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In the contemporary world, environmental pollution and housing issues have contributed to the deterioration of public energy and some people believe that governments should develop initiatives to address these challenges. While I agree with this sentiment to a large extent, I am inclined that compelling outcomes will not be readily evident by simply concentrating on solving environmental contamination and housing challenges.
Nowadays, people are divided over whether being open to changes in existence is better than doing the same things. This essay aims to shed light on both opinions and reveal my personal perspective.
A common belief is that it is preferable to purchase a smaller wardrobe of higher-priced apparel, in lieu of owning a large range of less expensive clothing. I strongly agree with this concept as pricey outfits last longer and give a much better first impression.
Some claim that it is more beneficial to purchase less. I strongly agree with this assumption because hardly anyone can anticipate what will happen in the future, and an extravagant lifestyle can cause far more difficulties, especially when catastrophes are besetting the world.
Countless discoveries in scientific fields could have been successful due to a pre-clinical examination of living things. Hence, it is widely considered that animal tests are necessary for people. However, some strongly support animal rights. In my opinion, this step of scientific research should be banned. This essay will evaluate the reasons for my statement and suggest alternatives .
In the contemporary world, the popularity of handwriting has been on a continuous decline as opposed to its heyday back in the 1900s when there was no alternative. It is my contention that the advancements accomplished in the field of technology have caused people to switch towards sending online emails and using instant message tools to communicate, therefore, completely substituting handwriting as a method of communication which I believe is a multifaceted phenomenon with both positive and negative implications.
Various controversies have emerged as to whether professionals should work in other states. While many people think that professional workers owe a debt to the country they trained in, I believe that they should be free to work where they choose because they can earn more money.
In recent years, the installation of video cameras in public areas has increased to reduce crime. However, some people believe that these measures restrict our personal rights. This trend has both merits and shortcomings, and I think that the merits outweigh the shortcomings.
The migration from rural areas to cities has gained momentum over the last half of a century. It poses numerous issues for both villages and towns. This essay will shed some light on the main problems of such a phenomenon and provide several plausible solutions to resolve the same.
It is argued that countries with high incomes have to allow a larger number of refugees to cross their borders. I completely agree with this statement because it is morally correct and beneficial for their economies in the long term.
It can be noticed that the dangers of consuming cigarettes are well-announced, yet many individuals continue to smoke. This essay will present the cause of this trend as well as suggest the augmentation of campaigns that would talk about the risks related to smoking.
In this day and age, it is considered by a plethora of individuals that, elders have difficulty acclimating to new high-tech devices. The main cause of this is the novel nature of the technology revolution and the best solutions involve education.
In our fast-paced society, advancements in technology have made it easy to fight against grave illnesses. Some societies have a notion that it can result in increased quality of life and people live longer compared to the past. In the forthcoming paragraphs, this essay will delve into the salient impacts that modern science has on individuals and societies as a whole.
The last 50 years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of marriages in lower ages even from 8 or 9. Yet, there remains some disagreement as to whether it is better to settle down at an earlier age or leave it after 21. While there are certainly valid arguments to the contrary, in this essay, I would contend that working on goals and postponing marriage even after 25 would lead to more successful and happier consequences.
The last 50 years have seen a dramatic increase in the longevity of humans in various parts of the world. Yet, there remains some disagreement as to whether this is a positive or negative trend. While there are valid arguments to the contrary, in this essay I would contend that the advantages of the ageing population are incomparable with its drawbacks. Two of the primary reasons for this are as follows.
In this day and age, it is considered by a plethora of individuals that, a good deal of schools have made uniforms obligatory. However, there are plenty of schools where students are allowed to dress what they want. In this following essay, I shall express the merits and demerits of wearing a uniform.
Some individuals have improper diets due to easy reach to fast food meals. This leads to some difficulties and this essay will discuss its reasons and solutions.
In recent years, a noticeable trend has emerged in several nations, wherein a growing number of individuals are exhibiting keen interest in uncovering the historical significance of the houses or buildings they inhabit. This surge in curiosity can be attributed to several factors. Primarily, the desire to connect with the past and understand the lineage of one's dwelling plays a pivotal role in driving this inclination. By delving into the history of their homes, people seek to establish a sense of belonging and identity rooted in the narratives of previous occupants and the surrounding community. Moreover, the resurgence of architectural appreciation has fueled this trend. With an increased appreciation for craftsmanship and design, individuals are motivated to explore the origins of their residences, thereby gaining insight into the architectural evolution of their locality. Furthermore, the advent of technology has facilitated easy access to historical records and archives, enabl...
In this day and age, more companies are making attempts to recruit and retain the differences between the total of female and male employees to the least. However, in my opinion, it can be possible in some specific fields, and the overwhelming sum of males is inevitable in physical jobs.
A lot of people nowadays are drawn to buying branded things such as vehicles, clothes and bags. Some of the reasons behind this fad is because of the quality of luxury goods and the influence of famous artists and I think that this is a negative development because this can lead to debts.
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