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With the increase in technology development since last years and due to Covid 19 online shopping has definitely gone to another level. Consumerism has been at its peak after Covid 19. Online shopping has its benefits as well as flaws, which we will discuss in this, essay.
Several people believe that giving presents in cash is most favourable to be given to children, ,however some people oppose the idea. Giving money becomes very common nowadays even to the younger ones, but it is not helpful for them because ,at a young age, children do not know the value of money yet. In my opinion, it is better to offer age-appropriate gifts to the young.
In the contemporary society, there are more and more people living in cities and the traffic issues in urban areas are of great importance to public. Some people believe that investing more in urban infrastructures can tackle this issue, while others assert that there could be other better ways.
There are some perspectives about when is the best time to start a second language. some parents have a positive attitude towards to beginning learn a foreign language from an early age. in contrast to that, some people suppose it is better to start until secondary school. in this essay I will want to discuss both sides of this view and explain the positive and negative points of these views.
The health is crown above healthier heads. And everyone must be taken care of his diet. Such as, the perfect mind in a healthy body. They must follow the correct diet and do exercise daily.
In recent times, due to inflation and growing family size, it is difficult for individuals to provide for their loved ones with the earnings of just one parent. Nowadays, husband and wife work so they can feed their family. In this essay, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this development in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Nowadays in many countries, there are many challenges that the government faces every day. One of them, some young people are leaving their homes in regional areas for urban cities. They keep the elderly alone by themself. This essay will look at the reasons for this and propose some solutions.
In recent times, with the increasing trend of homeschooling, some individuals prefer to provide education at home. However, others believe that schools are playing a vital role in children's upbringing. I affirm this statement. In this essay, I will elaborate benefits of both practices.
In today's modern era, where almost everything is under development there is also question if the education system need some improvement. Some believe that schools should be fun for kids in contrast the other think that school is here for teaching and gaining wisdome.
The Internet has become an essential part of day to day to life. It makes learning and working easy, by providing several online platforms to learn from and perform efficiently. Thus, I agree strongly with the above-mentioned statement.
Nowadays, meeting one's tax obligation becoming controversial topic. Some people think, paying bills an ample contribution to their society, while others opinion, there are more obligations as a citizenship society rather than paying taxes. In this essay, I will discuss both views, and provide my personal perspective.
Being healthy is not just an assert to their families but also for their nation. Several individual reckon that physical movement have to be as a part of schooling, while the others appeal that it is not mandatory. In my opinion, i support for the former group.this essay will discuss about the suggestions of both groups and will provide a logical conclusion.
These days, societies are facing many environmental problems such as air pollution and acid rain. Some people think that the major environmental problem is the loss of particular species of plants and animals. However, others believe that there are more important environmental. I will discuss these in this article.
The stress, that is made regarding our professional life, is highly inscreased nowadays.This essay with discuss possible reasons and concequences for this phenomenon.
Nowadays, advertising has a significant role in our daily life which leads to some people think that they fascinated the public to buy things while others are in contrast, they agree on this it is a useless way to presauding people to buy things.My firm conviction is that advertising helps people to find the product according to needs as well as their interest.
Nowadays, supermarkets are developing and increasing in number in many countries, for which businesses with few incomes are not able to go far. For this reason, some people opine that if the local businessmens faces loss in their work fields, this may cause a negative impact on everyone's life. I completely disagree with this statement and think that supermarkets are not essential to make our shopping more convenient.
One of the major issues that concern our society today is whether some occupations, such as doctors and teachers, should be paid equally as actors and company bosses do. Strong arguments exist for this viewpoint, which implies that it is worth examining its perspective before reaching any conclusion.
Since the inception of humans, cooking has been known to meet one of the basic needs of man - food. This skill ensures that the food we eat is properly and safely processed before being consumed. In times past, the ability to cook was a desired skill and most people were required to have it. However, with the advent of civilisation, a lot of people have come to question its necessity. While a group of individuals think that it is a necessary tool to possess in order to live well and hence, children should be taught, another school of thought are not in support as they think it is a poor use of school time for the children.
Nowadays, some people say that for occupations that require a large number of skills; for instance, doctors, engineers, and nurses to name but a few, working in their training nation should be assigned; on the other hand, there are other people who argue that these experts should be able to decide where they want to work.
Opinions are divided on whether the administration should keep a check on lawlessness and provide its citizens with a safe environment or whether individuals must take precautions to keep them safe. This essay examines both viewpoints, along with my opinion that collective efforts should be required to deter the offence.
