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A lot of people believe that in order for us to stop global warming, we need to ban all products that have any form of carbon emission, which unfortunately petrol cars are one of those products. In this essay I will discuss why I don't think petrol cars should be banned.
This essay is about to buy the different products to fulfil our dreams. In this essay we will argue about the both elements, to what extent we are agreed of disagreeing, and will share our opinion.
The need for educating people from elementary level to the tertiary has caused a clamour for free education at those levels. This is particularly important because not everyone, although bearing a part of the country's future, can access it. While I agree it is important that everyone is educated, I disagree that every level should not be paid for.
With the advancement of technology, the gadgets and instruments have taken over most of the field jobs. Although this revolution has various drawbacks like unemployment and effects on health due to lesser activities, yet it has many benefits which outweigh them.
There has been an increase in violence featured in the mass media in recent times. It is argued by some people that this trend has detrimental effects on the way young ones behave. I agreed with this view, as violence promotes bullying and it desensitizes children's view of crime.
These days people believe that parents of a child should make arrangements such as play dates and other group activities to engage them and keep them busy. But, some argue that children should be left to themselves and learn to play on their own. Although both the scenarios provide equal opportunity for learning, I believe that the former statement is more valuable than the latter.
Some people believe that the best way to reduce traffic and pollution from transportation is rising the cost of fuel. This essay disagrees with this solution, a better way is changing personal behaviour, and improve the public transport together.
Currently, the overall proportion of people in the adolescent age group is significantly greater than the figure for those older, in several nations. More people in the productive years of their lives, is certainly advantageous to the economy, because of their increased competencies to contribute to the development of a country, though there are a few disadvantages. In this essay, we will discuss how this situation is beneficial.
In some parts of the world, there have been a rise in the crime attributed to the youths. Hence, it is argued by some people that youngsters who commit serious crime should be punished like adults. I disagree with this view, as it is unjust, while it would expose teenagers to corrupting influences.
Education over the years has been developed and changed drastically. A plethora of subjects has been amended, or even replaced for more advance ones in order to cope with new life demands, but still reading, writing and scientific subjects such as math are usually remain as the core of any education system. However, the advent of innovative technology such as computer and the advantages that it makes, forced educators to consider it as important as other subjects in any students’ curriculum...
Nowadays, instead of venturing into business, people choose to work and stay in corporations. The reasons behind the fear of people in entering business are related to the risks involved and professional background, but there are also solutions that can be done.
Some people believed that youngsters are predisposed to many risks, and thus, should stay back in their homes at all times. However, others think that they should be supported to leave their families at some time. In my view, growing children should be given opportunity to live away from their homes from about 14 to 15 years.
Educational qualification has become a great tool for securing a good job, hence, the recent increase in the number of people gaining admission into universities. However, some people say that employers should concentrate on personal attributes rather than academic degrees and experience while employing workers. I totally disagree with this viewpoint.
Science has improved many aspects of our lives and may create opportunity for people to live to advanced age in the future. Although this might be beneficial to individuals, but may have negative impacts on the society. This essay will outline the advantages and risks of living up to 150 years.
Technologies like brain-mapping and psychoanalysis have enabled scientists to predict accurately whether a child will grow up to be a miscreant in the society or not. Such discoveries have sparked a debate whether crime is an aspect of human nature and I am totally against this belief.
Science has played an integral part in the life of people that enlarge the expected rate of them on earth. It is believed by some that would benefit the society in multifarious ways, whereas others argue that it may cause detrimental effects to the human race. In this essay, I shall elucidate why I disagree with the viewpoint of having increased a life span.
Most of the recruiters often ask their applicants certain questions related to their personal interests and background. Many of us believe such questions are related to the jobs we are applying for, while some believe they are irrelevant. In my view, it is important that the hiring organisation knows our personal details as long as they use them appropriately.
Nowadays, we are bombarded with advertisements on TV or billboards. Some argue that people can be negatively influenced due to that fact that these ads have changed our minds. In my opinion, I tend to agree with this idea.
In some parts of the world, children below the age of 20 are prohibited from going out after a certain hour after sunset unless a responsible adult, accompanied them or a family member because of the upsurge of the violence rate recently. It is agreed that such a measure is paramount to ensure the safety of society's members.
The trend of grandparents being responsible for bringing up their grandchildren is being increasingly witnessed these days. In this essay, I shall discuss the reason why I believe this is largely a positive development even though there are a few potential and minor drawbacks associated with this development.
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