Some people think that spoken communication is more powerful than written communication. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Oral communication is sometimes believed to be more effective compared to written correspondence. I agree that the power of speaking is great due to the opportunity of using emotions. The necessity of written contact is also undoubted, however, using it can lead to misunderstanding, limiting the power of this approach. Firstly, this essay will discuss the importance of the emotional component of speech, as well as it’s convenience of use. The main reason why speech is more preferably is the opportunity of using emotions and body language. The reason for this is these features help to converse persuasively, achieving conversation’s goals. This means that only 20% of information can be delivered through the verbal data, and 80% of the information we catch from the meta language, like a body, facial expression or even intonation. To illustrate, the same sentence can be interpreted in a different way based on intonation and stress, which are part and parcel of face-to-face interaction, not to mention the circumstances of the receiver. In stark contrast, in a written communication author should be more inventing to ensure the exact meaning has been conveyed. Another reason why live communications are preferable that verbal conversation takes place in real-time. It is facilitating more flexibility to adjust and manage strategies of discussion depending on the opponent's reaction. For example, oral negotiations are likely to be more successful because of the opportunity to react immediately on other side's response, compared with letters, e-mail or even short messages. In conclusion, I firmly convinced that verbal communication has got more opportunities for achieving necessary results of conversation due to its features such as a variety of supportive conversation tools, as well as the flexibility of immediate interaction.
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