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Your child is going on a trip to another country for a week. The school authority is looking for some parents who can join the trip. You are interested in going with the children. Write a letter to the head of the school. In your letter, say why you want to join the team mention what you can do to assist also ask questions related to the trip
You are doing an evening course. Write a letter to the principal of your school and explain that the course that you are taking is slightly different in the way it is delivered from what the school offered. In your letter – provide the details of the course. – explain what the problem is – give some suggestions to fix the problem
Usually students have to study a range of different subjects. Some people believe that learning subjects without being interested in them won’t be beneficial. Do you agree or disagree with disagreement?
The chart bellow shows the different level of post-school qualifications in Australia and proportion of men and women who held them in 1999
Some parents believe that reading books for entertainment is a waste of time for children and they think that their children should read only read serious educational books. What is your opinion?
This graph shows the proportion of four different materials that were recycled from 1982 to 2010 in a particular country.
Some parents think that children should begin their formal education at a very early age. . Others think they should begin after 7 years of age. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
You have just read an article in a national newspaper which claims that town centres in your country all look very similar to each other. You don’t fully agree with this opinion. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper. In your letter Ÿ say which points in the article you agree with Ÿ explain ways in which your town centre is different from most other town centres Ÿ offer to give a guided tour of your town to the writer of the article
Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages togeather. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
The graph below shows the percentage of people in the different age group who went to the cinema once a month in Great Britain. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.
Although mother and father both play a crucial role for proper upbringing their children.But there are some people who claim that,mothers are contribute much time then their father.On contrary,a substantial number of pupils are considered that fathers contribute a significant role in children’s life.But people have strong feelings about their arguments.However,in my opinion,father and mother both are equally dedicate themselves for caring.Both sides will be discussed before reaching a reasonable conclusion. On the one hand, men have been more responsible to their children financially.Men spend their money for their offspring which is really difficult for women.Moreover,fathers are more serious to punish their children so that they avoid crimes.For instance,my younger cousin is now criminal it happened only for his mother because his mother always restrain his father to punish.Furthermore, father makes sure his children’s future about financial. On the other hand, mothers have a closer sensational relationship with their offspring then fathers as well as bonding with mothers is more strong.Moreover, mothers spend much time with their children.In addition,in many countries women are not involved with working as a result they get escope to spend their time with their children.For instance, if a child is crying no one can control even after given so many toys wherever mother comes to child,stop crying .Furthermore,women are genetically efficient at upbringing. To conclude, in my point of view,a kid needs enough affection and care of parents.But in our society women are superior at caring for their children.
In many families today, both the parents are working. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
In some countries, owning a homes rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might this be the case ? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation ?
Your have just read an article in a national newspaper which claims that town centers in your country all look very similar to each other. You don't fully agree with this opinion. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper. In your letter •say which points in the article you agree with •explain ways in which your town center is different from most other town centers. •offer to give a guided tour of your town to the writer of the article.
Today, more and more parents depend on their children’s grandparents for childcare. Do you think this is a positive or negative trend?
The table below shows the production of carbon dioxide in five different countries in 2006.
The line graph shows the number of books that were borrowed in four different months in 2014 from four village libraries, and the pie chart shows the percentages of books, by type, that were borrowed over this time. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
ou recently booked a part-time course at a college. You now need to cancel your booking. Write a letter to the college administrator. In your letter: say which part-time course you booked explain why you need to cancel your booking ask about booking a different course
Task - 1 The parents of your Australian friend Chris have invited you to a surpise birthday party for him/her. Write a letter to Chris's parents . In your letter •say why you think Chris will enjoy the surprise party • explain why you won't be able to attend the party • give details of a plan to see Chris at a different time. Write at leasr 150 words. You do not need to write any addresses. Begin you letter as follows: Dear Mr and Mrs Collins,
Many children are encouraged to do part time work by parents? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
The graph below shows the contribution to different sectors of Indian economy in 1950,1970 and 1990. Summarise the information, by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant
Some people believe that a significant difference between a parents age and their child's age is a good thing. Do you think the advantages of a significant age gap outweigh the disadvantages?
