Do children behave better when they are physical punished or rewarded. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

It is true that children are either being punished or rewarded to correct their behaviour. These two methods present polar extremes of an action aimed at influencing children. In my opinion, while there are pros and cons for two of them, a good mixture of them could prove to be the best strategy to attain good results.
, some parents prefer punishing their kids, presuming that
type of an action could stimulate the better behaviour.
, constant physical punishments could have a detrimental effect unless coupled with some kind of rewarding.
For example
, the punitive system in prisons proved to be very ineffective in the attempts to decriminalize former convicts.
In other words
, any kind of punishment, including the physical one, is very wrong unless there is some sort of rewarding added.
, there is no point to reward children all the time, because rewarding them when they did something wrong, undermines the whole idea of education.
, a constant rewarding makes children to always expect a return for doing even simple good things.
For instance
, there were many cases when a child would grow up to a spoiled adult if having always been given presents and money for doing regular things.
, a mixture of both rewarding and punishing would be the best option to educate children. In conclusion, both ways should attain a very careful consideration and should depend on the type of behaviour of the young people. A good blend of both a punishment and a reward is the most superior approach to dealing with the younger generation.

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