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Some people believe that individuals can achieve more in egalitarian societies. Others believe that high levels of personal achievement are possible only if individuals are free to succeed or fail according to their individual merits. What is your view of the relationship between equality and personal success? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
ASSGNMENT There is an increasing trend around the world to have a small family rather than a large family. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a small family rather than a large family? In the previous years, people practiced communal living and big family size was a way of life. However, lately, there is a colossal upsurge globally for want of lesser family size over big families. It is advantageous to have fewer size of family owing to the fact that it more likely to ensure overall wellbeing of its members but there are some drawbacks which need to be taken into account. There are a number of plus points to small family. First, it has a more likelihood of bringing forth individuals with better life. That is to say, with lesser number of family members, there is a greater access to adequate diet, better health care and life in general. Moreso, children from this kind of family have more chances of attending the best schools which gives them an edge in the society in the long run. In addition, parents are able to focus their offspring and raise responsible citizens who can contribute positively to the growth and development of a Nation. On the other hand, despite the merits of above, some pitfalls still exist. Parents in the small family settings are usually over protective over their children because there are not a lot of them; the children are restricted from blending with other members of the society. This can make the children too reliant on their guardians over things that can sometimes be sorted out themselves. Also, they are not opportuned to be as versatile as they would have been of they are exposed to larger family members. For instance, young ones are able to learn different skills and manners from various members of a larger family. In conclusion, while is a more and more increased preference for smaller family size, people should be wary of the disadvantages like overly dependent citizens that it brings.
In recent years, there has been growing interest in relatiosnhip between eqaulity and personel achievements. Some people beileve that individuals can achieve more in egalatarian socties. Others believe that high level of personel achievements are possible only if individuals are free to succeed or fail according to their individual merits Discuss both sides and give your own opinion
It has been suggested that all young adults should be required to undertake a period of unpaid work helping people in the community. Would the drawbacks of such a requirement be greater than the benefits to the community and the individual young adults? Some people suggest to adults that they do unpaid work in their societies. It has many advantage and disadvantages. I will discuss both and I thik drewbacks ourweight merits
A lot of places in the world rely on tourism as a main source of income. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems if it is not manage correctly. Describe the merits and demerits of tourism in the world. Do you think that benefits of tourism outweigh it's drawbacks.
More and more students are moving abroad for higher education. There are people who think there is an advantage to it but a few say that there are some drawbacks as well. What can be the merits and demerits of studying abroad?
Nowadays there are an age gap between children and their parents, because there are myriad of men and women who hold the view that delaying marriage has a lot of advantages. I am a staunch believer that postponing marriage will be useful for fathers, mothers and the next generations. In the lines below, merits and demerits as long with my opinion will be explained. To begin with, formation of the family in the third decade of life has a positive impact on the financial planning for the family. In other word, not only having enough money will help them to define their future goals but it may provide them with the flexibility to take the decision to make investments, savings and financial insurance strategies. This is exemplified by an article published in The Guardian has shown that around 88% of the successful family life is among the couples who have not taken a decision to getting married early although they can secure the marriage cost. Thus, this example shows that if the young generations get married early, they could provide a life of luxury to their offspring. Nevertheless, despite its merits, some people believe that their will be a generation gap between parents and their children. To illustrate, this gape will make misunderstanding between mothers and fathers and their offspring, but I totally agree the contention and refute the previously mentioned opinion because the young generations, who married, when their age below 20, did not hold the responsibility of taking care of children. For instance, this has been proven by a research paper conducted by Faculty of Education, Cairo University, in 2017, which has shown that the divorce rate is among 70%-80% between newly married couples in the age between 20-25. Hence, the youth should think carefully before taking an early marriage decision. In Conclusion, after providing the ideas above, the parents should be eligible to take a serious life decision, I still hold the view that the delayed marriage has a great effect on the financial decisions and the parents' mental decisions.
Many university students live with their families, while others live away from home because universities are in different places. What are the merits and demerits of both situations?
The contentious argument that whether organizations can solicit personal information from job seekers in an employment application has sparked a heated debate among many. In this essay, I will illustrate the merits and demerits of such practice by employers and then provide my own opinion. On the one hand, there are benefits to organizations in acquiring information about a prospective employee, including his hobbies, marital status, et cetera. The primary advantage is that the multinational corporations can gauge whether an applicant is a best-fit or not for a vacancy by asking for his or her personal data. For instance, a position that requires travelling frequently to various metropolitan cities in the world will not be a good-fit for married people because of their marital commitment. In addition, an organization can increase its employee retention rate by enquiring about a potential hire’s hobbies and interests. For example, a financial analyst who is fond of latest gadgets would be excited to work for a high tech corporation rather than another applicant who despises an advanced device. On the other hand, there are some cons in employers seeking personal information from job applicants. First of all, an organization may inadvertently drive away the best qualified candidate who has privacy concerns by asking for one’s hobbies, interests, marital status, et cetera. Moreover, some employers may resort to discriminatory practices by selecting potential hires based on their personal preferences. For instance, an interviewer who despises a game of cricket may overlook an applicant whose passion is to play with a bat and ball. Having considered a range of arguments, I firmly believe that the merits of an organization seeking personal information from job candidates outweigh the drawbacks; employers can match applicants to the vacancies and increase employee retention rates.
