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It is universally believed that the Internet has so far been the most groundbreaking innovation that mankind has ever witnessed. While many people agree with this idea, I would contend that the invention of electric power is infinite more important than data network.
In this day and age, a lot of impressive buildings and enormous architectures are constructed in many countries. While the government is investing in large buildings, I believe that hospitals and schools are very essential to develop and need more attention from the authorities.
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The childhood is considered as the golden period of the human's life.In this phase, everyone enjoy their lives, without any societal pressure and restrictions.It is a widely held belief that due to the change in the lifestyles of the parents, children are suffering a lot.I totally agree that many children suffer due to an inadequate time, parents can spend with them. In this essay, we will discuss both sides of the coin before any conclusion can be drawn.
Nowadays, one of the serious problems that people are facing is global warming and the increasing rate of sea levels. This essay will discuss some issues that are related to this phenomenon. This essay will also tackle some various ways to solve this.
Science and art are the two strong pillars of the modern society. While scientists and technology experts are thought to be more appreciated by the people nowadays, I believe that musicians and other artists are equally valued in our society.
Nowadays, It is believed by many that preventing health issues are more significant than curing them. However, many of the people do not agree with this thought. I believe in the thought of "Prevention is better than cure" and budget from the government should have some part of it. In this essay, I will throw some light on the pivotal role of good health and government authorities to prevent several ailments.
In this modern era, sharing information between the people would reach easily and quickly. Some folks believe that this expected speed of communication can be done with the help of modern technology application via through electronic mail, social media sites. Others believe that because of these activities, the letter-writing will not have the influence to decline. I largely agree that the latter viewpoint is true.
Nowadays, there has been an overriding concern over the trend of detailed reports of crimes in mass media. Many people assert that the news media should refrain from revealing details of crimes. In my view, I can not agree with this opinion anymore.
In today's world, the relevance of doctors and inventors cannot be over-emphasized. Although some people argue that doctors are more important than inventors in our society. I agree to this statement, and I believe my points will be discussed in this essay and also instances from my knowledge.
There are different views about whether governments should spend money, preferably on the roads or the railways. While some consider that the roads are more important than the rails, I completely agree that the rails should be a priority of any nation due to two reasons.
Individuals are involved in one form of work or another and people give a significant part of their adulthood to working, with joy and pleasure being an integral part of it. This essay shall look at the reasons behind job satisfaction and also examine if these hopes are feasible.
Many people, once committed to a job would tend to pursue it throughout their lives without considering any change. Changes, however, are considered by others to be great because it would break the monotonous routine. In my opinion, selecting the best option and then sticking to it would be the best policy to achieve excellence.
Different people wish to spend their lives differently. Some people choose to stay unchanged in their entire life, while others wish to change with each opportunity and consider it beneficial. I believe that alter is always a good thing, and leaving the whole life doing the same things can be problematic.
Many countries invest a large sum of money to ease the use of bicycles. The main reason behind this investment is that those countries think that the bicycles help to reduce traffic congestion which is a major problem in city centres. Despite the fact that the promotion of two-wheeler is one of the best solution to address this problem, it alone is not enough to solve effectively.
The rate at which large grocery stores are increasing in some part of the world is incomparable with local stores. I completely agree that this will make difficult for local vendors to exist. This essay will discuss how advancement in super-marts are affecting native merchant.
The people of today sleep less compared to the past. The main reason for this trend is that people spend most of their time on digital tools. Lack of sleep leads to sleep problems and drowsy driving, which is a major problem in many countries.
It is argued that teachers in preschools and primary schools exert more effect on intelligence and social skills of children than parents. While I agree with the viewpoint, I believe that parents probably have a great impact on the development of their offspring.
Nowadays, the purpose of public libraries sparked a heated debate in our society. Whereas, some experts proclaimed that only written books should render by common libraries, apart from that should not allocate resources on e - tech devices because it is a wastage. However, I totally disagree with this statement since today's world based on technology. Anyway, the following essay will consider the benefits of remedies in general libraries.
It is argued by some people that both skilled and unskilled workers should be paid the same wages regardless of their level of education. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this notion for a number of reasons.
Most contemporary economics allow such a model of employment as being self- employed instead of devoting to a firm or corporation. This circumstance based on some reasons and it can amplify drawbacks too. Anyway, this essay will attempt to look into these two factors.
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