Many people nowadays don't feel safe either when they are at home or go out. What are the reasons? What can we do to solve this problem?

Nowadays, social security is a serious problem, along with many people claim that they feel insecure when they go outside or even stay at home. In my opinion, the reasons why cause these issues are related to the economy; whereas some solutions can improve
situations. The reasons for security issues are the poverty and difficulty of a region. Because of the lacking of resources, job opportunities and income, the crime rate will increase strongly due to their unsatisfied living standard.
For example
, more individuals in some poverty areas will become aggressive and against rules because of the hardship of their life, and being obsessed with alcohol and drugs;
spending more money, losing their ethics, and engage in violation. It is a heartbreaking reality, whereby the undeveloped economy of these regions. If the living standard of these groups would getting better, the crime rate could be reduced.
On the other hand
, introducing investments to these less developed countries will be a beneficial solution to solve
For instance
, the investors might find remarkable tourism resources in these countries; or establishing organizations and factories with many job opportunities; or helping charity communities to improve their social well-being.
, education is
an essential perspective to deal with the crime rate. Some groups of lawlessness, especially teenagers who did not accept education or even lost their parents should be educated and taken care of them patiently. The educators and guardians should teach them how to distinguish right and wrong, along with giving warmth to them as well as normal children. to summarize, an undeveloped economy is a massive reason that should not be overlooked.
, if the hardship of these regions and populations can be changed by financial support and educating teenagers, social security will be guaranteed.
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