some people believethat the best way to reduce the number of accidents on the road is to further limit the speed of vehicles. Others think there are other ways to tackle this issue. discuss both these views and give your opinion?

Nowadays, motor vehicles are an indispensable part of human life. It is a controversial topic that, to bring down the accidents, whether to lower the speed
or to resort to other methods. Both these sides would be discussed in detail and an apt opinion would be given. On the one hand, the adoption of a diminished speed
in vehicles is advantageous in several ways.
, loss of control, that arises during greater acceleration could be tackled. To elaborate, most individuals especially youngsters are excited while driving. To obtain maximum thrill, they might drive vehicle in the upper-speed
could lead to loss of control and accident.
, driving within recommended speed
would provide the driver with adequate time for decision making. To expand, driving at a greater speed, people would be confused to use their thinking power properly.
, an optimum acceleration could help them with that.
For instance
, according to a survey conducted by a reputed journal in 2018 in Kerala, a reduction in speed
to 60 km/hr reduced road accidents to half. At the same time, apart from lowering the speed
, motorways casualties could be lowered by other methods. To commence with, banning of mobile phone during driving would be an apt method. Since the use of
electronic gadget could divert the mind of drivers.
In addition
, driving after intake of alcohol is another culprit for enhanced road crash. As it would reduce the concentration and logical thinking of drivers.
For instance
, in the state of Delhi, 70% of motorways casualties are due to alcoholic driving.
, from the above-mentioned facts, it is apparent that other than limiting the speed of vehicles, other options
would be imperative to tackle roadway crash. To conclude, in my opinion, both the higher vehicle speed and other factors like alcohol and mobile phone are equally responsible for road casualties.

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