It is believed that competent authorities should be liable to prevent crime, whereas other groups of people think that crime prevention responsibility belongs to the individual obligation aspect, which means each citizen needs to protect themselves. As far as I’m concerned, both the government and the individual have awareness of deterring crime in our society.
Nowadays, technology has a stronghold in every human life. Whereas the internet's positive effect is outstanding, however, the breach of confidentiality and control of information is at greater risk. In this essay, I will discuss the disadvantages that have no grave effect on the advantages that the internet could offer.
It is widely known that numerous people keep staying in a job which either they hate or they do not have any talent for. To my mind, it is essential for people to not stay in an unsatisfaction job because there will be negative repercussions in their life. I reckon that there are many factors which lead people to stay in these jobs but also some consequences that will be analyzed below.
In today's modern time, the job has become more stressful and holidays help to provide relief from it. Vacation can be for any reason eg strike, festival or any other happening and its duration can also vary. There are multiple views relating to the time frame of these as some feel short are good and others have contradictory views.
Most of the events happening across the world now have already been enacted in the past. History is one of the most important aspects of a child's education. Therefore, it is important to consider that studying history plays a positive impactful role in the future. Some people may argue that understanding the past is not necessary as they might believe not to think about the mistakes done in past, whereas, some believe the contrary. From my perspective, I agree with the statement and believe that knowing history brings about a myriad of benefits to our lives.
With every passing day, the quality of the oxygen that individuals breathe is going down which has even made it hard for people to breathe. Although there are multiple reasons behind this there are certain solutions that can help handle the situation. This essay will discuss both in detail and provide a logical conclusion.
In today's era, there are still some discussions about whether giving a scholarship to students can reap benefits for either the universities or society. I totally agree that providing opportunities to students can be beneficial for all sectors, even for the country's development, and I will elaborate on my reasons below.
Teenagers are the back Bone of the society and they should be take care in good ways because in this contamprary era mostly parents are doing their jobs and have not much time and experience to handle their inviduals... My firm conviction is that parents should know how to grow child in good and essay ways... I completely agree with the given statements..
In our modern life, the number of people has dramatically increased day by day around the world practically in the largest areas. And this situation can be caused a lot of problems. Firstly, if individuals are increasing, it can create air pollution and unemployment. Many humans emphasize that initially, the government should limit the number of birth and build a number of factories for people in odour to provide employment. Thus it is the best solution to prevent overcrowded.
•In our modern life, several human beings point out that wildlife parks are brutal, and thus the government should be closed all of them. Other individuals emphasize that zoos are extremely worthwhile for wild animals to protect them from a lot of dangers, especially from perishing. From my point of view, wildlife parks are the best way for wild beasts to protect. In this essay, I will discuss both points of view.
Some people advocate the view that instead of having satisfaction at the workplace, earning higher wages is more crucial. I totally agree with the above notion and the following paragraphs will justify my argument.
In this era of technology, as vast numbers of professional athletes with high income and more organisation financially involve, sport become a huge business. From my personal point of view, this situation creates a positive development both on the expert players and also communites. This essay will further elaborate my point and thus lead to a logical conclusion.
I have faced a lot of ambiguity in life.Although, sometimes my ambiguous situation was extremly difficult for me to manage, the majority of the time I coped with this situation. However, I want to tell you about my important situation when I fight with Vagueness and it regards my carrier.After my, graduation I have two paths to build a carrier.Firstly, To go for the family business and change the path which I have studied for 4 years (Dairy Science and Food Technology).Secondly, I focus on grabing more knowledge regarding the food sector and afterwards start up my own business relevant to the food industry Finally, I choose to go abroad to enhance my knowledge towards the food industry.When I am able to understand all the concepts of the food industry then I definitely make my own startup in the future related to the food business.
In recent years, advanced technology comprehensively leaves an impact on every human activity ,especially in education. Even though some people find it possible for technology to take over the place of teachers, I certainly believe that there is no way a total substitution would be made.
At that time,university eduction was made easier by the past.Becuse the use of digital media rather than manual.So digital media is becoming an essential method at this time.For this university to try to obtain it.
It is undeniable that parents try to do their best for their children , preparing for a good education, looking after a safe society and worrying about their growth. Using much more free time together with family members is significant for making a great relationship. Some people think that it is not vital to spend leisure time with family. From my individual perspective, I support the previous idea, but both of these viewpoints will be outlined in the following paragraphs before the conclusion is reached.
In today's fast-paced society, getting adequate sleep has become increasingly challenging for many people. The consequences of sleep deprivation can be far-reaching and have negative impacts on both physical and mental health. This essay will discuss the problems caused by a lack of sleep and potential solutions to address this issue.
