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It is a controversial topic whether people might aspire to enhance their life conditions or accept when they encounter an unfulfilled job or a lack of money. In my opinion, people should always pave their way forward and surpass their limitations. This essay will discuss both distinct perspectives.
Some argue that higher members of the company should receive the same income as normal employees. This essay completely disagrees with this statement because the responsibilities of chief executive officers and managers are bigger and it can reduce their motivation.
As society advances, it is disagreed that criminal charges against a teen ought to carry the same penalty as that of an adult. Examining the fact that they are still kids under the guidance of their parents without any responsibilities and that their immature minds are too young to understand the gravity of such a crime will give a comprehensive understanding of this subject matter.
Many schools of thought discuss the biggest influence on child's upbringing concerns internal factors such as family. Whereas others mantain that the roles played by external sources like social circles, or streaming services such as music or TV, influence their growth in a larger escale. In this essay I will discuss both of these views, and state beforehand that the familial factor corresponds to the major influence in childs' development.
In the context of modern society, the industry of advertising have a considerable influence in the increasing and alarming consumism of generation nowdays. This essays agrees with the former statement, since the architecture of social plataforms allow and encourage this phenomenon, as well as the quality and fast-paced goods manufactured in the context of today.
Escaping from the school is a concerning issue in several regions for both families and instructors. It has some reasons and leads to numerous impacts a few of which will be discussed in this essay.
It is thought by some that socializing with office colleagues after work hours is ideal, whereas, others say that this should be avoided. In my opinion, I strongly believe that there should be a balance in managing both these aspects.
While countries are developing, the number of car buyers for their personal usage is increasing. Although there are some advantages over individuals, I will argue that there are more drawbacks for the environment.
As the world advances, vehicles have become the primary means of transportation. It is agreed that the most effective way for road safety to be improved is to raise the official driving age bar. Analyzing the fact that maturity would enhance the strict abidance of driving rules and, that teens would not understand the gravity of a fatal accident will give an in-depth understanding of this topic.
Food is the most vital entity in every human being's life. Farmers' products reach to to final customers to be consumed after a very long journey. There are some groups who think that whoever consumes food should directly refer to onsite in order to prevent from destruction of living places and in the meantime reinforce farmers' businesses. In this essay, I will discuss why purchasing food from farmers has benefits while its drawbacks outdo it.
People around the world have different approaches when it comes to putting efforts into education or employment, some tend to push themselves to work hard while others prefer not to put in a lot of hard work. This essay will first state that a habit of achieving perfection and a competitive attitude, are the primary reasons that motivate people to work hard, and then suggest that sometimes smart work is more effective than hard work, and hard work can also badly affect mental health.
It is widely conveyed a message to children that they are capable of whatever they want to fulfil if they strive enough. In my opinion, the mentioned message has both cros and pons. This essay will discuss both drawbacks and perks.
The portrayal of Logan in the media is a topic that evokes nuanced discussions regarding fairness and representation. While some argue that Logan receives fair representation, others contend that the media perpetuates prejudice and reinforced stereotypes, ultimately disadvantaging the community.
The rising popularity of cosmetic surgery as a means to alter one's appearance reflects a complex interplay of societal, cultural, and individual factors. Several reasons contribute to the increasing number of people opting for such procedures.
Success has long been synonymous with wealth and material possessions in our society. However, a closer examination reveals that this definition is narrow and limiting. While financial prosperity certainly plays a role in measuring success, it cannot encapsulate the entirety of what it means to be successful. In this essay, we will explore why wealth alone is not the best measure of success and what truly makes a person successful.
Often times job seekers are asked about personal particulars like their hobbies, interests, or marital status. Many people consider it as necessary while others show concerns. In my perspective, candidates must not share such information until it is mandatory for the specific job roles.
It is argued that working alone is better than working in groups because people spend a significant amount of time talking. From my perspective, I contend that working in groups is more preferred due to the rise in productivity and the improvement of communication skills.
The pace of technological development has infiltrated almost every aspect of children, profoundly altering the way they evaluate their leisure time. It is my contention that this propensity of change is akin to a double-edged sword by ensuring both merits and demerits concurrently.
Monetary help during distressing periods in a person's life, like loss of job, retirement and physical disability is an important part of social security. In some parts of the world, this support is provided by the government and in others, the community takes care of it. In this essay, I will talk about both systems and explain why I strongly believe that the model of government assistance is better.
