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Educational qualification has become a great tool for securing a good job, hence, the recent increase in the number of people gaining admission into universities. However, some people say that employers should concentrate on personal attributes rather than academic degrees and experience while employing workers. I totally disagree with this viewpoint.
The scientific community has largely been divided over the notion of sending messages to extra-terrestrial creatures. While some are of the opinion that we need to contact these intellectual outer space creatures, others believe that, such an attempt could be disastrous. In my opinion, we should try to communicate with other life forms, because it will help us in making more discoveries. This essay will discuss both these views.
Science has improved many aspects of our lives and may create opportunity for people to live to advanced age in the future. Although this might be beneficial to individuals, but may have negative impacts on the society. This essay will outline the advantages and risks of living up to 150 years.
Technologies like brain-mapping and psychoanalysis have enabled scientists to predict accurately whether a child will grow up to be a miscreant in the society or not. Such discoveries have sparked a debate whether crime is an aspect of human nature and I am totally against this belief.
Science has played an integral part in the life of people that enlarge the expected rate of them on earth. It is believed by some that would benefit the society in multifarious ways, whereas others argue that it may cause detrimental effects to the human race. In this essay, I shall elucidate why I disagree with the viewpoint of having increased a life span.
Most of the recruiters often ask their applicants certain questions related to their personal interests and background. Many of us believe such questions are related to the jobs we are applying for, while some believe they are irrelevant. In my view, it is important that the hiring organisation knows our personal details as long as they use them appropriately.
Nowadays, we are bombarded with advertisements on TV or billboards. Some argue that people can be negatively influenced due to that fact that these ads have changed our minds. In my opinion, I tend to agree with this idea.
In some parts of the world, children below the age of 20 are prohibited from going out after a certain hour after sunset unless a responsible adult, accompanied them or a family member because of the upsurge of the violence rate recently. It is agreed that such a measure is paramount to ensure the safety of society's members.
The zoo is always attractive to the children, and families. And many people often visit such places on different occasions, but some people are not in favour of zoos and it should be dismissed, but comparatively other things that’ it’s very positive and helpful for some rare forest animal breeds. In this essay we will argue about both points of view, and to what extent we are agreeing or disagreeing and will share our opinion.
The sources of happiness are always debatable and money does not guarantee this. I completely agree with the notion and believe that balanced life and good health are equally important.
Education is always a heated topic around people’s life. Some parents think that reading entertainments book is useless for their children’s growth, they should spend all the time on serious educational books. Personally, I do not support this opinion.
A major number of society thinks that it is not a good idea to make older people to work who are above 60. Instead, they should be retired. Although retirement is indispensable, I do not think they should be retired above the age of 60. This essay will discuss this issue using examples to support arguments and demonstrate it.
Over recent years, more and more residents have attended university and argument have persisted as to whether students should pay for this privilege or not. While there is convincing debate on both sides, I strongly believe that this tuition fee should be free.
Which way is the best method to get information has become a hot topic of discussion these days. Some people perceive that we can take other peoples’ recommendations and ideas while others believe it is better to do it through the books and internet. In this essay, I shall discuss both perspectives in detail before reaching a final verdict that both perspectives hold equal significance.
While there are those who believe that the upper-level employees are the reason behind the success of the company whereas the opposition argues that it is because of the key role played by the different aspects of the company. It is imperative to consider both arguments before arriving at a conclusion.
Nowadays, higher education is critical for both men and women. It is considered that tertiary education institutes should accept the same number of female and male students in every course. I strongly disagree with this view, because this may de-motivate them from learning and placement in subjects should be according to the ability.
It is said that teaching children to become independent and learning to decide on their own as early as possible is significant to them. In my own perspective, I believe that learning these things should depend on the child's age.
It is true that technological improvements aid in the prevention and resolution of criminal activities, which lead to a drastic reduction in crime rate. In my opinion, I agree that the use of technology is key to minimizing levels of crime. However, I believe that it eases people to commit crime.
Environmental pollution is one of the biggest challenges faced by the world, and plastic bags play a major role in it. Many believe its use should completely be restricted, and I completely agree with this narrative, as it is not only a major cause of pollution, but also hazardous to the marine world.
It is a fact that English is in an outstanding position in the world as it is used globally nowadays. This has caused people to think about whether it is beneficial to have an exclusive language worldwide. This development/ trend is positive thanks to the benefits which have been brought to human life.
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