parents should give their children more time before school, others claim that the youngers should go to the school as soon as possible. In this essay I will discuss the benefits of attending school from a young age.
It is supposed by many that humankind should adapt to the technological advancement, whereas, others are of reverse opinion. Besides that, it is said that technology is making us less intelligent. However, I am an advocate of the view that to survive in this world we should accept high-end technical changes. Moreover, I certainly feel that this change in culture is making us dumb.
In the past, community in each area on the earth were set in terms of prioritized orders. The higher-level people,the loyal family, have more priority than the lower,the farmer. In addition, diversities of society such as colours of skin, sexes, and outlook are discriminated against widely, so such community would like to do as sexism,racism, and so on have seen so far. Women were treated unequally because they were stereotyped as weak, chore people, uneducated people. Human rights and sex equality in the present are taught as well as the position of women is prioritized more. However, many problems arise. For example,children are not raised properly because of lacking time for wife.
I am an experienced, dedicated and compassionate Registered Nurse with aligned experience in clinical nursing. I am young, energetic , proactive and proven ability to handle challenging task skillfully with critical thinking and independent judgement to deliver quality, safe and patient-centered care.
Robots are machines which is supposed to be useful for the human race. It is believed that robots are replaced with human teacher in the forseen future. According to my perspective, I disagree with this statement and mentioned the possible reasons for the same.
These days, many people are not conscious about the true meaning of their cultural or religious events, people just enjoy the festivals. I totally disagree with this opinion since knowing the meaning makes the festival still remaining.