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Village in the East Village is located in the east part of the India and it is heavy populated area. This village is also called as Washington. I watched a movie yesterday on my laptop. It was quite interesting to know about western culture. They have shown more about the food and living style of the people. Those people wear choose to wear clothes according to the season in the movie. In winter, they wore cotton fabric clothes and summer they chose silk fabric. Most of the people are brownish and tall with big and flat eyes, sharp noses and curled hair. Secondly, food is a significant aspect to them. We had found too many restaurants in all most all the cities and there are wide varieties of cuisine which look mouthwatering. I like milk products. Moreover, 50% of the people of this country do farming, because they have abundant water facilitating rivers. The remaining percentage of people do aquaculture. Despite, Cities are crowed and lot of pollution like air, water, light and etc. But cities are land of opportunities. In addition, transportation is easy. Most importantly, we can enjoy life in cites comparing to villages whereas we could find cinema theaters, restaurants, parks and many more. At the last, cities are more secure than villages because cities will be having police stations. In generally, villages are the awesome place to spend the healthy life.
There is information about water use worldwide adn water consumption in two different countries. Summerise the informations.
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Some people think that several short holidays from school are better, while others think one long summer holiday for the year is better for children. Discuss both views and include your own opinion and relevant examples from your experience.
In some countries children take up paid jobs during the summer vacation. Some people feel that this amounts to child labour. Others argue that summer jobs help children learn valuable lessons. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
( Do you agree or disagree with the following statement : It's a good idea to send homework assignments for students during summer breaks) examples and reasons.
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