There is no denying the fact that television shows based on crime as well as novels, nowadays, have been becoming extremely popular in many nations around the world. I believe that for sure they are getting well-liked by youngsters, but this may also create a negative influence on them. Further paragraphs will focus on its adverse effects and how they should be treated rather than just following blindly.
At present, whilst opponents hold the view that the biggest global issue of our recent society is mainly the diminishing of especially typs of flesh-coloured, proponents have another perspective. I am of the belief that no life without forests and creatures due to they play a vital role to stablize the balance of earth.
In our modern life, transportation has been developing day by day. The majority of human beings point out that successful vehicles such as busses and train systems are one of these significant things in a contemporary town. From my point of view, all transportation particularly, public cars haven several crucial benefits for humans who travel for short distances because of their lower costs. In this essay, I will discuss the pros and cons of utilizing public means of transportation.
Nowadays, people are deciding to make new friends with new people.In my own ,opinion it is unnecessary, and in this , essay I am going to provide some examples to support my view.
In recent years, academics have always been the driving element that navigates the engrossing path of a nation. Lately, from all levels of education, the regular populace is giving their endorsement that all formal schooling should be free. I partly agree with that statement because students from all economic backgrounds could squeeze the opportunity to obtain knowledge.
Employers and employees have a complicated relationship, with one always having greater advantages than the other. However, with the ease of remote working, the dynamic became more equal. Being able to work from home allows employees to save the cost and time of commute, and time spent getting ready for work, as well as have a better work-life balance. It allows them to spend more time with their families, take breaks according to their comfort, and be more productive as employees. This in turn helps employers in terms of employee efficiency, as well as satisfaction. As a student, I did almost two years of remote classes, and those were some of my highest-graded courses because I was able to exert more autonomy over how I managed my schedule and how that affected the rest of my life. I was able to schedule a time to work, study, relax, and have fun. This allowed better mental and physical health as well, which in turn, increased my productivity. Therefore, working from home has pro...
There are many arguments related to the question Who is the best person to teach children? Some people believe that schools play an important role in teaching children while others think that parents will take it better. From my point of view, I strongly believe that parents will do better because they are closer to their children and it is easier than teachers in teaching different skills in order to develop children to be more confident.
Nowadays, the number of people getting death sentences is increasing tremendously. People argue that the death penalties are a violation of human rights and should be prohibited whereas there are a lot of people who support it. This topic is highly debated across the world. There are both profits and losses to this. This essay will try to cover both sides with relevant examples.
It has been argued by many individuals that warm weather is for living, whereas opponents prefer the winter season. In my opinion, I favour the former perspective; however, this essay shall dwell on both viewpoints in the subsequent paragraphs along with a reasoned conclusion.
Due to technological developments and especially with the abundance of use of social media after Covid 19, products and markets have really taken a turn. Consumerism is at its peak and businesses are working hard on their products to be innovative. In this essay we will discuss this development is mostly negative in my opinion.
In this day and age, citizens tend to pursue their dream job or high score but the consequence of this issue is not sleeping enough. This essay will examine the main causes of lack of sleep and possible solutions for this problem.
Some people think that a child should be doing other activities rather than homeworks, while some oppose that homeworks are crucial for one's learning process. However, I believe that balancing between those two is the best approach.
Sports play a vital role in a child's growth and development, being part of a team in school teaches numerous values which are essential in their future. In this essay, I will discuss how team sports hoan every member's character and how beneficial it is in their forthcoming endeavour.
Children these days are under tremendous pressure from their families to choose a particular field of work. This pressure is stopping them from making the decisions they like. This phenomenon is having a vast impact on them. I totally agree with the statement parents should not force their thinking on children when they make a decision in their career. In this essay, I will discuss this with relevant examples.
Digital phones became an indeed thing in kids day to day life. From my viewpoint, its positive impacts cannot overcome the negative impacts. This essay will discuss why this became a trending thing among children and its pros and cons feedback.
Health is wealth. Sleeping is the most important activity for the human body. Enough sleep can build you healthier as well as effective towards your behaviour. It has been debated that people are lacking enough rest and that would lead to many disastrous circumstances in modern society. No one considers that since it is totally depending your own. Who can be alive all day and work? Haven't noticed anyone yet though.
Some argued that both wealthy and poor people experienced the same difficulty in terms of university admission. However, from an under-developing country perspective, I completely disagree with this idea.
In this modern era, it is widely recognized that numerous juveniles are fascinated by new kinds of technologies. However, children have been spending a lot of time on updated technologies they used in their spare time}. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I will clearly provide both positives and negatives about the usage of the latest applications.
