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More and more people in the workforce are not exercising enough during the workday, and are becoming physically unfit. This is as a result of the hectic nature of some jobs experienced by workers. The solution to this must be that organizations must give more free days at the office.
Environmental pollution is one of the biggest challenges faced by the world, and plastic bags play a major role in it. Many believe its use should completely be restricted, and I completely agree with this narrative, as it is not only a major cause of pollution, but also hazardous to the marine world.
It is a fact that English is in an outstanding position in the world as it is used globally nowadays. This has caused people to think about whether it is beneficial to have an exclusive language worldwide. This development/ trend is positive thanks to the benefits which have been brought to human life.
Although it is argued by many that some people are bestowed with certain talents at birth, others claim that anyone can learn to become good at any game or music. In my opinion, I think that any child can acquire skills in sport and entertainment.
Nowadays, numerous high schools all over the world have added free community service programs as a main part of their education discipline. Although there are some commentators who believe that youth participation in these services should be always a personal option, I strongly adopt the opinion that it should be an obligatory part of the whole education process.
Nowadays, there is a rise in the operating cost of tertiary institutions. Some nations use funds from taxation to finance this cost, but it is insufficient to keep up with the accepted standard of universities. In years to come, universities can be financed using the internally generated funds as well as returns from investments.
Some people often think that the availability of the technological advancements nowadays are raising the distance between the wealthy and the poor, while others believe it has an opposing effect. In the following essay, I will discuss about both views.
It is true that people who choose to have unhealthy lifestyle also have the highest chance of getting a disease. In the following paragraphs, I shall provide some reasons why this is happening and give a possible solution to solve the issue.
In this competitive world, people are migrating from villages to cities for seeking the opportunities and for improving their lifestyle. However, it is good, but people forget the importance of rural area. In my opinion, it is good but there should be a proper balance in these areas. And also, what kind of problems many countries face because of people moving into urban areas.
Helping in the world is among the one of the most important qualities. However, poverty stricken nations should be assisting with the essential needs of wealthy nations. Thus, I believe that it's important to the nations to help because the nations can increase their relations.
The growing interest of the public to the celebrities without any outstanding backgrounds is being increasingly witnessed these days. In this essay, I shall discuss the main cause why this change has occurred and explain why I believe it could be a positive tendency once governments give proper guidance.
As per an adage, 'In old age difficulties run into us'. In England, as the person reaches towards the elderly age, they prefer to stay in nursing homes. The nation's organisations bear the expenditures. There is a notion that the family should take care of their parents or grandparents. However, I concur with the current system and believe that the family person shouldn't be burdened with the cost of these facilities.
It is suggested that the academic abilities should be considered as a priority by the schools while choosing students. However, opponents agreed to select the students with different abilities to study together. This essay will ponder upon both views; before approaching down to any conclusion along with my hypothesis.
There has been a progressive rise in the number of people suffering from work related stress. Few psychologists state that an ideal way to combat stress is by spending adequate time relaxing. This essay will discuss reasons why I completely agree with the above-mentioned statement.
It is true that a lot of people are fond of copying famous fashion trends and hairstyles. There are primary causes for influencing them and In my own perspective, I believe that this is a negative development.
Having a job is a necessity for folks in all stages of their life because it is the main method that human uses to build a life. Some managers ask applicants for some information that they consider as personal. It may include what they interested in and even their marital status. Some people agree and others disagree. In my opinion, it is something important for the employer and the employee. In the following lines, both views will be discussed.
Although it is thought that children should not be allowed to decide on everyday issues like food, clothes, other people argue that young people should be made to decide about matters affecting them. It is my opinion that allowing kids to choose for themselves helps to raise better children for the future.
To start with, there is no doubt about the existence of a supreme being. Although some people believe that the only pathway to God is through Jesus, others disagree and argue that there are various paths to seeing God. In my essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and explain my support for the latter view.
There is no doubt about the existence of a supreme being. While some people believe that the only pathway to God is through Jesus, others disagree and argue that there are various paths to seeing God. In my essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and explain my support for the latter view.
The writer’s view, there is a hot debate over helping to the everybody that needs it to run the universe. Although, the priority in each society should attend their situation. However, I also disagree with the idea that either governments or peoples should help them at any price. For the purpose, there are different ways, like supportive and charity international and regional institution.
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