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In the salad days of the millennium, the society is polarised into two groups almost equally. Regarding the notion that, whether schools should enrol students as per their academic abilities, while others are against it. However, different people have their distinct mindset. In my opinion, academic institutions should student of various skills and ability. Thus, everyone can experience each others part. The following paragraphs would shed light on both the approaches before making a final note.
Money has become an important issue among family members. A number of people think that giving pocket money to children weekly will reduce money problems in their future life as an adult. I completely agree with this view and I believe that children should learn how to manage their money which is given by their parents.
Consumer goods have become the mainstay of people’s living.  This essay is an attempt to study the merits and demerits and provide a conclusion.
More violence content in the media and the lack of correct guidance from parents are to blame for an endemic of juvenile delinquency all around the world. There are a number of punishments which should be meted out to deter youth crime.
While few people relate happiness to money, there are others who firmly believe that contentment can never be achieved through wealth. Different people have varying perspectives about being happy and there is no single definition of It. In fact, all individuals have their own ways of achieving pleasure.
Environmental issues have recently become one of the most concerned topics all over the world. Many people assert that individuals cannot do anything to alleviate these issues. They also claim that only administrations and prosperous firms can make a difference. Personally, I disagree with this opinion. I believe that saving our natural habitat is every human being’s obligation. Along with governments and large companies, we can make huge differences.
There is no iota of doubt that, television and especially the internet have made it possible for an everyday people to become a celebrity much more easily in the past. This phenomenon is offering multifarious benefits to people lead to a regular, innocent person having their life memorable. However, sometimes a couple of problems emerge due to the same. The following paragraphs would cast light on the pros and cons of this development.
It is commonly believed that one of the effective ways to communicate information is using pictures. This method is already being practiced by news agencies such as electronic or print media. In my opinion, however, I believe that using only pictures, without some written description, is not very effective rather using a combination of pictures with words, describing that picture, is a better approach to communicate a piece of information.
With a sharp increase in the population of the main cities of the world, overpopulation has become a challenging task for the nations to manage. Imbalanced migration in search of better lifestyle is the major cause behind this overcrowding of urban centres, and the government’s focus on the development of country side’s can surely solve this problem.
In the contemporary era, there is a heated argument over the issue that town planners should have a preference for more parks and gyms to be created than business districts and shopping malls. A lion's share of the society favours it, however the rest goes adverse it. While I understand the concerns of people who hold this opinion, it seems to me that shopping centres are just as important as parks and gyms in a municipality. The following paragraphs would highlight my personal perspective with an apt example.
Studying abroad as an undergraduate or postgraduate has become very famous in today's world which, can be as a result of different factors. Studying abroad as its ups and downs just like anything in life and due to this, there is a constant question; "are the demerits more than the merits when an individual decides to study abroad?" This usually rings in every prospective student's mind. Thus, the essay will examine whether the disadvantages overrides the advantages.
Nowadays, it has observed that lifestyle diseases increases because of poor lifestyle and eating habits. In my opinion, it is vital that the education system tries to provide knowledge about the health and its importance in life. The following essay state points to support my opinion.
It is true that only foreigners prefer to witness museums and historical places these days. High ticket prices and lack of interest can be the reasons for the low number of local visitors than foreigners, which can be overcome by giving additional benefits such as lower access fees to native people and organising events at these places.
Some people have a perspective that advertisements lure us to purchase goods that are not of necessity. But, others are of the view that advertising enlightens us about new items which might ameliorate our lives. I strongly agree that ads motivate consumers to buy unwanted things. In this essay, I will discuss both of these viewpoints.
Many argue that courses like music, drama and creative writing are vital while educating, so each school ought to incorporate them into its curriculum. I totally agree with this opinion, because such education contributes to making a well rounded student and it breaks monotony of academic studies.
It is undeniable that the ecosystem requires enormous attention at the present time. It is stated by some of the population that the common public should not be engaged in improving the atmosphere, and it is the duty of the constitution and large-scale industries to bring the change. However, I completely disagree with the above given statement. The following essay will highlight the reasons for the disagreement.
There is a division in certain quarters about why foreign languages are learned. While some people think that the sole purpose is for visiting and working abroad, others believe that there are more reasons for it such as appreciating international art. Although I strongly believe that there is more to studying other languages, both sides of the argument will be discussed.
There is no doubt that climate change has become a severe global concern. Although many think that developed countries have played the major role in this issue, there are several measures that can be taken to properly address this problem.
With the growth in aviation, many countries now choose this mode of transport to export food such as fruits and vegetables to places where they are not in season or cannot be grown. I would argue that this has positive and negative implications.
It is universally believed that the Internet has so far been the most groundbreaking innovation that mankind has ever witnessed. While many people agree with this idea, I would contend that the invention of electric power is infinite more important than data network.
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