For school children, their teachers have more influence on their intelligence and social development than their parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, we all notice that the teacher plays an imperative role in children's life.
, they are a great influencer for the children, particularly who are going to school. In my view, the mentors can inculcate social development and intelligence in school children as they are considered to be their
, children often tend to copy their tutors and make them their role model.
For instance
, we see a plethora of children after coming home try to imitate their educators while playing games and
during their learning section with siblings.
, they get inspired by their tutors to
an extent that they start behaving as
, if a tutor behaves in a good manner, there are humongous chances that children can adopt those manners too. Many children seem to be more open to their teachers compared to their parents.
, they tend to share their fears and happiness more with tutors.
As a result
, it's the educator who should advise them properly.
, today's children spend most of their time in school with their teachers.
, they hardly get time to spend with their parents in a day. Some students often live in department hostels visiting their parents during vacation. Children often rely on and listen to their mentors.
, it is the responsibility of the teacher to improve their personality and intelligence with proper guidance. To conclude, parents often trust their teachers to improve their children mentally and socially.
, being an influencer teacher should be prompt to their responsibilities and understand the situation of the children as they often tend to be more open with their teachers.
, tutors should guide them on the astray path and help them to elevate their knowledge and
their good manners.
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