It is a controversial topic whether advertising has an impact on our purchasing behaviour or not. While some people advocate that exposing commercials excessively results in loss of interest, others believe that it is an effective method to stimulate people to purchase those products. I am prone to believe the first opinion. This essay will discuss these two distinct ideas.
In this day and age overpopulation in many major urban centers around the world is becoming increasingly serious. In spite of the fact that overcrowding threatens many societies, its effects can also be combated successfully. This essay looks at some of the problems caused by overpopulation to the problems on society, and suggests some solutions
Whilst many people consider that paying attention to the main subjects in terms of money and time is more necessary rather than engaging in sports activities in schools, others and I believe that it affects positively children’s physical health and education.
As technology advances, the education sector is influenced by its development. Although this advancement offers drawbacks and some merits. I think the benefits are tremendous, because of instant access to vast knowledge and data. Despite the potential demerits, since it has reduced students' writing and spelling abilities. So Is the education sector better off without a computer? Analysing both views and my opinion will give an in-depth understanding.
It is thought that nowadays people are unfit and non-active compared to the bygone days which is detrimental to their future. This essay will delve into possible reasons and put forward some practical solutions to address this issue.
In the modern world, most people like to take risks both in their career lives and private lives. But what do the advantages of taking risks outweigh the disadvantages? some people agree say this is important to take risks in their professional and personal lives. I completely agree with this idea and in this essay, I will support my opinion with examples.
In many countries across the world, nutritionists have been alerting the society about the huge number of children with obesity. To understand the plight, this essay will point out some reasons which cause such public health problem and will give possible solutions to diminish the impact of this crisis.
It is a common belief that having part-time jobs is not helpful for teenagers, in particular. However, there is a more persuasive argument that working as part-time jobs is one of the experiences that teenagers cannot achieve and learn from school. I personally believe that we could encourage them to taste the experience of being an adult as a part of society.
Over the last few decades, the world has seen tremendous urbanisation to support its rising population. However, this growth has been tainted by a gradual reduction in quality of life due to significant pollution and overcrowding. In this essay, I will highlight the reasons for the uncontrolled expansion of cities and some viable solutions to this predicament
Nowadays, various people claim that the money spent on space exploration is unjustifiable. Also, they believe that these funds should be spent on more beneficial areas. Space exploration has not yielded benefits commensurate with the billions of dollars spent on it. I strongly agree that there are more usable things to spend these funds on.
Some argue that residing in urban areas has greater advantages than rural areas. This essay completely disagrees with this statement because living in urban areas has more disadvantages, such as extreme pollution and excessive traffic compared to rural areas.
Some sectors of society believe that the most efficient way to enhance driving safety is to get a driving license with more age than is permitted in the present. This essay disagrees with that statement because a huge number of car accidents have been caused by older people and young people might have a better understanding of road rules.
There are controversial perspectives heading a debate over the importance of paying attention to the news. While each has its own redeeming feature, I would contend that it is optimal to combine both mentioned elements.
It is widely acknowledged in the whole universe among traditions of all communities that art is an inseparable entity. Besides, the number of people who respect this matter is declining these days and they focus more on scientific issues, modern facilities and jobs. This essay will discuss reasons contributing to this subject along with some solutions to figure it out.
Often times job seekers are asked about personal information like their hobbies, interests, or marital status. Many people consider it as necessary while others show concerns. In my perspective, candidates must not share such information until it is mandatory for the specific job roles.
In recent times, some argue that because of the environment and local businesses we should try to buy food from farmers. The in-depth analysis in the following paragraphs intends to discuss why this essay explores the positive points outweigh the negative points.
There is a widespread trend of people who become a vegetarian in several countries. This essay will explain why I think the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Consuming more vegetarian diets will lead to high fiber consumption, it will not be as healthy as consuming balanced diets and vegetarian cuisines are relatively expensive as well.
Some poeple believe that giving financial aids to poor countries is a good way to help them. Others, however, deem that there are other kinds of aid which can sum up against poor nations' plight. In this essay, we will analyse these two different points of view and then, my opinion will be given.
As global civilization continues, one of the major challenges faced in the big cities is being stuck in gridlock. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of stress and unproductivity as people are frustrated and often get to the office late. Thus, a possible way to salvage the situation is by encouraging remote and hybrid work options so that people do not have to commute to town daily. Will working remotely help resolve this problem?
Many perspectives revolve around whether children spending hours daily on smartphones contributes to a positive or negative development. Personally, I witness more shortcomings than advantages. In the following, I tend to discuss in terms of interpersonal and neurological aspects with evidence from current social trends and research.
in recent days, it has been widely argued that the optimal method to assist the growing nations is to provide them with monetary support. from my perspective, I strongly opposed this viewpoint. in the following paragraphs, I will discuss the main reasons behind my opinion and recommend some other effective ways in order to help the subject countries.