The chart below show changes in the proportion of energy produced from different resources in a country in 1985 and 2003
To begin, a significant change in education has led students around the world to obtain knowledge, either in the theoretical or the practical field. Generally speaking, many universities in the world have provided a good system in education with a purpose to improve the quality of education offered to their students. To make a good system to be more implemented, universities commonly give students the a time to gain experience in the practical field. The opportunity could be a program with the aim to encourage students in applying their theoretical knowledge in practice. The need for a better progress for today and the future is one of the reasons many students are looking for well-known companies to do an outside class learning. There are many efforts that must be done to get a good place to work. And, by this process, students are often faced daunting choice for determining companies. Frankly, there are many steps that they must be dealing with the recruitment, it could be a long process of recruitment. Besides that, he situation that students face will be more complicated when they must deal with the visa procedures in the country of destination. The situation above is often experienced by students who are willing to do internship abroad. As the impact, the situation is successfully created demands on providing the service to those students. Furthermore, Many internship business providers were established to help and solve a long process of placement. The company has the sole purpose of providing a good placement for international and local students. Students often feel reluctant to do internship since they are afraid of doing menial tasks. Those menial tasks such as making copies or making coffee are not able to fulfil their high expectation. Due to students’ expectation is not only about doing menial tasks, but they are also highly expected to have meaningful experiences which enable them to apply the hard and soft skill. Those experiences provide many opportunities for their future, real-world experiences, networking, time management, and career foundations. To work in companies, students have experiences to work hands on with the real business. Also, a good working place will provide an opportunity for students preparing for their priorities direction. Generally speaking, the people in companies will help interns by giving direction to their job. Students will receive guidance during their probation to achieve good performances. In general, an Internship is a way to test drive jobs for students, whether they are able to pursue their goals or explore different career options. Networking are often given by companies to students in order to gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional way. Many students expect this opportunity to explore their ability in communication as well as building companies’ connection. As students expect to meet business professionals in their field, networking is a proper place to practice their communication skill to bring positive impact to companies. Time management will train students to be better at managing their self and for the company. They won’t be able to survive in the company if they do not set up priorities. On the other side, they also must make all tasks is well organized, for examples finishing tasks on deadlines, handling phone calls or managing day-off to break or get permission. As a conclusion, Students must notice how crucial time management in global business as it makes tasks become well organized. They expect internship can be a career foundation for their future. They perceive that choosing the right path will help them to set up their next path. Most students choose the companies based on the linearity of the interest and prospects. As a conclusion, students are willing to do the internship with the hope to improve their ability to work for their next step in life.
You will be graduating from university and would like to invite your family to the ceremony. Write a letter of invitation to your parents. In the letter: – Explain that you have completed your studies – Give details of the event, including time, date and dress code – Let them know how many tickets they have and who they are for
The charts show the percentage of people working in different sectors in Town A in two years, 1960 and 2010
Some people think that current environmental issues are global problems and should therefore be deal with by the government while others believe that these problems can only be tackled by individuals. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Some people believe that lessons on becoming a good parent should be included in school curriculums. Others think that it is not essential for students. Discuss both opinions and give your opinion.
You have just read an article in a national newspaper which claims that town centres in your country all look very similiar to each other. You dont fully agree with this opinion. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper. In your letter say which point in the article you agree with explain ways in which your town centre is different from most other town centres offer to give a guided tour of your town to the writer of the article
children who are brought up in families that do not have large amounts of money are better prepared to deal with the problems of adult life than children brought up by wealthy parents. to what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion؟
The charts below show the proportion of people’s spending on different commodities and services in a particular European country in 1958 and in 2008
There are no longer enough natural resources to sustain current levels of economic growth. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Provide examples and supporting evidence to back up your opinion on this subject.
The charts show the proportion of holidaymakers of one region staying in different types of accommodation in three different years. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
You have seen advertisement in an australian magazine for someone to live with a family for six months and look after their six-year-old child. Write a letter to the parents. In your latter Explain why you would like the job Give details of why would be a suitable person to employ Say how you would spend your free time while you are in Australia
The graph below shows the quantity of goods transported in the UK between 1974 and 2002 by four different modes of transport. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.
Your friend has written to you asking for your advice on his/her parents who will be visiting your area. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter, you should: Suggest the places they can visit Recommend a place where they can stay Offer to do something with them.
