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Nowadays, job satisfaction has become a controversial issue. Although, there are some people who accept and jobs in term of money, while others believe that it is better to try for more and hoping for best possibilities. In my view, I believe that, for having a better opportunity only lies with keep trying attitude.
In this competitive era , people have to confront harsh situations along with good one's. Where some people hold the view that accepting the existing situation is the best practise however , others believe that one should try his best to overcome bad situation and improve it which would be far better than just to accept it . In my opinion , people should accept their situations but temporarlily and along with that they should explore to improve such problems.
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It is undeniable that people experience bad situation in life sometimes. Some individuals argue that it is best to accept a bad circumstance while others suggest that it is better to try and overcome such circumstance. In the scope of this essay, the two views will be discussed in details and in my opinion, in the long term, improving a bad situation is better.
To accept a bad situation help people to move on those bad things and make them to walk through the problem to do the new things. People will not be obsessed by the bad things. This make them not get too stress. When people don't get too much depression, they often good at whatever they do. Many people suicide themselves when they cant't accept such bad situation. This don't just happen only for one time of the bad situation, but it happen in a long term. When people get depress and they still can't accept and realize that they can't do any things to improve those kind of situation, finally, they decide to suicide. Some people probably not think of suicide, but they still can't live in society happily. That's why some people think to accept a bad situation is best to concern.
These days due to plethora competition for dream job is high.An individual is not satisfactory in terms of the salary and the position due to which the self confidence gradually decrease.while others believe that there are lot of opportunities to overcome the bad situation.In this essay I will discuss both the view and give my opinion.
In the modern world, many people are willing to live in a better life. In this regard, although there is an opinion that individuals should do their best in order to improve the bad circumstances or situations, others feel that adaptation is a key component of peace and quiet. Personally, I reckon that individuals should try to solve their problems.
A group of people believes that it is good to adjust to all problems like not fulfilled jobs and low finance. Other party thinks that people need to put effort into developing a lifestyle. To form a judicious opinion a discussion is essential, where I stand with the second group.
whether or not bad circumstances is a picayune or substantially significant topic, has triggered an untold number of debates among various walks of life. in my opinion , changing bad situation is some thing necessary in each person's life.
It is natural for human beings to thrive for improvement and betterment, Most of us are always looking for good things in their life, whereas there are some peoples who accept unfavourable circumstances, like demoralizing jobs and inadequate wages. We are going to discuss the both expects of life.
Nowadays, People recognize and accept inconveniences in life, such as a small budget or a job that is not satisfactory; others try to move on and improve difficulties. I partially agree because people are capable of reach their own expectations .
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In one's life, everyday is not the same, and each person in this world is facing different difficulties. In such a situation, while few assert that one should accept the truth of life and remain calm, others, including myself, claim that it is an individual's responsibility to thrive for the better and change their situation. This essay will further discuss both the perspectives and provide reasons to have such beliefs.
Life is a long journey that entails pain, sufferings and lots of difficult situations along the way. While some people just accept those bad periods and get stuck with them, others put their efforts to get past those hurdles. In my view, the latter group of people are the wiser ones.
While it is thought by some that it is better accepting an uncomfortable situation like an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money, others believe that it is beneficial to work hard to make these situations better. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and show why I agree with the latter view.
In the present days, people spend most part of their lives in the workplace. Some of them believe that work should have a pleasant environment and when facing bad situations, it is best to try and improve the scenario. However, some people argue that is best to accept the bad situation, such as an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money, in order to keep their jobs. The two vision points will be discussed below to present reasons behind those beliefs.
While, certain individuals believe that it is suitable for people to accept unfavourable situations, other opine that they should try harder to make their conditions and situations favourable. This essay will discuss both views and further, agrees that people should work more in order to improve their conditions and get the jobs that matched their skills and erudition.
Although some people believe that to go with a flow even in a harsh life situation is more beneficial, others are of the opinion that it is better to address problems to make live more fulfillment. This essay will discuss both views of this argument, and then I will give my own perspective.
In the face of unwanted circumstances, people either choose to accept or prevail. Debates arises as both options are seemingly justified, yet I go for the former and believe that such way can give me better inner peace.
Whether one should concur to an unpleasant condition like unsuitable paid job or poor financial state has become a debateable subject in recent time. However, others believe that making an attempt to change such situation will be a better idea. This essay will discuss both views and present my opinion on this subject.
We live in a such era where competition is in every hook in a corner whether it Is job or study. Here, some short sighted people argue that we have to accept an evil situation like unsatisfied job or lack of money. However other believe that at least we have to try to improve this type of situations. In this essay I am going to shed some lights on both views.
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It is common that the vast majority of people have to face with some hard circumstances. Although, accepting bad situations may be applied in some cases, I believe that it is better to recover bad situations which I will explain in this essay.
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