Differences between countries are barely evident these days. Everyone in the world is wearing the same brands and watching the same TV channels and movies. Do you think it is a positive or a negative development?

There are split opinions regarding similarities between countries in casual matters
as using the same brands and watching the same TV channels and movies. Some believe that it is beneficial, while, another group of individuals thinks that it is unfavourable.
, both have its own pros and cons.
, before commenting on my decision, both the opinion would be discussed. Examining the former opinion, the foremost argument the supporters would put forward is that it can improve a
economical growth of a developing country.
is because, many multinational companies have their branches worldwide, which can solve the major issue of an unemployment.
, by watching same TV shows and movies, information as well as knowledge can be spread in the globe.
For example
, the channel like ‘Discovery’ broadcasts the knowledge about current researches from the different parts of the world. So that,
is necessary for the developing nations being in touch with a developed one.
On the contrary
, the latter view suggests that it has several drawbacks. The primary disadvantage is that it can cause a loss of an identity of a particular brand.
For instance
, Nike, Skechers, Starbucks, McDonald’s can be found all over the globe.
, competition has increased with globalisation. Thereby, circulating the information or products can lead to mislay of a mastery of a manufacturer or a founder.
As a result
, it can be unprofitable for any nation to share
economical objects. To sum up and offer my position, I would state that increased equality between nations is a positive thing.
, it can help in the development of a whole population. It can
improve the relations between regions.

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