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Due to proliferating population, the demand for housing is increasing at an alarming rate. While cities are facing the problem of the space crunch, the only option left to cater the growing demand, by building houses on the outskirts. Some people are not in the favour of using the countryside for urbanization. In my opinion, it is important to build homes in the suburbs but with some planning and regulations.
It is true that housing is an important issue in many regions of the world but the land is only available at the outskirt of cities for construction. Although some hold the view that it is crucial to saving villages, I believe that it is also better for the villagers also.
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Although more houses are required to be constructed,however, suburb areas should be protected from building houses in them. I totally agree with this statement. In this essay, I will give some reasons along with examples that how the countryside is very essential to protect it from converting into a residential place.
The requirement of houses is seen in many places but due to the unavailabilility in cities ,the only alternative places to construct them are the rural areas. Few people opine that it is essential to preserve the country side rather than demolishing for new constructions. I completely agree with the above statement and shall discuss in detail how this would impact the lives of people and also the environment.
As the human population increases, so also does the need for more residential places. In different areas, whereas some people agree that the countryside should be used for creating new structures for living, others argue that it should be preserved instead in its natural form. This essay will discuss why I concur with the latter.
It is certainly true that , due to the raising of population, the new shelter necessary for the people, country side land is using to build new home, while some argue that it is totally wrong to use that land for the new buildings. According to my opinion its negative development, will discuss in the upcoming paragrahs.
In most of the locations, building new home is necessary due to rise in population which migrated from different parts of the country. However, the only area available to construct and accomodate people is in the countryside. Part of the people say that, we need to safeguard countryside by not adding additional buildings. In my opinion, I agree that we need to limit the number of homes added to the countryside.
Many individuals are of the opinion that the integrity of the countryside should be maintained, thereby leaving it undeveloped. Other individuals, on the other hand, feel houses should be built where ever there is available land. While I understand the importance of maintaining the structure of countryside; I think housing should be of uttermost importance and therefore, should not be at the expense of other .......
Having a home for living is one of the most important human basic need that people should have beside food and clothes. Even though few people think that expanding the areas for the residential complexes to the countryside is an unnecessary thing to do, in my opinion, it is better to enlarge the city to accommodate urbanization rather than just protect the countryside without any purpose. I strongly believe this because the fact that the village need to be developed as modern as the urban city, the living cost in city is high, and it will bring economic benefit for residents in remote area.
Nowadays, this is an age of globalization. The number of building increasing day by day all over the world. There are several reason for this. The improvement of construction has made the smaller world. Some people believe that we should utilize the space for apartment and/or commercial building constructions to beneficial human beings, while others think that we should protect the rural areas for farm and upcoming generations know about old culture. Both the options have their pros and cons.
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