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It is undeniable that developments of industrial estates and construction sites in several countries have environmental impacts on society, especially housing near those premises. Consequently, the quality of air and wat
There are a number of issues related with air pollution and water contamnitation in flourishing countries that cause industration and construction. These are mainly the lack of legal penalty and public awareness. There
In most of the developing nations, the quality of water and air is affected by construction and industrial activities. This essay explains causes like how carbon dioxide emission and sewage water from industries and cons
In recent years, there has been tremendous increase in the number of individuals questioning the negative impact of industry and construction in developing countries. One of the main dangers of this worrying trend is lin
Human needs and wants lead to new advancements in technology. The developments in industries and constructions cause detrimental effects on the quality of air and water in many developing nations. However, a number of vi
There is a decrease in the quality of air and water as a result of industrialisation and construction in several underdeveloped nations, which increases the level of water and air pollution. However, a number of viable s
The growth of industry and construction has fostered air and water pollution in developing countries. However, industrialization has some negative consequences, solutions will mitigate these problems.
The quality of air and water is decreasing nowadays, especially in developing states. It’s just owing to industries and construction sectors. This was always debatable but has now become more controversial, with many peo
In many developing countries, the kind of atmosphere and drink is declining due to the activities of both industry and construction. This is a serious complication that can have a negative impact on the health of the com
Nowadays, many developing countries are facing a challenge of air and water pollution caused by industrialization and construction. This essay will suggest two possible solutions to restrain these issues in terms of reg
There are many problems in developing countries such as declining quality of air and water from industry and construction. So, to prevent this problem they should build landfill and using eco-friendly ingredient.
There are many cases of declining quality in air and water caused by the high percentage of pollution from both industry and construction, which often happened in developing countries. Thus, there are several measures th
It is considered that many third world countries have faced the problem of air and water pollution. This essay firstly will suggest that the biggest problem of this phenomenon is improper waste disposal in production and
Despite knowing the importance of natural resources, people still lack to protect them. Most developing countries have been known for their participation in polluting the quality of air and water. This essay will examine
The ever-rising development of industry and construction has fostered air and water pollution in plenty of developing countries. However, this issue could be tackled by implementing strict regulations and opting for effi
In many developing countries, there is a problem with the declining quality of air and water from both industry and construction. What measures could be taken to prevent this?
In many civilization nations, the standard of air and water resources are drastically reducing and these tend to be a major drawbacks to both organizations and construction. However, there are various strategies that wil
Undeveloped countries are faced with polluted air and contaminated water which are caused by businesses and companies. I believe businesses should be built in isolated areas which are far from communities, and punishment
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