Some people think that young people should go to university to further their education while others think they should be encouraged to work as car mechanics or builders to serve society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

People are calling into question the necessity of higher education. While some advocate the idea that the youth should pursue their post-secondary education, others opine that it would be more favourable for the nation if they were urged on to take those physically demanding jobs that society need. Both sides of the argument present rational views, which will be elaborated, followed by my own take on the matter. On the one hand, supporters of the notion of higher education assert that the benefits accruing to young people are manifold.
, they can acquire academic qualifications by which they would be eligible to apply for high-status professions.
That is
to say, with an academic degree, they can land office jobs that are far from being manual. In fact, the higher the level of their degree, the more the society holds them with respect. A
advantage of
idea is that
graduates are capable of gaining well-paid jobs, resulting in a successful professional career.
On the other hand
, others put forward the argument that joining the job market
of going to
can reap the benefit of fixing up the country with skilled workers in those levels and sections that there is a growing scarcity. The most compelling reason justifying their assertion is that young people should make a career based on what the nation looks for most, not what they usually find easier to carry out. Not only would
contribute significantly to social welfare, but it would provide them with a marvellous opportunity to make a living through low-status yet technical occupations they can take from an early age.
, there are an increasing number of high school graduates
who despite
Accept comma addition
who, despite
their lack of interest, choose to pursue their studies at
with the hope of finding a decent job, resulting in wasting their time and energy. To conclude, there are logical points to either side; I,
, would tend to side with the suggestion that younger individuals should be given some incentives to go for those physical yet essential professions that society needs rather than attending college.
is mainly because almost all nations suffer from a shortage of blue-collar workers while there are a huge number of unemployed
graduates who are looking for white-collar jobs.
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