People have different views about the experiments on animals for medical care or how safe other products are. While some of them believe that this trend should be banned because it is morally wrong, I think a limited amount of animal experimentations should be considered.
In my opinion, Studying international news and having knowledge regarding international relations has undeniably become very important these days. It is going to benefit sooner or later in life. In this ,essay we will discuss how it is going to help students further in their life.
One of the major issues that concern our society today is whether the fact that people talk constantly about money in their daily routine is beneficial or not. Strong arguments exist for this viewpoint, which implies that it is worth examining its perspective before reaching any conclusion.
Choosing a field to study has always been an essential task for high school students as it can directly affect what subjects they can study at University. In recent years, the number of students who decided to enrol in the field of science has drastically declined. In this essay, we will explore the cause of the circumstances and their negative consequences on the community as a whole.
An insufficient number of students opting for subjects like STEM (science , technology, engineering and math) has led to forcing countries like the US, Uk, and Canada to promote these subjects. As most of the students opt for subjects like arts, culture and music .This is setting the wrong trend in these countries as Corporations are forced to outsource high-paying jobs to countries like India And China. In the impending ,essay I will discuss reasons and their effect on society.
In this modern era of life, the internet has revolutionised the way think and work. It was the year 1914 when it was first used for military purposes by the USA but later ,on became an integral part of everyone's life. I completely agree with the given statement as nowadays we find www everywhere be it in schools, hospitals or even government hospitals. Due to its high usage traditional publishing like TV and newspapers is being completely forgotten.
Nowadays, Thailand is tackling the air pollution problem due to the situation of pm 2.5. Such issue affects directly to people's health. Due to the cancellation of the constitution of the kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2550, the rights to live in a good environment including the right to have clean air for breathing were cancelled. Some experts criticise that such cancellation lead to unclear how the states provide the right to have clean air to breathe their citizens.
In this contemporary epoch, the issue of not finding a job right away after graduation is still present. The vast majority believe that it is the main obstacle to attaining early financial independence, as do I. Notably, it is worth mentioning that there are other challenges to overcome for these young individuals in order to succeed. In this essay, I will support my position with relevant examples.
Television is not merely an innovative piece of technology but also a curse for humankind. Nowadays, it becomes a pertinent factor of our daily lives. Although it has plether of useful benifits, it always a negative development in people growth. It certainly holds many repercussions behind it. This essay will discuss causes for TV playing an essential part in our practice and will provide alogical conclusion.
In the modern world , tourism has grown significantly in countries . Some nations assume that global tourism is causing damaging effects on each nations.This essay will discuss the reasons behind this scenario and provides the ways to change it.
In this day and age, a number of pharmaceutical firms are using animals to invent new drugs and test their medical products. Many folks believe that this fact infringes on ethical values as the tested animals have to put up with severe pain, whereas others advocate testing on animals for the sake of human beings. In this essay, I will examine both viewpoints and give some supporting points for using animals for drug testing.
Nowadays, numerous people realize the important of libraries to their daily life and work. As a result, residents think their government should spend tax budge on public libraries rather than public means of transportation. However, in my viewpoint i disagree with their oppinion because of the
Some people contend that in some schools the English language is considered more crucial than the local one and if this keeps happening, local languages tend to disappear. To my mind, the English language is essential in people’s life. However, individuals need also to protect their mother tongue in order for them to not lose their culture.
Nowadays, numerous people realize the importance of libraries to their daily life and work. As a result, residents think their government should spend tax budget on public libraries rather than public means of transportation. However, in my viewpoint, i disagree with their opinion because of the
In modern eras, the presence of the internet has been one of the facilitating factors assisting human life in many aspects, especially in jobs. Working from home is made possible thanks to it. In my opinion, the benefits that online working brings outweigh its disadvantages.
Nowadays, libraries contain improved technology media .such as,videos and DVDs ,which is might be consecider as something usefull, a lot of people beleive it is such a waste of money. In my opinion, using modern techniques to attract the younger generation is a huge invesment not a wasted money.
From the first day of birth people’s lives start with meeting with relatives. We can’t even understand what is happening around us, but we are able to feel comfort and love from family with their activity. Some scientists explain this like hormonal reaction and others like natural feelings between relatives. However, after a close relationship with our families we start to explore this world just by ourselves. Firstly, children come to kindergarten, study at school and as a result meet their peers and other people. So, the comfort zone changes with a new experience and new feelings.
In the scientific research, business and academic world, there is a debate about whether it is beneficial to share as much information as possible or whether some information is too important or valuable to be shared freely. Both views have their merits and drawbacks, and in this essay, we will discuss both sides.