These days, there is some argue that contemporary music maight give an inappropriate effect to youth, and others think that contemporary music have advantages.
Choosing a profession has always been a challenging task for young students. It determines a student’s following 10 years. Some people suggest that university students should freely study whatever they are keen on during their academic years. Some rational people believe that students should only attend subjects that will benefit in the future. In my essay, I will explore both statements and make a conclusion with my personal point of view.
In recent times, immigration has rapidly increased across the globe. While there are a multitude of reasons for this, in the following essay I will discuss the pros and cons of migration for both, the individuals and society at large.
At present, an increasing number of patients faced with health problems are searching for other ways such as a prescription instead of a doctor. In my view, this is a negative approach due to many reasons.
As the human rights issue has arisen in the last century, people are arguing about the freedom to choose their way of life. This includes the amount of noise they sound. Some people say this should be controlled, while others argue this. For some reason, I stand with the idea of giving some limitations to performing a loud noise.
Although, many believe that the leaders need to save minority languages by investing in it, others think it is a complete waste of money. From my perspective, the government should put public funds into building infrastructure. Even though a lot will argue that saving the mother tongue is a way of preserving our cultural heritage. Will cultural heritage add any value to the future generation?
In order to save time on transport to work, some people harbour a belief that parks and gardens that are close to the city centres should be replaced by apartment buildings whilst others hold the reverse viewpoint. From my perspective, I am inclined to stand neutrally with both opinions as it is a good way to reduce time on travelling to work but the importance of parks and gardens also cannot be ignored.
There are several examples about people born in poor countries and later reaching a successfull career. However, there is a controversy whether the upbringing and the birth location can affect people's future achievements. In my opinion the birthplace significantly impacts success in life and career, as I will contend in this essay.
It is true that human activities affect plants and animal species negatively. Therefore, some people harbour a belief that there is nothing to do with the problem whilst others hold the reverse viewpoint that there exists some effective measures to alleviate the situation. From my perspective, I am inclined to stand with the latter opinion as human must take the responsibility to improve the damage.
In the modern era, an enormous amount of shops have filed bankruptcy as departmental stores are increasingly popular among humans. In my perspective, supermarkets are much more convenient than traditional shops.
It is true that famous people can arouse the public attention easily. When it comes to international aid organizations, some people harbour a belief that the power of celebrities is beneficial, whilst others hold the reverse viewpoint as the problems can become less important when the public focuses too much on famous people. From my perspective, I am inclined to stand with the proponents since it is important to evoke communal awareness before starting international aid.
The man and women can purchase simelar product from any where as the source of three being one In my opinion, is completely positive because the life style of selling product is change for example amazon. the other reason to reduce the cost of products.
In order to save time on transport to work, some people harbour a belief that parks and gardens that close to the city centers should be replaced by apartment buildings whilst others hold the reverse viewpoint. From my perspective, I am inclined to stand neutrally with both opinions as it is a good way to reduce time on travelling to work but the importance of parks and gardens also cannot be ignored.
The most favourable program on television is exercise nowadays. There are many communities who are against this and believe television programs are better to persuade youth to participate in actual events rather than watching them. This essay will argue why this idea is not totally acceptable despite many drawbacks.
Numerous individuals have refused to step out of their houses due to constant fear of being attacked. Although a lot of folks think nothing can be done to save the situation because it is impossible to withdraw guns from the streets, some others reckon that effective measures can be enforced to eradicate lawlessness in the community by reintroducing capital punishment. I completely agree with this deterrent measure. This essay will discuss both views and my opinion.
Education plays an important role in a person’s life. There has been an ongoing debate on the current education system, especially regarding the choice of curriculum. Some argue that students should enrol on multiple subjects, whereas others believe in focusing on the smaller scope of majors. Both views are valid, and this essay will explore the reasons for both points, as well as my own opinion.
From the 20th century to the present, there has been a drastic growth in the dangerous rate in some breeds, which can result in extinction during this period more than other times. This essay will express the reason for this situation and describe how the respondents can fix it.
Nowadays, people have new forms of interaction throughout social media and network platforms, which decrease the number of hours spent seeing their friends. This negatively affects their social life. I strongly disagree with this suggestion because of the easy way of communicating that is given as technology progresses. This essay will first discuss how social media negatively impacts our lives and then discuss what possibilities it might have.
