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Some people tend to take temporary jobs (they only work for few months of years)for they have time to do other things. Do you think that advantages outweigh disadvantages.
Some people prefer to have temporary jobs, which means they only work for a few months in a year and use the rest of time to do what they want. What is you opinion?
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Some people tend to take temparay jobs (they only work for few months of years )for they have time to do other things. Do you the advantage outweigh disadvantages.
It is often argued that the number of holidays awarded to employees should be in accordance with the nature of their job. I fully agree with this view. Some jobs are physically and emotionally more taxing than other jobs. For example, people working in the armed forces require more holidays. Since they are more likely to work in places far away from their home, it is essential to give them a few months of holidays per year. This enables them to spend some time with their family and rejuvenate themselves. Likewise, people working in oil rigs or construction sites need more off days to stay physically and mentally healthy. Hence, it is essential to take into account the nature of the job while determining the amount of holidays each employee should get. On the flip side, people working in the same office should be given the same number of holidays regardless of their designation provided that the nature of the job is the same. For example, if the manager is given more holidays than lower level employees, it may create resentment among the latter. Also, if the manager or the supervisor goes on holidays too frequently, it will affect the productivity of the organization because of the communication gap between them and other employees. Hence, it is essential to avoid such situations by giving the same number of holidays to all the people whose job requirements are more or less the same. In conclusion, I agree with the argument that the nature of the job should be the main criterion used for determining the number of holidays each employee gets. Employees performing the same kind of jobs should get the same number of holidays regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy
a letter to manager asking to work for 6 months at head office
In many countries, women are allowed to take maternity leave from their jobs during the first months after the birth of their babies. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
On 1 July 2015, the Government of India launched a massive campaign named "Digital India". AIM- The main aim was to improve access to technology to the people of the country. Digital India has helped people to get government services online and, they can post their complaints online to the government. Our Prime Minister has made many apps for them like swatch Bharat etc, it has helped people to get their roads repaired, get their job done easily and even faster, Digital India offers many services like Digitalocker etc where people can store their important data, information securely, this idea was supported by many companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc and They are also helping us in making our country digital, they are providing free WIFI to remotes areas with the help of drones etc and this has helped India by generating jobs, reducing the cost of import for all the necessary equipment. Digital Technologies include Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications which have emerged as the main reason for rapid economic growth. Digital India will change the face of many states, For example, Himachal Pradesh where many basic things such as the health care system, education and online business. Due to digital India people who do online banking has also increased to a very large extent. Digital India has the mission of making India digitally empowered and literate and all the services will be given online which made people to get information easily and, in all languages, it wants all the services be available to its citizens digitally which will make our country empowered and more developed economy DISADVANTAGES: The major disadvantage of digital India will be online fraud. The uneducated people will fall into this trap. Over and above, it may also lead to cyberbullying. SPENT -1 lakh cr Conversation Yashank- Hello suhird, it’s great to see you again Suhird – Hi, it's great seeing you too, how long has it been? It must be more than 6 months. I'm doing good. How about you? Yashank- Not too bad Suhird- What is new? Yashank- Well I wanted to meet you because I really want to talk to you about my friend. Suhird- Okay Yashank- Well, He doesn’t bring his books and disturbs others during study hours. He keeps on speaking and never lets other study. Due to him, I am not able to concentrate in class. Suhird- Did you try to talk to him? Yashank-Yes but he neither listens to me nor my friends. Suhird- Do teachers know about him? Yashank- I guess, but they just ignore him while they are teaching. Suhird – why don’t you try talking to him again? Yashank- I have done several times, but he still doesn’t pay attention. Suhird- I think you should talk to his class teacher about him. Since they have more experience than us in handling students. Yashank- OKAY, it sounds like a good idea. I will also ask him to make the subject more interesting and practical so that he is able to concentrate more on his studies. Suhird- Do you need help with anything else? Yashank- No, thank you for your time. Suhird – No problem brother. Bye Yashank- Bye
Thanks to technology we can save effort and time. Inmeantime, many individuals have household commodities such as television, microwave ,rice cookers and mobile cells.I personally believe that their merits surpass their demerits for reasons. In this essay, my point of view will be demostrated before reaching a conclusion. To begin with, people of present era have a hectic work schedule which can be compensated by getting their work done by using these cutting edge technological gadgets. This will save us from doing such labourious household chores. These equipments are easy to use and operate with less consumption of electricity. For instance, Television keeps us updated by providing plenty of information around the globe, air conditioner keeps our space clean and cool, washing machine is used to clean dirty clothes and save our hands from hazardous effect of chemical used in soap and laundry detergent.Therefore, it can be claimed that modern technolgy save us healthily and comfortably. In addition to this, Time spent in preparation of food, washing or ironing of clothes, is far less these days than it used to be in the past, and thanks to new technologies. A prime example is that just hundred years ago, it was unimaginable that you could keep your meats and other food items for months, to prepare some meals in just a couple of minutes or to wash a large number of clothes in just 30 minutes. That is the biggest advantage of these consumer goods, modern people spend far less time in doing household chores than they used to. Hence,it can be said that people can save time as it is the most valuable aspect in the modern society. In conclusion , after I have explained my perspective, it can be reiterated that modern appliances are invented to make people’s life easier and they are successful in that. However, we have to use them wisely in order no to be influenced by their negative sides.That's why it is recommended that we should not count on them on almost daily basis.
