Many people believe that having a fixed punishment for all crimes is more efficient. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a fixed punishment?

A large section of the society thinks that it is more effective if all criminal punishments are fixed. This essay will first suggest that timesaving and quick justice is a primary benefit for the public, while unfair evaluation of criminals is the main drawback. The main advantage of having fixed punishments is that it will save lots of time of the judicial courts and justice will be served quickly. Many court cases take years and years to reach judgements. In many cases, circumstantial evidence is tampered with, due to this delay, and a lot of criminals escape their prison sentences. By issuing fixed sentences, the courts can take quicker actions against these wrongdoers who think that they can get away with their crimes. For example, the Saudi government announced capital punishment for any criminals involved in rape cases. This has led to a reduction in overall rape cases in the country. Despite this benefit, there are many others who think that implementing same punishments for all crimes is a very harsh and unfair treatment of the criminals. A lot of crimes are committed by different ages groups and under various circumstances. Therefore, it is important to evaluate every case differently and hand out punishments accordingly. For instance, a person who is a juvenile should be treated differently from an adult and sent to a rehabilitation center, because he still has time to correct himself and contribute to the society. In conclusion, fixed punishments ensure that justice is swift and criminals will be punished quickly, but there should also be a provision to evaluate certain cases based on their circumstantial evidence.
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