Nowadays, online learning has become more common around the world as a form of education because of reasons such as advancements in technology. This carries many positives and negatives which the following paragraphs will explore in detail.
It is sometimes argued that they would rather land a job than go to the academy. While this could be true to a certain extent, I believe that continuing to invest our knowledge in the educational institution is the most effective way to a delightful career.
Some individuals believe that all people deserve free healthcare ,while others disagree .This essay will examine the rationale behind both perspectives and assert my strong agreement with the latter viewpoints.
There are some arguements about the friendships' quality of people who starts it directly is outweight people makes friends online. In my opinion, I'm stand in the middle of agree and disagree to this statement. Because for me, a meaningful friendship depends on a lot of factors than only focus on where it takes place.
As technology continues to advance, it is argued by many that cash transactions will soon become obsolete. However, others may not be satisfied by this development. I think that the cash payment will be a thing of the past in a short while since it ensures the customers security. Even though some folks would kick back at this, owing to the stress associated with rectifying a declined payment.
In the modern era, most people like to experience dangerous and high risk sports at least once in their lives. There are lots of reasons that persuade individuals to do it like its thrill and extensive advertising. On the other side, these activities can bring some consequences to society which I'm going to explain more about in the rest of this essay.
It is believed that there are many negative influences of social networking platforms and they may do harm to people and society. This essay agrees because they may lead to addiction and distraction and even impact the self-esteem and body image of individuals.
The advancement of technology has been increasing day by day in every aspect of human life. However, technological development, including online education, plays a significant role in society compared to the in-person education system. In this essay, I will explain the merits and demerits of the internet-connected learning method over in-class instruction.
Former criminals who ultimately become good citizens are considered by some to be the best candidates to educate children about the dangers of crime. I fully disagree with the opinion, because there are better candidates to educate minors and to have minors educated by ex-prisoners could be dangerous.
Previously, men and women would rather get a university degree in the county that they actually lived in. These days, there are opportunities to study abroad, and many choose to do it. The main benefits of this are better quality of education and the possibility to get an internationally recognized diploma; however, the key drawbacks are living far away from family and friends and the cost of living and education in different places.
In recent times, some argue that moving to the urban regions causes a decline in the number of the population in the rural areas. Despite the fact that this would have some positive points, the drawbacks outweigh the other side. The in-depth analysis in the following paragraphs intends to discuss why this essay considers this migration negative.
Nowadays, the request to buy a car has been a significant increase among people. over the past 30 years, many cities in the world lead to now ‘one big traffic jam’.
Children's upbringing is a crucial responsibility of humans. Although many people are in favour of group activities, few believe in the individual approach. This essay will discuss both schools of thought. In my perspective, a balance between both approaches is highly inevitable.
There has been contention over whether the objective of science should be to enhance individuals’ lives. I entirely agree with this view, as science has immensely contributed to the medical field as well as benefited the way that people communicate.
Nowadays, there is a noticeable trend among highly skilled professionals in developing countries. A significant number of professionals, including doctors, engineers, and IT workers, are opting to relocate to developed countries in pursuit of higher-paying jobs. This essay aims to explore the underlying reasons behind this migration, focusing on salary differentials and career prospects. Additionally, it will propose solutions centered around fostering nationalism and enhancing competitive benefits.
This question of whether colleges should put unrelated courses in pupils' schedules or not is a contentious one. Although there would be precious courses among those subjects, I believe it has its own drawbacks, either.
This question whether colleges should put unrelated cousres in pupils schedule or not is a contentious one. Although there would be precious cousre among those subjects, I believe it has its own drawbacks, either.
Whether families have significant impact on their childern's behavior or not is a subject of public debate and concern. It is assumed that spending much more time in the society as well as being occupied with the social media have been changes the pattern of raising child nowadays. However, I will argue that the parents have vital roles in the process upbringing youngesters in the following essay.
Opinions are divided as to whether professionals like medical staff or engineers should stay and take a job in the country where they studied, or they should decide where they want to work freely. I think all individuals should have an opportunity to make their choices about their lives themselves.
These days, an increasing number of people are attempting to use different ways of conventional treatment and medicines rather than see a doctor. From my perspective, this is a negative development which can lead to potentially harmful situations and also problems later on our life.
Natural habitats have recently become endangered as a result of the increased production of customer products. I believe this problem is the consequence of their waste, and the government should take steps to mitigate it by prohibiting non-environmental commodities.
