Some people believe that a person’s criminal record should be removed when they reach the age of 18. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As juvenile delinquencies had become an important issue, whether clean youth people's crime records arouse controversy. From my perspective, records with minor crimes should be deleted.
, people who have committed felonies are not supposed to be wiped the slate clean. On the one hand, it cannot be denied that crime records hinder people to live normal lives. It can be illustrated by a story reported by
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BBC in 2018. A 23-year-old young man graduated from the college and hunted for jobs as teachers in middle schools and training schools.
, he was rejected everywhere due to a record that showed he once participated in damaging public facilities when he was 16 years old. From my perspective, for juveniles who commit misdemeanours, the poor family environment and the lack of knowledge on law serve as important roles.
That is
to say, after instructing those young offenders with related knowledge, they would correct their misbehaviours.
, they do not deserve being defined by the guilt permanently.
On the other hand
, those who commit serious crimes
as rape and murder in their young age do not deserve trusting. Records on their past crimes would serve as signs to warning others.
For example
, in China, a case
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happened in 2017 that a taxi driver raped a young girl became a smash hit. The case would inevitably happen because the department of police and the Didi (the taxi platform) hid the man's record that he had tried to sexually assault another young woman in the past from the public.
, I believe that removing criminal records can not apply to those who commit felonies. To summarize, I believe that juvenile misdemeanours can be deleted because it creates obstacles for people to find jobs.
, records for those who commit severe crimes cannot be cleaned due to its warning effects.
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