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Nowadays, as women and men have to work full-time household duties should be equally divided. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
some people believe that protection of environment is the governments duties while some believe its people duties. to what extend are you agree or disagree?
Nowadays, as women and men have to work full time, household duties should be equally divided. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
In some countries an average employee is legally obliged to retire at the age of 55 or 60, while in others, like Japan, people can work until they are physically and mentally fit to perform duties. what is the system prevailing in your country? until what age should people be allowed to countinue in salaried jobs. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.
Behavioral patterns have declined generally, and it is worst among many young people in all levels, while this problem is attributed to the families where they come from, a lot more people blame this trend on the teachers and institutes of learning. This essay aims at reviewing the both parties as contributing factors, although it is most associated with the homes that breeds them. First and foremost, the home plays a major role to the character molding among the already mentioned sets of individuals. That saying that charity begins at home clearly demonstrates this fact. For instance, a child's overall personality comes from the practical examples the observe from home which moulds his or her total perception in regards to what is right or wrong. Additionally, a child references his or her father and mother more than a mere teacher whose disciplinary measure may be limited by the law and policy of the the school. If this is so, the family stands a better chance to instill discipline better than any external body. These points presented prove that families are at better advantage, and the failure in the moral standards beckons on the people more related to the people concerned. On the other hand, the place of learning ought not to be left out. This is because checks on the lapses of these derailing children is supposed to be corrected as a correctional institution. To exemplify, morale instructions are part of the school's curriculum which is supposed to double check the doings of their pupils to reshapen their behaviors. Again, life virtues such as love, obedience, respect and manners are part of the academic subjects. To trace back, during my social studies class in my elementary education, I was taught the duties of children to the family and society. When those facts were taught, it sunk deep and had remained a core system. To sum up, even though the both institutions play a major role, the family has a larger share of the blame. Nonetheless, all hands should be on deck to raise a better generation.
Some people would say that parents should pay their children for small home duties (cleaning, washing dishes). Other would disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
There is a debate concerning about the better work whether undertaking in the same entreprise for the lifetime or occupying distinct organisations. This essay discusses both sides of this contentious argument and then I will give my own perpectives. If someone is determined to labour in one place, it would ensure their long career and the easiness reaching better position one day. The company certainly pay attention for the loyal employees and the ones whose understanding their works better anyone else, knowing how to develop their business and/or products, and strengthening the weakness of their organisation. All of these are only obtained by diving the duties for a long time and then someone will become an experts of this kind of job. This expetises lead to higher position, albeit perhaps in long way to go. Unfortunately, this condition might bring a person in lacking experiences from another abilities and situations that would be a challenge for him or her if their office had got a bankrupt suddenly. On another side, the research shows that people who are changing their occupation twice in a minimum can take a multitasking job and survive in facing some unexpectedly issues rather than those who only have one position in their life. For instance, an actuary has a job in a private company taking care of life insurance before she moved into a government institution that tackle some medical and health issues in which threaten lives. She should hand on experiences regarding all the calculation about risk-life theories in real life, whereby it can be only acquired from the company which she undertook beforehand. However, the drawback of displacing the organisations over and over again is the workers should start their career from zero in their new institution and might bring a perfect designation that is not in short time. To conclude, both of the constant or altered organisations will give each own beneficial and detrimental conditions. In my opinion, it is a good idea and recommended to take chances looking perfect organisations and if it have fitted into what I am looking for, I prefer to immediately decide to settle down for long time until the time of retired.
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