Some parents prefer to have their children receive home tuition, an alternative that traditional education teachers have always questioned. What are reasons to support home tuition? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience
The Syrian civil war began in 2011 under the influence of the Arab Spring when the people of Syria started asking for reforms Syrian government repressed peaceful demonstrations by force and through killing innocents. That is when the armed opposition formed in Syria and Bashar Al Assad started defending his authority with all his might. The Syrian proved Al Assad has no real authority in Syria. It makes him looking for help from Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. Syrian people were started started. Russia and Iran use weapons against Syrian people. Syrian people started seeking refugees and help from other neighboring countries. War almost always creates a public disaster. Everywhere where war happens, civilization at risk. Many people in conflict areas need protection. They are innocent people who dream about the worth and safe world. Countries that focus their attention on ending war must put in extra effort to realize their mission. UN Representatives from various countries often propose peace missions as a solution. Through these representatives, countries can vocalize their opinions through communities like the UN where they are gathered and discuss world peacekeeping. Ironically, not all countries feel the same. In this case, several of them do not seem to support world peace. They focus on their political ideals. Therefore destruction and problematic scenarios continue. When talking about Syrian refugees there are always countries that are for and against their better interests. Countries like the US and organizations like the EU fully support ending the suffering in Syria. Other countries like Russia seem to not support the rebels or the end of their suffering, rather, they support the Syrian government. That is why there is not yet a consensus. Two draft texts — one from France and Spain, and the other from the Russian Federation — address the conflict in Syria. They failed to be adopted by the Security Council due to a heated debate on the content. Meanwhile, urgent calls for humanitarian intervention for the besieged city of Aleppo continue to be made. The French and Spanish text that would have had the Council demand an immediate halt to all aerial bombardments and military flights over the city of Aleppo received 11 affirmative votes, two abstentions (Angola and China), and two negative votes (Russian Federation and Venezuela). The Russian Federation’s text, by which the Council would have urged an immediate cessation of hostilities, particularly in Aleppo, received a vote of 4 in favor (China, Egypt, Russian Federation, Venezuela) to 9 against (France, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States), with 2 abstentions (Angola and Uruguay). The Statement JEAN-MARC AYRAULT, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, supports the end of the conflict in Syria. He spoke in front of representatives from all over the world about Aleppo. What happened in Aleppo could be a horrendous repetition of what had happened in Guernica, Sarajevo, and Grozny. ROMÁN OYARZUN MARCHESI (Spain) stated that the ongoing conflict could still be ahead. He demanded international organizations to not close their eyes to the situation. If the conflict could be ended, 1000 towns could be saved and a humanitarian catastrophe could be stopped. He talked about the intolerable actions of the Syrian Government who removed medical assistance to these areas. France and Spain have done everything they can to make the 15 nation council come to a consensus. The Russians continue to veto this proposal. VITALY I. CHURKIN (Russian Federation) the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Security Council President for October, spoke to his nation, stating that the backstory to the draft resolution was well known. He argued that after destroying Libya, the troika of permanent Western members of the Security Council had turned its eyes on Syria. Furthermore, the French delegation had not put forward a single constructive initiative. In its current proposed draft, the concept of a ban on all military flights had not been fleshed out. Denying Syrian Refugee Various countries deny Syrian refugees come to their country to get asylum. The US has denied an application from 7 % of Syrian refugees regarding their migration. I think this case is unique. Syrian refugees must apply application forms to be selected later by the US administration. There will be failed application and accepted application. US faced dilemma whether they accepted or not. Syrian refugee often associated with a “terrorist country”. Various countries must be thinking twice to accept a thousand people who come from Syria. It is caused by previous terror in Paris, officers find a Syrian passport who belong to one of the terrorists.
The chart below shows the internet users (in millions) in different countries in the Middle East as of June 2017. 150 words minimum
Most Children want to watch the same TV programmes or play the same video games as their friends. Do you think parents should allow their children to do this ?
The graph below shows the percentage of workers from five different European countries that were absent for a day or more due to illness from 1991 to 2001. Summaries the information by selecting reporting the main feature, and make comparisions where relevant.
In many countries around the world young people decide to leave their parent's home once they finish school. They start living on their own or sharing a home with friends. Do you agree or disagree with this approach. Give your opinion.
Some workers work for the same organization whole their life while others think it is better to work for different organizations. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
What distinguishes young people from their parents' or grandparents' generation is a lack of physical exercise. Today's generation are spending far too long playing computer games, chatting aimlessly on social networking sites or simply watching TV, and too little time being active. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Some people say that the idea of having a career with one company is an old-fashioned one. To what extent do you think having several different jobs or careers is better than a career with one company?
Men and women are different in terms of their characteristics and abilities. For this reason some job are better done by men and others by women. do you agree or disagree?
Music is considered to be a way to connect people from different cultures and ages. Do you agree or disagree?
In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might be this is the case? Do you think this is a psitive or negative situation?
Table and bar chart show how journey times in a city centre changed after improvements were made to the transport network, and the costs of using different form of transport in the city?
The graph below shows the consumption of fish and some different kinds of meat in a European country between 1978 and 2003.
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