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Is it not a gruesome reality that people work just for making money? Certainly, some are paid more than they deserve and some less. However, there is still a war of words if entertainers are given a lot of cash or not and personally, I do not agree with t
Every profession in the world has its own values, some gives enormous amount of money together with fame while others lacks sponsorships and public attentions. This leads to the notions among masses that some celebrities are over paid, while other’s stanc
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Every profession in the world has its own values, some give an enormous amount of money and fame, while others lack sponsorships and public attention. This leads to the notions among masses that some celebrities are over paid, while the other’s stance is
In fact, people who work in the entertainment industry get paid a significant amount of money. Personally, I fundamentally agree that entertainers are highly overpaid, Whereas, more important workers such as doctors and teachers are relatively underpaid s
Different professions have very different wages. While some of them seem way to high for the actual work, other professions seem to be underpaid. People of public life, especially entertainers like film stars, musiciens and sport stars earn very good mone
There are groups of people who believe that celebrities have too much income.I do think that although their earnings are much higher than others, they deserve it,and in the following essay I will give my point of view about that, and also I would say that
I do not feel that entertainers such as film stars, pop musicians or sports stars are paid too much money because the payment which they get it is very difficult for a normal person to earn, it takes a lot of parctice and good amount of work to earn that
Many people believe that entertainers, such as actors, musicians and athletes are overpaid. In fact, they are paid way more than people with other types of jobs, but whether is it fair or not is a debatable question. Although I value their careers, I agre
Entertainers have a great role in our society as they usually help to enrich the cultural heritage of it. Some would say that they are getting paid more than they deserve, which according to me, is not a correct statement at all. I would believe that they
Because in today's world because of internet connectivity, easily available to almost everyone, there is a better bonding between entertainers of different industry, namely films, music and sports with people around the world by which they can influence h
With the advent of Television and later the internet, a new group of superstars, with unlimited popularity and uncountable fans all over the world, has been made. This special group includes film stars, pop musicians and sports stars. Their huge effect on
Entertainment industryies payment standard has became an arugument in recent days. It is claimed that the idols pay are comparatively higher than the other job sectors.
There are some who argue that celebrities, actors, musicians, and athletes are paid too excessively. In my opinion, considering the effort that they are exerting, their pay is huge. And I think that it is unfair for professionals who render more services
Nowadays, entertainment is an undeniable factor because people would like to enjoy it in different ways. It is an argued issue whether the head-liners are given a huge amount of salary rather than other work. I completely agree with this notion and I wil
It is true that a person needs to be special, talented and hardworking to become successful in their work or profession. However, there are certain jobs which are paid very high in comparison with other jobs. Famous celebrities like movie actors, singers
There are different professionalism exist over all the world, where based on the unique skills,availability of workforces, market growth rate and capability and important to other segments are the few important factors which determine the workforces payme
The entertainment sector poses lots of benefits to our lives. People can spend their free time watching movies, a game they root for or to listen their favourite singer. However, the salary of these well-known people reaches outrageous rates. I reckon t
Some people think that public stars have very high salaries. And I am one of them. I agree with that statement for 100% and I think that nowadays, there are a lot of underestimated specialties, unfortunately.
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