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In the future, shops will be extinct since virtual stores have been increasing, which was promoted indirectly by government norms to mitigate pandemics. I agree with the statement, and I believe that people will have other preferences to buy; not only, they would rather stay at home to save time, but they also to prevent contagious infectious diseases.
Nowadays, Convenience foods can be readily found anywhere for a quick bite. The growth in popularity of convenience foods has helped consumers to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern world. In this essay,I will point out the disadvantages and the advantages of consuming convenience foods and give my opinion on why it is beneficial to do the same.
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The way food is prepared has revolutionized drastically over the past few years , quicker handy beverages are needed to folks who maintain their workspeed with their lifestyle.In this essay both advantages and disadvantages will be discussed before a conclusion is drawn.
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