IELTS Writing Samples Band 6

In modern years, a rich variety of musical styles can be found around the world. While some people reckon that music only plays a positive role in people’s personal life and human cultures, I firmly believe that the drawbacks should not be neglected.
The presence of laptops is enormous in the society especially in youngsters. Most of children use them as playstation. However, the negative impacts of computerised games is huge and this essay will elaborate the bad effects and solutions related to electronic games.
it has been argued that a self-satisfaction work is much neccessary than a secure employment. however, others oppose this, and said a stable job have more importance in a person`s life. in my perspective, i think it depends upon an individual`s choice, but according to me job satisfaction give us happiness and joy in our life. in this upcoming paragraphs, i will disscus my viewpoints briefly.
People think that learning different subject is waste of time, While others believe it is extremely plays a critical role.various numbers of human beings assure that studying a second language is associated with our modern life has been enclosed with positive consequences on the new generation of population. Despite of Reflection of humans.This essay will discuss both view points and will draw my prespective and give relative examples.
In the present day, with the advance of globalization, the style of dressing has become increasingly popular among people. In addition, some cultures can be expressed through clothes of citizens since there are many stories involved. I tend to agree with this assumption. From my point of view, some clothes are much more than a simple piece of fabric since they can influence others, and also tell a story.
In the present day, with the advance of globalization the style dressing has become increasingly popular among people. In addition, some cultures can be expressed through clothes of citizens since there are many stories involved. I tend to agree with this assumption. From my point of view, some clothes are much more than a simple piece of fabric since they can influence others, and also tell a story.
Nowadays, the methodology adopted by businesses has changed and it is increasing sales. This essay will explain what companies are doing to rocket their sales and which one is more efficient.
In recent years, the government has paid more attention on teenagers by imposing several curfews. While there are many benefits to apply restrictions to teenagers having a late-night event without the adult, there are also drawbacks to be considered. In this essay, I tend to disagree with the former argument that it will have negative impacts on teenager's development.
In this era, there are growing appeals for admiring well-known celebrities such as international pop or movie stars instead of acquiring deeper understandings of famous people in national history. This phenomenon can be attributed to the growth of entertainment and boring history lessons in schools. Nevertheless, there are some pragmatic solutions, which include the curriculum’s alternation and the appearance of famous idols in historical films.
In some schools, students can volunteer for public duties like working in a group.. For one aspect, however, these should be a compulsory part of high school schedules and also students should not gain money with these works. I definitely agree with this opinion and in this essay, I will explain why it should be like this.  good start
There are numerous languages in the world. However, some of them disappear as time passes. Some people think that to some extent, it is not significant because life will be more convenient to live with a small number of languages. I'm afraid I have to disagree with this opinion. In this essay, I will explain why languages are considerably important for humanity.
Nowadays, different techniques are used in order to increase food production. One of which is, genetically modified crops. Some believe that this method of producing crops can curb the shortage of food while others link this to several other associated risks.
It is undeniable that there are quite a lot of people who are eager to live in a stable life and avoid change, while others think that it will always be better if people change their lives regularly. From my point of view, I believe that people would have more benefits when they change themselves frequently, however, sometimes people are still able to choose have a unchangable lives.
Nowadays, there are the numerous distinct notions regarding history and technology. Some citizens admire that the significant curriculum that should be taught in school is history. Whereas those who believe that technology and science are considerable subjects than another one as the history. This essay will discuss both these aspects and also my perspective is added in later on.
At the start of the year, there is an abnormally high rate of cyclists during the weekend based on the trending charts in Singapore. However, it is confirmed in the news that cyclists are obstructing the roads in Singapore due to the increasingly large participation of events over the months. Moreover, it is a fact that cyclists on road generally might cause more problems to car users that widely depends on the number of users in bicycle models and lack of awareness in road pavement. However, certain bicycle models such as mountain bicycles are not optimised for roads such as in rainy weather because their tyre is not robust and will be costly for maintenance and repair over the months. Hence, a large number of cyclists on the road pavement are focusing their attention on what lies ahead of them and taking instructions from their front-line leaders, so it will be difficult for them to navigate their surroundings with mindfulness. As for the solutions, I will recommend a smaller group of cyclists with a mirror attached to the side and back of their bicycle and a model that is optimised for roadway such as pavement bicycles tyre that is durable for rainy and hot seasons. Another problem could be that cyclists are lacking hand gestures to indicate car drivers on the lane when they are making a turn on congested roads. Hence, this could mislead drivers and cause more accidents in the future. As for car users on the road, they are less likely to cause major problems unless there is an indication of mental disability such as obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety issues for drivers themselves. In conclusion, cyclists must have the right equipment, models and knowledge on the road to ensure zero accidents. As for the drivers, ensure that they are in the right condition of mental state for them to be driving safely on the road without endangering the lives of other users.
Certain people are of the opinion that zoolands are dangerous and all the zoo parks should be closed. Whilst, others are of the view that zoolands are important to preserve rural creatures. In my opinion, I strongly believe that zoos are advantageous to saving animals.
Nowadays, purchasing things on the online channel, including books, air ticket and groceries is becoming more popular. In my opinion, the benefits of shopping online outweigh its disadvantages. In the following paragraphs, I will give reasons to support my view.
There are two main working styles which are working alone and working in a group. Although each one has its own advantages, I prefer working in a team because it plays an essential part of the development of a company.