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There is a saying that ‘History is who we are and why we are the way we are. History is not just the past. History is the present.’. While some people claim that learning about what happened in the past has nothing do to with us who are living in the present, I believe that it is important to study history for some following reasons.
History is now an indispensable subject among the teaching curriculum. However, a number of people still have a strong belief that learning about the historical period leads to no benefits for those living in this modern era. In my judgment, this statement is totally no merit by dint of several following reasons.
It is a generally accepted fact that we cannot define the future, and no one knows what it holds for us. But, we can always control the present to make way for a better tomorrow. For which we need to know our past and learn from it, be it the mistakes or the triumphs. This essay delves into the matters of this very topic.
Taking histories as lessons may not be fruitful for modern societies. Nowsday, societies are dynamic which consisted of new technologies. In the past, our ancestors were struggle by the mournful, disorders, and communications. Thus, the inventions occurs by using the available resources within the period. I believe that the past could benefit our lives but it is not suitable for new regimes. The premise behind the old generation applied particularly to such period.
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