Yesterday evening, My wife, teenage son and I went to the mall to buy a gift for my son in celebration of his excellent grade and profound performance in the completion of the 4th-grade exam. More so, we have visited the Victoria shopping mall numerous times in the past and noticed the great decline in the availability of packing space, but our experience yesterday was the worst we have ever had. Hence I will kindly crave your indulgence to utilize this medium to express my complaint and seek a solution.
In recent years, there has been growing concern about the health and well-being of animals and vegetation. Many scientists and environmentalists argue that the obstacle facing these living beings are among the most important issues that we face today. In this essay, I will examine the causes of this dilemma and suggest some possible solutions.
Nowadays, a lot of individuals consider that it is more suitable to invest the tax payment into civic libraries than use it for transport services. It is undeniable that public vehicles deserve investment due to their significant impact on environmental conservation. Despite that, if the government establishes more libraries, it can assist learners by providing more study facilities.
There might be contentious debates regarding the issue of whether some people are born with certain talents such as the natural abilities of sports or music. The opponent could disagree with my stand. However, I strongly believe that any child is able to become a good sports person or musician without natural talents. In this regard, I will write this essay to elucidate my opinion.
With the rising prominence of human psychology studies comes the question of whether childhood or teenage experience exerts a more profound influence on one person. This essay will first elaborate on both sides before I draw my final opinion on this issue.
there is a current debate surrounding whether childhood experiences before starting school or experiences as a teenager are more essential. personally, I hold the belief that both acquirements play an important role in children's lives that need to be appreciated.
There have been various opinions on whether students should be assigned homework or not. There may be advantages and disadvantages to this discussion which we will explore further in this essay.
Currently due to economic prosperity, travelling by air has become more and more popular. Some people hold the opinion that it should be cheap to help ordinary people have easy access to travel further. However, others argue that expensive air travel should be encouraged in order to protect the environment. I will discuss both views with some solid examples.
Nowadays, the elder and younger generations have opposite opinions about themselves. Obviously, they have some arguments because of respect and upbringing. This essay will discuss the above topic and different opinions.
Smart phones represent the icon of technology which is very common among all ages of people. Especially, this becomes the addiction of children. This essay explains the reason for being a trouble for students as well as the drawbacks which happen due to this development.
Rules and laws play an indispensable role in regulating our behaviours. It is generally considered that without regulations society would run into serious problems. I agree with this opinion.
There is no doubt that charitable organizations are becoming increasingly popular. While a few people think the support of well-known celebrities for these institutions gain attention to an array of issues, others believe they make such problems less significant. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and explain my support for the former with examples.
A lot of people beleives that healthcare sould be the most important aspect to direct the tax money to,while others convenced that there is another crucial periorities we need to spend the money on. This essay will discuss both points of view.
Children are supposed to obey some rules on many occasions. Sometimes disciplines, I think, are important to regulate children’s behaviours, but too strict rules may have an adverse impact on the problem-solving abilities of children.
In all countries around the globe armed police personnel are common. However, the necessity of arming them is debatable. Some people claim that it leads to the unprecedented attack on common people and perhaps to state terrorism and violence, while I concur with the side of those who argue that it is essential to maintain law and order. The reasons are manifold for my support will be discussed in this essay.
Nowadays social media has become an important way for people to communicate with friends and family and keep up with news events. I agree with the idea that the merits of using social media every day outweigh the drawbacks.
It is generally believed that professional workers like doctors, nurses and teachers should get a higher income than people in other less important fields such as sports and entertainment However, I disagree with the idea that associating salaries solely with the social value of a specific job.
Currently, lots of people are moving from rural areas to big cities ,especially metropolises. They may think that there are more job opportunities in big cities and they can enjoy a better quality of life in cities. However, this trend will present many challenges to cities.
The parents think they should give more attention rather than a school because under the campus teacher pay less concentration to a particular students. Some parents believe on school is better for their son to make new friends and learn new activities with classmates. I agree with the statement about sending their kids to school for a better future.
Many specialist believe that citizens would not feel being over the moon with going up in economic aspect when living in a wealthy condition . While somebody look this opinion like an accurate thing , I would argue that that is not right .
A glance at the bar graph provided reveals the total amount of primary exports in terms of three sectors in the southland in 2000, and 2020 as well as a projection for 2015.
It is believed that too many choices have been provided nowadays, while others insist that having multiple ways is great. However, I definitely agree with the former statement.
It is thought that illness can be caused by not only environmental pollution but also a homeless problem which should be focused on reducing the issues by government. I definitely agree with this statement.
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