The line graph indicated the information about the number of questionnaires collected from Tourist Information office in a city based on individual, letter/email and telephone by first 6 months in 2011.
In many countries women are allowed to take maternity leave from their jobs during the first few months after the birth of their baby. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?
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In many countries, working women can take a few months of maternity leave after childbirth. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
Some people tend to take temporary jobs (they only work for few months of years )for they have time to do other things. Do you the advantage outweigh disadvantages.
Rishabh Varma Rishabh Varma, A Number's Person / Newbie @ Data Science Answered Jan 23, 2017 · Author has 124 answers and 290k answer views There are 2 Types of IELTS students who are concerned with the Examination process: One who really struggles with the day-to-day usage of English. One who wants to score Higher Bands for their very benefits in Work permits and college admissions. Writing: I cannot give much detail on how to prepare for the Writing part (I scored 7 Myself). Letter writing (General Module) or the Data Analysis (Academic module) carries less weightage, so concentrate more on the Essay Writing part. All I can say is that stick to the basic structure of Essay writing. Para 1: Reinstate the topic and take your stand on it. For the rest of the Essay, you can either say FOR the topic or AGAINST the topic. This part is important as you should have enough Data to speak for in the remaining essay. Para 2-3-4: Take 1 example in each Para and give details explanation of the same. Para 5: Mention the counter side of the argument I.e If you have been saying FOR the topic up till now, give 1 example of AGAINST part. But make sure that you indirectly take your discussion to what you have been saying up till now. (Example: You have said that eating Tomatoes is good for health. NOW in the 5th Para you need to discuss one drawback of the consumption of tomatoes, but sway the discussion towards how the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.) This will give strong signal to the examiner that you are completely aware of what you are talking about and that you are Afraid to take the Counter Examples. Para 6: Just summarize the entire discussion and give concluding sentence. DON'T add new details in the conclusion Para. It's a Red Cross. GRAMMER: You need to polish your grammer skills. It need not be at a high level though. You should provide a fer Complex Structured sentences every now and then. One such complex structure should consist: Verbs Nouns-Pronouns Subject-verb agreement Modifiers Idioms Parallelism Tenses SAMPLE ESSAY: Do look at the sample essays but do not panic looking at the language. Try and structure the sample in your own way. Those samples are 8.5 Bands and Indians usually get the least in the Writing Section. Speaking: If you are planning to take Classes for improving your communication skills, Please don't. Fluency comes from Practice. You need to work with the English language at least 3 months prior to your Exam date, if you are really struggling with the language. I will try and provide tips as I discuss the Different stages of this section. Section 1: This is an intro section. The interviewer will ask you about yourself and few details of things that matter to you or are related to your life. You will find tons of sample question for this section in the Internet. Topics range from: Hobby to Family to Education to Job to Flowers. You need to speak on any given topic whether related to you or not. Section 2: Cue Card. Again sample available. Make sure that you speak for at least 90 sec. Also you need to keep in mind that the Third Section is somehow related to what you say in this section. So do not exaggerate on things that you will find hard to explain in Third Section. Important thing here is speak for the complete length and make sense at the same time. PRACTICE: It won't take more than 30 mins per day to practice a range of topics. So make sure that you practice enough questions to be Exam Ready. I practiced a lot but on the exam day got topics that were completely different. The key for me way the fluency that I was able to achieve during practice and even though I was short of Ideas on the D-Day, it went well for me. There is no Written rule as to what you need to get 7 as the Interviewer is different and questions are random. Just practice and gain enough info on different topics and you will surely ace the Examination. I hope I was of some help. I hate diplomatic answers myself, but cannot help you here with anything else. Best of Luck!
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