Certain human beings assume that the biggest reason to learn different languages is travelling or working abroad,whereas others reckon that it is not the only reason why the population learn those languages.I firmly believe that there are many reasons for having this kind of ability.This essay will discuss both views.
Still, some individuals are wondering whether it is better to reside in one of the skyscrapers' flats or if it would be acceptable if they dwell or detached houses. Although both of these two options have their own pros and cons, I personally prefer houses, providing the chance to live on your own for their habitats.
More and more people are currently exploiting non-traditional methods to treat their health-related illnesses despite access to more professional medical services. The following essay will discuss the detrimental effects this trend may impose on public health and provide examples of healer’s practices and the placebo effect of supplements.
College and educational institution is a higher education certain people choose to continue, but at the same time, not everybody has thought the same. In my opinion, choosing to be a student in a higher institution and getting a career right away are two different matters, this is a matter of either new lessons to dive deep into or excelling with the experience you get.
It is argued that automobiles and public transportation should be eliminated. These should be replaced by only bikes.This essay completely disagrees with this statement because motors and public transport are more convenient having enough space and also time saving.
There are those who hold the view that following examples of adults and behaving similarly to them is the best lesson for children. I strongly agree with the view, as countless adults worldwide can become great role models for the younger generation, associated with their practical methods of living and significant contribution to our society.
Unlike in the last few decades, people especially middle-aged and senior citizens, and seen to be involved in sports and fitness activities like Yoga and Gym. There are also a lot of people who participate in marathons. In my opinion, this is a positive trend and leads to a healthy and harmonious world. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons behind my rationale.
Recently, the old generation needs to compete with the younger generation in order to get the same job. This essay will discuss the problems that come from this phenomenon and possible measures to tackle the problems.
The number of foreign tourists visiting historical places is increasing worldwide. This essay thinks that is a completely positive development because it helps with the cultural preservation of one's country and creates employment opportunities.
In society nowadays, the arts (music, art, theatre) is still seen as crucial by the people. I believe that this is the case since many people are positively engaged in this related activity, therefore it should be taught in school institution.
Beautifying metropolitan has become a ubiquitous presence of city councils' responsibilities. Although some individuals contend that cities should be as magnificent as they can be, others argue that the budget can be spent on other services such as improving transport modes. I partly agree with the second view.
In poor countries, more and more experts are leaving for developed countries in order to earn a living there. From my perspective, there will be some problems either in poor countries or developed countries , especially with population and limited experts. Despite that impact, I will provide some solutions which can be considered. The following paragraphs contain explanations of these two things.
One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in the industrial revolution in the urban. Which shows the progress in towns instead of in villages. It can create a gap between villagers and urban people. It is completely agreed due to the lack of resources available in the rural areas. However, this issue can be solved with a few steps such as setting up hi-tech machinery and buying their produce at good value. This stance will be proven by carefully analysing the above-mentioned topics.
Immigrants that took decision to move out from their own country to a new one should adopt the local culture and assimilate with the local people. On the other hand, there is another perspective that support the immigrants to have freedom and established a minority community so that they can adapt well to a new environment better. This essay will elaborate this two contradictive point of views on the next paragraph.
There is a topic to be discussed by many people that is what mainly influences a child's growth, social media and friends, or family. I think the former is a more important factor because they are full of people's lives and both influence a child and his family.
There are controversial perspectives heating a debate over whether to concentrate on the past or the future and the present. While there are individuals who contend that people ought to look into their ancestry, others share the belief that we should pay attention to the current and future generations. In my opinion, while each has its own redeeming features, I would contend that it is optimal to combine both mentioned factors.
One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in self-employment. People do not have favourite jobs in their hands, so they are attracted towards self-employment. It is completely agreed that a one-man team has many mental and financial crises.
There is an argumentative perspective heating a debate over the notion that numerous individuals in society are using social media in place of in-person interactions. In my opinion, the demerits may overshadow the merits.
In recent years, the vast majority of people have opted to live in apartment blocks located in tall buildings for several reasons. Living in such kind of apartments has its own merits and demerits for residents. This essay will discuss these two points and try to propose some examples.
In an era where the World Wide Web is extremely well known by a large number of people, and where the Internet has revolutionized, it is clear to say that Internet has been a crucial part of our everyday lives. Despite that, there is also an overwhelming amount of people which concerned in terms of control and safety where private information may lead to a critical security breach which is unsafe for society. Therefore, I agree that even though the internet has led to a lot of positiveness like online learning and international communication, we must not overlook the negative impact it could bring.
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