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We have long imagined the possibility that life exists on other planets. Do you believe that there is life in the universe outside of earth? What would be the implications of proving that alien life exists? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.
Nowadays, in most of the country there is the possibility for children to attend either single-sex schools or co-educational schools. In past time, male and female couldn’t go in the same school, so there were only single-sex schools and for this reason people didn’t have any choice and must send their children to that type of schools. Consequently, now, there are more and more co-educational schools than single-sex schools which are becoming less common. Indeed, some parents don’t agree on sending their children to single-sex schools because this could cause problems in their future. Even though, single-sex schools seem to be more secure (controlled), where teachers can teach better and parents would be less worried on problems and arguments which can happen between the two different sex. Actually, these arguments are good for the development and growing of the children/prole. For instance, in mixed school is represented the real society where people are not divided into the two sex and have to work together and collaborate. So, co-educational helps to share ideas and confront opinions among several people who will be next citizens of the world. Of course, diversity can generate fighting, but this is something that a child has to experience. (Moreover, this schools help to develop the socialization of the children and start to send them to the right way for life) To sum up, I personally agree that children who attend single school would have some disadvantages in their future life, because society is mixed and the best time to learn how to live properly is actually childhood. In my opinion, school is a place for learning how to live with other people, for building/establish relationships and not only for memorizing topics.
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It is important to give children a possibility to act independently and make their own decisions from early age. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this idea?
It is sometimes argued that the crime rate and delinquent behavior could be reduced by doing the death penalty. In my opinion, it would be wrong to take someone's right to life. There are several reasons why capital punishment should be abandoned. Firstly, the death penalty might be equivalent to killing or murdering someone, and we do not have the right to deter someone to live. Secondly, criminals can re-education and re-socialize, and well be aware of the outcome and consequences of committing a crime. Finally, innocent people who wrongly commit would be executed. As a result, many families might put in many difficult situations, and many children would loss being with their parents and foster in a peaceful atmosphere. It is also argued that the crime rate could not be effectively reduced by killing offenders. On the other hand, capital punishment could act as a deterrent to others implementing crimes. Therefore, this eliminates the possibility of criminals re-offending. Furthermore, many young people would learn that breaking the laws could follow serious punishments, which certainly execute the murder or offender. There are also many cost-effective punishments which are low cost relating to imprisonment. Another reason is that criminals who commit heinous crimes should be put to death to protect society and reduce the people’s fear, so the offenders could not pose a threat to others. In conclusion, I do not believe that the death penalty could reduce aggressive behaviors and deter criminals from implementing crimes.
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