Consumer Goods are becoming more important part of society.state merits and demerits.
The world we live in today is experiencing a high rate of increase in population. This factor has given birth to the idea of family planning, where coulples tend to downsize the number of children they intend giving birth to so they can give them quality life. However, there are also demerits of having smaller families than larger families. The need for having a more conserved number of family members gives opportunity for every member of the family to live better than members of a crowded family. My point is that the fewer people are in a family, the more distribution of family resources for example . A couple with two children can easily send their wards to a more expensive and better school compared to parents of five children. Similarly, the smaller family will spend less on feeding and have extra for savings. Additionally, children from smaller homes tend to be more reserved in nature and better behaved as their parents would have more time to give them one on one training. On the other hand, there is a plus for most African families who are characterized with a large number of members because they have strength. A large family give chance for division of labour when it comes to work. For example, a farmer with many children has less to worry about over manpower compared to another family with less members who may have to hire labour. Furthermore, larger families have an advantage of members not experiencing loneliness unlike the smaller families. In conclusion, although smaller families have some reasonable high points over the larger families, we still cannot shelve aside the low points like loneliness of children from such families which often lead to withdrawal or Loss of confidence.
In some countries owning a home rather renting one is very important for people Why might this be the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation? In many nations, homeownership is considered to be of great significance. This essay discusses the reasons for this and why I believe it brings merits.
Thanks to technology we can save effort and time. Inmeantime, many individuals have household commodities such as television, microwave ,rice cookers and mobile cells.I personally believe that their merits surpass their demerits for reasons. In this essay, my point of view will be demostrated before reaching a conclusion. To begin with, people of present era have a hectic work schedule which can be compensated by getting their work done by using these cutting edge technological gadgets. This will save us from doing such labourious household chores. These equipments are easy to use and operate with less consumption of electricity. For instance, Television keeps us updated by providing plenty of information around the globe, air conditioner keeps our space clean and cool, washing machine is used to clean dirty clothes and save our hands from hazardous effect of chemical used in soap and laundry detergent.Therefore, it can be claimed that modern technolgy save us healthily and comfortably. In addition to this, Time spent in preparation of food, washing or ironing of clothes, is far less these days than it used to be in the past, and thanks to new technologies. A prime example is that just hundred years ago, it was unimaginable that you could keep your meats and other food items for months, to prepare some meals in just a couple of minutes or to wash a large number of clothes in just 30 minutes. That is the biggest advantage of these consumer goods, modern people spend far less time in doing household chores than they used to. Hence,it can be said that people can save time as it is the most valuable aspect in the modern society. In conclusion , after I have explained my perspective, it can be reiterated that modern appliances are invented to make people’s life easier and they are successful in that. However, we have to use them wisely in order no to be influenced by their negative sides.That's why it is recommended that we should not count on them on almost daily basis.
Many people are afraid to leave their homes because of the fear of crime. Why do you think people are so fearful these days? Do the merits of such a cautious approach outweigh the demerits?
Nowadays, more people get married to someone of a different culture than they ever did. Why is this happening? Discuss the benefits and demerits of this trend.
In recent years, there has been growing interest in the relationship between equality and personal achievement. Some people believe that individuals can achieve more in egalitarian societies. Others believe that high levels of personal achievement are possible only if individuals are free to succeed or fail according to their individual merits. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.
More and more people do not eat meals together with their family members. Why is this? Do the advantages outweigh the demerits?
Consumer goods are becoming more and more important.Discuss merits and demerits.
Consumer goods are becoming important part of society.statw merits and demerits.
Presents are token of love,which leads in great bonding between relatives .some section of society believe , giving money to juveniles is best gift for them.However other oppose it . Although many may see money as best gift as a positive phenomenon it is not a trend without drowbacks both merits and demerits.,will be discussed before a reasonable conclusion is reached. The first and foremost advantage is that teenagers can use that money,which they recieve as gife according to their requirements for instance books , cloths , and so on .Moreover , due to this they can also know about the tactics to utilise the money without the aid of their parents the second benefit is that few children also initiate saving by that amount which they are given by parents and kith and kins so that they can use that savings in their future. On the other hand it has Darkside too. First of all , juveniles are not mentally developed at this stage of life owing to if they are given money they can utilise those funds in an inappropriate ways such as for chocolate candies and so on which are not beneficial for their health apart from it due to this phenomena that children can start giving their preference to Money rather than relations. After analysing both the views it can be said giving money as gift to offsprings is not detrimental effect on them, if parents teach them importance of money at early age.
Nowadays, more people get married to someone of a different culture than they ever did. Why is this happenig? Discuss the benefits and demerits of this trend.
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